Top Cricket Helmets for you

In some of our
previous blogs, we emphasised the importance of safety gear in the game of
cricket. Several cricketers have endured mild to fatal injuries on the cricket
pitch, and to avoid such unfortunate incidents, wearing proper cricket safety
gear while playing is a must. The helmet is among the most important components
of safety gear, and there should be no compromise on quality when buying one.
Here are our favourite picks for cricket helmets based on design, durability,
level of protection offered and comfort –

  1. GM Purist Geo Cricket Helmet – Bats aren’t the only thing that Gunn & Moore is an expert of. It’s cricket helmets are a winner too. The GM Purist Geo Cricket Helmet is comfortable and lightweight. It’s adjuster towards the back helps you get the right fit, and is easy to unfasten. The helmet comes fitted with a sturdy Geo steel grille. The outer cover is tough and is capable of withstanding great force and the inner lining is in EPS, which helps balance the shock.
  2. Gray Nicolls Test Opener Cricket Helmet – This helmet is lightweight and comes with an excellent adjuster towards the back which can be tightened or loosened without fuss. The helmet has a firmly fitted Apex grille with lateral armour and Integrated shock absorbers. The navy coloured helmet also has interflow vent channels moulded into the helmet lining.
  3. Kookaburra Pro 1200 Cricket Helmet – Kookaburra Pro 1200 Cricket helmet has been made in compliance with the latest British and Australian standards. This bat’s design is not stylish, but it offers a high level of safety and comfort. The Lightweight ABS shell protection of the helmet comes with a special shock dissipating polymer lining system. Its face guard is lightweight, and it offers great protection without compromising with visibility.
  4. Masuri Original Series Test Titanium Cricket Helmet – Masuri is a well-known name in the domain of cricket helmets. The brand offers a wide range in different styles and price tags. Its helmets are on the expensive side, but their quality is worth it. The Masuri Original Series Test Titanium Cricket Helmet is a popular model from their range. The lightweight helmet boasts of a titanium grill and single shell construction.The helmet also has padded side protection for the ear and cheek areas.
  5. Shrey Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet – This robust helmet with a titanium grill is priced on the higher side, but its unique features make it worth buying. At 750 grams, it is the lightest helmet available with a titanium grill and is used by many international players. The helmet not only protects the head, but also the sides of the face. It has a lightweight sweatband which can be removed and washed easily.

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confidence and peace of mind.


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