7 Cricket Bats Under £500 You Need to Check Out

Want to buy a top bat but don’t have a budget nearing or exceeding a thousand pounds? Don’t worry, VKS has curated a list of bats under £500 which are made from the top quality materials, have excellent craftsmanship and promise smashing performance on the pitch. Check them out here –

  1. CA Plus 15000 Players Edition 7 Star Cricket Bat – The star-studded name says it all. One of the top bats within £500, it has been handcrafted with carefully selected pieces of Grade 1 English willow. This bat, which is preferred by several international batsmen, has a full profile shape, thick edges and extra meat in the middle of the bat for packing extra power in the shots. 
  2. Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Cricket Bat “Custom Made” – This bat, made with a standard length blade, is an alternative version of the Gray Nicolls Classic Collection Pro Performance bat which comes with a short handle. The bat, made from Grade 1 English willow has a massive profile and mid blade sweet spot for accurate and power-packed shots. The semi-oval handle with chevron grip is comfortable to hold and gives the batsman excellent control over the bat. 
  3. Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat – Made with Grade 1 unbleached English willow, this bat is made for the all-rounder batsman. The “ghost” like feature of this bat is the extraordinary power it gives to the batsman, enabling him to send the ball flying across the ground and bagging runs. It has a full profile design, thick edges and a large sweet spot. Though big and powerful, this bat picks up like a dream. The round powerdrive handle and wave grip design made it very easy and comfortable to hold and swing the bat.
  4. SS Ton “Laser Engraved” Reserve Edition Cricket Bat – This bat from SS Ton has a clean, minimalistic look but some very powerful features. The bat, made from the best pieces of Grade 1 English willow, is used by several famous international batsmen. The bat has a full profile shape, thick edges and a pronounced spine – features conducive to making power-packed shots. The oval handle of the bat is comfortable to hold and gives the batsman a steady grip.
  5. Infinity Modus “Reserve” Cricket Bat – One of the best bats from Infinity, it has a minimal design and some excellent features that make it perfect for batsmen who engage in all round stroke play. Made from premium Grade 1 English willow, its design is such that its sweet spot extends from the low on the blade to higher. The duckbill-style toe of the bat not only gives strength to the bat in that area, but also contributes to its smooth pickup. The 12-piece handle of the bat is sturdy and comfortable to hold. 
  6. SF Black Edition Cricket Bat – This bat, made from the very highest quality Grade 1 English willow, is limited in supply due to its sheer quality. The stunning black graphics of the bat make it stand out and underline its power. The bat’s unique design gives it an unusually large sweet spot and thick edges which helps off-centre shots. Despite its massive size, the pickup of this bat is very smooth. 
  7. MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat – This bat has been used by some of the top players of the English cricket team including Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. The bat, made from top quality English willow, has thick edges and a flat face with the duckbill toe design that contributes to its imposing profile. Despite its massive size, the bat offers a very light pickup. 

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