All There is to Know About Gunn & Moore’s Siren Bat Range!

Gunn & Moore never fails to impress; this time, it with its Siren bat series. Not only is the bat about the perfection of design and unmatched quality of materials, but Gunn & Moore has also gone a step ahead with the colours this time. The branding is the same – the iconic GM, but the colours have been chosen for making heads turn – Cobalt blue with Azure. The Hex grip is in cobalt blue too. Here are some of the models from this exciting new range –

  1. GM Siren Original LE Cricket Bat – Like other top bats from Gunn & Moore, this one has been crafted with the finest quality Grade 1 English willow. It boasts of the modern L540 length blade. The optimized F4.5 face dynamics offer the batsmen greater control as well as consistent power all across the blade. The lightweight profile design makes for a super-smooth pickup. This bat is in limited supply because of its ultra-high standard of quality.
  2. GM Siren 909 Cricket Bat – The price tag of this bat is a lot smaller than that of the Siren Original LE but in terms of quality and craftsmanship, this bat has made no compromises. Made with Grade 1 English willow, it too has the L540 length blade and F4.5 face dynamics. The Siren 909’s low swell position makes it well-suited for aggressive front foot player. 
  3. GM Siren 808 Cricket Bat – The Siren uses Grade 1 English willow and has the same handle length and face dynamics as Siren Original LE and Siren 909. The bat is lightweight, which enables players to have a smooth pickup and the striking spine profile is made for delivering power-packed shots. The all-new Hex grip ensures that the batsman has a good grip over the bat at all times.
  4. GM Siren 606 Cricket Bat – A Siren bat in the budget range, this one has most of the excellent features that are being offered in the top-of-the-range Gunn & Moore Siren Original LE cricket bat. The lightweight bat has a great striking spine profile for aggressive shots. The Powerarc bow face profile adds to the power of the shots. The concaved profile provides a perfect balance to the batsman and enhances the smoothness of the pickup despite the large swell depth. 

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