10 Things You Must Have in Your Cricket Kit

Are you a budding cricketer and looking to complete your cricket kit? Here are the cricket essentials you need to have in your cricket kit – 

  1. Cricket Bat – A good cricket bat is a must-have for every cricketer. To choose a good bat, the player must first decide their budget and then evaluate the bats available within that range. Pickup is an important factor that can influence a player’s performance, so the player must perform a pickup test before selecting the bat. The next thing is looking at the shape and design of the bat. Depending on one’s playing style, players can choose between bats that have a mid to low sweet spot or a mid to high sweet spot. VKS has a variety of bats from the top brands in the world of cricket including Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, CA, SS Ton, MRF, Adidas, SF Stanford, CA, Keeley, Chase, Infinity and New Balance. 
  2. Cricket Shirts – Cricket, like all other sports, has a uniform. A white cricket shirt is a staple that every cricketer must have. A good cricket shirt fits well, feels comfortable, is effective at moisture management and conducive to movement. Depending on the season they will be playing in, cricketers can choose between half-sleeve or full-sleeve shirts. If the players are playing in very cold weather, then they need to have cricket sweaters as well. VKS has cricket shirts from Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Adidas, Infinity and Gray Nicolls. 
  3. Cricket Trousers – Like cricket shirts, white cricket trousers are an essential part of cricket clothing. Cricket trousers need to fit well, feel comfortable and be conducive to movement. Additionally, the need to be good at moisture management. VKS has cricket trousers from top brands in the world of cricket – Adidas, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, Infinity and Gunn & Moore. 
  4. Cricket Shoes – A batsman is always on their feet – walking, running, sprinting and jumping, so having a pair of good cricket shoes is of utmost important. Batsmen should look for cricket shoes that fit well, are appropriately cushioned and comfortable and keep the foot stable without restricting movement. VKS has cricket shoes from Adidas, Payntr, Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Asics, Kookaburra and New Balance. 
  5. Cricket Socks – Along with cricket shoes, cricket socks are a must-have too. Cricket socks keep the feet dry and comfortable by wicking moisture effectively. VKS has top-quality cricket socks from Horizon, Gunn & Moore and Kookaburra. 
  6. Cricket Balls – Good cricket balls are made from perfectly tanned leather, are hand-sewn and have a cortex centre. A batsman should always have a few cricket balls in their cricket kit so that even if a ball is lost or damaged, there is another one to continue the game. VKS has cricket balls from Dukes – the top brand, and VKS. 
  7. Cricket Helmet – A helmet is an important part of cricket protective gear as it protects the head and face from injuries from the ball. A good cricket helmet is lightweight, fits well, is capable of withstanding impact from the ball and has a grill in the front that covers the face without impacting visibility or making the wearer uncomfortable. VKS has cricket helmets from Masuri, Shrey, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra and Gray Nicolls. 
  8. Cricket Gloves – Cricket gloves are also an indispensable part of cricket protection equipment as they protect fingers, palm and the wrist from impact from shots. Good cricket gloves are comfortable and provide adequate protection without compromising with mobility of the hand. VKS has batting gloves from Infinity, Kookaburra, New Balance, Adidas, Gunn & Moore, SS Ton and VKS. 
  9. Abdo Guard – An abdo guard is yet another important piece of cricket protective equipment as it protects the genitals from injuries from the ball. VKS has abdo guards from Gunn & Moore and Gray Nicolls. 
  10. Cricket Bag – Last but not the least, every cricketer needs to have a good cricket bag to keep all their cricket equipment in one place. A good cricket bag has separate customised compartments to keep important items like cricket bats, helmet, shoes, etc. It has to be easy to carry and durable as well. Cricketers can choose between wheelie bags and duffle bags, and there are also bags that are a mix of the two. VKS has cricket bags from all the top brands – Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Infinity, Adidas and New Balance. 

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