4 steps to help you get ready for batting on the pitch

Passionate about batting on the pitch but don’t know where to start? Batting is a skill which a player masters with dedicated practice and a never give up attitude. Regularity is very important in practising batting skills as it not only helps you develop your stamina but also perfect your batting style for winning performances on the pitch. What you try and experiment with on your training sessions will ultimately reflect in better performances on the field. Here are 4 steps for helping you get ready for batting on the pitch –

Take a good position – The first thing you need to do is assume a good standing position in which you can keep your head up and your eyes on the bowler. A good position is where your feet are shoulder-width apart and knees are slightly bent.

Grip the bat firmly – Put on your batting gloves and grip the bat firmly with both hands with the stronger hand close to the blade. Swing the bat to see if you are comfortable with your grip. If you want more control, position your strong hand closer to the blade and swing again. Keep experimenting till you arrive at the most comfortable grip in which can swing the bat easily and have more control over your movements.

Ensure that your bat is in line with the middle wicket – Make a line with the bat perpendicular to the line of wickets, stretching from the middle wicket till the turf. This line is called the guard line and will help you gain perspective about where your bat should be to best defend the wickets. Once you have aligned with the centre, you can make adjustments to either side depending on your preferred stance.

Knock on the guard line with your bat – Once you have taken a stance, keep your eyes on the bowler and knock on the guard line with your bat to tell the bowler that you are ready. Keep your eyes firmly focused on the bowler and wait for him/her to throw the ball. As the ball flies towards you, get ready for making your shot!

We will share more tips on how to improve your game in the blogs to come. Also, when you walk out on the pitch, don’t forget to wear appropriate protective gear such as a cricket helmet, a pair of cricket gloves and cricket pads. You can buy all of these and the rest of your cricket gear at VKS. We also have the full range of other cricket equipment including cricket balls, cricket clothing, cricket protective gear, etc. from the leading brands. Shop online and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase!