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League Special Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball

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  • Finest quality alum tanned leather, quartered, hand sewn, 6/7 layers wool and natural cork centre, 80 stitches, English lacquered and wax polished for lasting shine. Tallow dipped for waterproofing. 5½ oz.
  • (Used by many leagues throughout the Country).

The League Special Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball is preferred by many leagues across the UK. A fine cricket ball, it is crafted using best quality alum tanned leather that is quartered and hand sewn with 80 stitches. It has a core made of 6-7 layers of wool and natural cork.

The ball is appropriately waxed and lacquered for an enduring shine. The ball is also waterproof because of being dipped in tallow. Weighing 5 ½ oz, the ball is simple great to play with. Order at VKS and get the best price for your sports equipment.


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