Buy Affordable Cricket Footwear Under £60

Sports footwear plays a significant role while playing cricket or tennis or other related sports. It is because donning appropriate shoes for particular sports activities helps in better performance, exudes comfort, and majorly, combat injuries. Also, sports place significant pressure on the feet, legs, and ankles. Thus, it becomes quite crucial to pick the right cricket footwear. Here’s the list of top choices for pocket-friendly cricket footwear available for under £60. Read on!

Kookaburra KC 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoe: All-new edition of spike cricket shoes from the house of Kookaburra. It provides the utmost comfort and grip to your feet while playing out in the field. These shoes are suited for all around cricketers. Furthermore, the durability and airflow mesh design make it effectively breathable and light in weight. Priced at  £49.99, they offer padded heels and ankles for increased support.

Adidas Howzat Spike Cricket Shoe: Another spike cricket shoe by Adidas that offers essential support to all-rounders at an affordable price. The midsole cushioning offers effective grip and comfort for playing those long innings. adiPRENE provides shock absorption that protects feet from injuries. Priced at £59.99, this cricket shoe serves as the best buy for your daily cricket grind.

Payntr V Rubber Cricket Shoes (All White): The latest collection by Payntr offers flexibility, durability, and extended comfort to your feet. Priced at £69.99, the shoe renders high performance and stylish looks. In addition, it has responsive padding around the ankle that ensures support and safety. For better traction, it has a rubber sole too.

GM Original Spike Cricket Shoe (Navy/Yellow): Priced at only £49.99, the Gunn & Moore Shoe are perfectly designed to help you run faster between the wickets or while fielding. It further goes well with both even and uneven surfaces.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your favourite pair of shoes at VKS. Besides cricket footwear, the portal rolls out an extensive range of products comprising clothing, accessories, bags, security gear, tennis, bats, balls, etc. Buy top-quality products that offer durability and comfort at competitive prices. The brand offers both offline and online platform to cater the ever-rising demands for sports products.

Buy Cricket Clothing Online Under £30

VKS have led the way as cricket specialsits since 1973. Based in West London the Bond Street store has been a haven for cricket gear since the 1970s, but its modern interiors and expert staff make every trip an enjoyable one.

The extensive range of unparalleled cricket equipment makes it the first choice for individual players, clubs, corporates, and cricket lovers spread in different parts of the world. This article acquaints you with the several options to pick as cricket clothing online products all under (only) £30. Read on!

  1. Gray Nicolls Velocity Cricket Trousers: For every sport, clothing holds a significant role. Therefore, wearing comfortable attire becomes extremely essential. Gray Nicolls trousers exude style and comfort. Styled with a narrower fit, these are made with durable polyester fabric. Besides its, elastic waistband, two side pockets, and fine hem, these trousers are available in various sizes. Also, these are stocked in white with an ivory trim. Lastly, these are priced at only £22.99.
  2. Horizon Test Cricket Sock: For better performance, pick Horizon socks. Perfect fit, essential comfort, and required support, this pair of socks fall under only £14. The quality of the article is something to vouch for. Even after multiple washes, it gives the same feel and vibe. Ultra-soft and cushioned feel of these socks make long days at play easy and get-going.
  3. Fleece Long Sleeve Cricket Sweater: Long sleeve sweater to keep you warm while playing your favorite sport. Priced at £29.99, the clothing article is made of micro-knit polyester fabric with anti-pill microfleece. The modern design offers added comfort on and off the field. It further provides easy body movements and a relaxed experience.

So, if you’re looking for the best cricket clothing online and that too at budgeted prices, then VKS is the place to be! So, if you are intending to buy cricket equipment, bats, balls, clothing, shoes, accessories, or safety gear, get them from VKS. The premium quality product at the most competitive prices. Also, you can browse through effective range of designs and sizes. Thus, shop in-store or order online at and also get fabulous discounts.

