All You Need to Know About Gray Nicolls’ Powerspot Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls is one of the oldest and most famous cricket equipment manufacturing companies across the globe. The brand is synonymous with power, elegance, trust and quality in the world of cricket. The company is most well-known for its cricket bat collections such as the Legend, Classic, Oblivion Stealth, Powerbow Inferno and  Shockwave. Recently, the company brought back one of its older cricket bats – the Powerspot, after giving it a modern makeover. 

The iconic bat has been involved in making many memorable stories on the pitch with cricket heavyweights such as Michael Atherton, David Gower and Robin Smith. Michael Atherton, a former captain of England’s cricket team, has, in fact, used the Powerspot for most of his career. His inspiration for choosing the bat was Gower, who played a little before him. Among the most memorable matches that Atherton played with the Powerspot was the 1995 Test match, in which he was facing South African fast bowler Alan Donald. Donald was playing at his aggressive best, but Atherton was also using his Powerspot skilfully, blending force with accuracy. Atherton faced 492 balls over 693 minutes. The match was a draw with Atherton at 185, not out. 

It’s time for the Powerspot to make new stories now. The new Powerspot, made from top quality English willow, retains many of the features of its older descendant, but its features have been improved for the modern game. The bat has the classic red and white branding of Gray Nicolls in the form of a shoulder-to-toe sticker along with the bold black and white check near the shoulder. But on the swell of the bat, you will find the brilliant blue Powerspot graphics. The bat has a large middle which is excellent for making power-packed shots. 

The large mid-blade swell of the bat works in the favour of players of all styles; the expansive sweet spot helps in packing extra power in all shots. The pickup of the bat is smooth and it is surprisingly lightweight given its size. The junior bats weight between 2lb 1oz – 2lb 6oz and the senior bats weight between 2lb 7oz – 2lb 12oz. The bat is not on the expensive side and is perfect for players of all levels. 

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