5 Popular Cricket Batting Gloves Under £50

Batting gloves are one of the most important parts of a cricket kit. These gloves protect players from any sort of injury to their hands, wrists, and fingers. Thus, batting gloves help as shock absorbers, improve your grip and help to protect your hands whilst batting. So, if you’re looking to pick the best among the lot, we’ve curated a list of top-choice and pocket-friendly cricket gloves available for under £50. Read on!

New Balance DC880 Batting Gloves: Priced at £47.99, the branded pair of gloves are widely used amongst experienced as well as beginners. Besides safety, it ensures better grip and support to fingers and wrists. It contains soft padding both inside and outside the surface. Lastly, it offers easy mobility and flexibility to the hands.

Kookaburra Ghost 3.1 Batting Gloves: Priced at £39.99, these gloves exude quality and style. Offering the finest protection, it offers a split-finger design for additional flexibility, mobility, and comfort. Also, sheep leather palms provide durability while super density foam renders substantial protection.

Gray Nicolls Ultimate 350 Batting Gloves: Priced at £33.99, the Flexi finger design, offers superior protection with super flex for comfort and ease. Furthermore, it has a tri-layer design – diffuser foam, vapor foam, and fiber shield. PU grade leather palm, and shield EVA for effective protection.

Infinity Platinum Batting Gloves: Priced at £39.99, get these stylish gloves that offer flexibility and essential levels of protection. It is lightweight and extends effective grip and support to your wrists and hands. Padded inner panels provide added comfort and ease.

SS Ton Test Lite Batting Gloves: Priced at £44.99, it is a lightweight glove that offers excellent mobility, protection, and comfort. Made from top-notch quality leather for additional support. Furthermore, leather palms consist of ventilation holes that make them even more smooth and airy.

So, here are the top picks of cricket gloves you can under £50. Besides cricket gloves, VKS based in the UK, offers a range of cricket bats, cricket protection, cricket balls, cricket footwear, cricket bags, cricket clothing, accessories, tennis, and much more. They provide quality products at reasonable prices through both offline and online stores.

Buy Top-Quality Cricket Bat Under £200

Choosing the right cricket bat can be a tedious task, especially when you’re not really aware of what exactly you should pick. Using top-notch quality willow designed immaculately with the finest precision, bats are usually made to conquer the win on the cricket pitch. Popular world cricketers like Steve Smith, Joe Root, and others use branded bats to play those powerful knocks in international matches. VKS offer a spectrum of cricket bats that are widely used amongst seasoned and budding cricketers. Here’s the list of top choices for affordable cricket bats available under £200. Read on!

GM Diamond 606 Cricket Bat: Made in the UK and endorsed by Ben Stokes, this serves as the perfect entry-level English willow bat. It is further made with an L540 blade design that makes it ultra-dynamic and powerful. It offers great balance and a large swell area. Priced at only £124.99, it is carefully built by weight and grain structure. Lastly, it is well-fitted with a protective sheet.

New Balance TC 660 Cricket Bat: As used by England captain Joe Root, this bat rolls out a huge profile, appealing look, and thick corners/edges. Prepared from English willow and precisely tested by VKS, it ensures power performances. Priced at £159.99, these are available in an appealing colour scheme chrome, red and black.

Infinity Pridigy Cricket Bat: Priced at only £139.99, it is surely a value-for-money bat. Furthermore, the willow bat is available in different weight – light, medium, and heavy. It is further made with a full profile to offer willow to the batsmen to knock those power shots and all-around stroke play. Next, it offers effective levels of ping and performance.

MRF Genius Bullet Cricket Bat: Priced at £199.99, the MRF brand is synonymous with class, durability, and excellence. With a full profile, thick edges, and flat face, it has a natural finish willow. Also, it is complemented with a full-length padded MRF bat cover.

Gray Nicolls Alpha GEN 1.0 200 Cricket Bat: Priced at £109.99, this GN bat is created to offer a perfect balance of power, performance, and pickup. It is a 200-grade English willow and has a special finish for additional protection. Moreover, it is lightweight and offers an effective grip.

The VKS UK offers a massive variety of sports products involving cricket bats, cricket protection gear, cricket balls, cricket bags, clothing, tennis accessories, and much more. Every product is offered at competitive prices so that every cricket enthusiast can fulfil their aspirations. So, don’t wait further, meet your sports needs through VKS offline and online store.

5 Best & Easy-to-Pull Wheelie Cricket Bags

A spacious and well designed kit bag is what every cricketer looks for. Furthermore, a good cricket kit bag keeps your bat and gear well managed, so that when you need something, you can get to it quickly. Today, we are discussing the latest range of wheelie style bags that are easy to pull and offer ample space to fit all the your essential cricketing gear. Moreover, these bags offer functionality, durability, colors, style and value for money. Check out the best and easy to drag wheelie bags. Read on!

Kookaburra Pro 3.0 Wheelie Bag: This is one of the best bags rolled out by the top-notch brand of cricket equipment. It is substantially spacious and easy to carry as it has wheels on it. Furthermore, this edition of the Kookaburra cricket bag is priced at only £55.99. It offers sections for cricket bats, pads, helmets or footwear. The design and shape are flexible enough when it is put in use. Lastly, it is effectively durable and strong.

New Balance TC560 Wheelie Bag: If you’ve too much love for cricket, it equally extends to your cricket kit bag too. This junior bag is stylish and durable alongside along with a cool colour combination. It will make you feel confident while carrying your cricket gear in the bag and wheeling it to your practice sessions. With several compartments and light in weight, this bag is designed with effective storage space. Also, it is priced at mere £36.99.

GM 707 Wheelie Cricket Bag – 2022: It is a premium quality kit bag integrated with an all-terrain wheelie system. Made with heavy-duty polyester material, the cricket kit bag has a zipped lid pocket and room for individual customization. In addition, it is a perfect pick for senior and junior players. Priced at only £49.99, it belongs to the house of a rust-proof GM designer zips bag.

Infinity IXN 500 Wheelie Bag: Check out this amazing medium-sized wheelie bag with several compartments. Priced at £54.99, it offers a removable padded base. Besides it, the bag provides added stability with a padded pull handle for effective comfort. It has 2 large pockets with a D design opening for easy and quick storage.

Adidas XT 2.0 Wheelie Duffle Cricket Bag: Adidas itself is synonymous with comfort and utmost style, and this bag features nothing less. Priced at £63.99, the bag offers great value and a versatile design. In addition to strong and durable wheels, the bag has several compartments for significant storage.

If you’re looking for any of the bags listed above, you can check them out on our website or at our store in London. We carry all the latest cricket bats and equipment, so give us a call, come and see us or order online!




5 Top-Notch & Budget-Friendly Cricket Shoes Available Online

Cricket is one of the most-loved sports across the globe. Besides its thrilling events, the demand for cricket gear is also in abundance. Typically, cricket shoes are the prime eye-catchers. Furthermore, cricket shoes are reckoned for the technology adopted to develop their design and formation. In addition, it is the sole of the cricket show that makes it different from other kinds of sporting shoes.

Well, just imagine a cricketing show that provides no or less cushioning, and a player delivers a speeding Yorker, it hits a toe at 160kmph. Ah! It hurts bad. That’s the major reason why cricketing shoes must be designed immaculately keeping in view the superior performance. Moreover, it should protect the toes and feet from bruises and other injuries. In short, from running, jumping, walking, sprinting, to every movement, it should be highly conducive to feet.

Furthermore, if you’re planning to purchase cricket shoes online, here’s VKS’ top-quality and budget-friendly list under £100. Read on!

Payntr Pimple V Rubber Cricket Shoes: Priced under £50, this shoe rolls out comfort and utmost flexibility. It is a perfect running shoe with the effective traction of a traditional rubber sporting shoe. Moreover, it ensures protection, grip, and support through responsive padding across the ankle. Also, the Honeycombe insole gives softening to the foot arch. Get this high-performance shoe at a pocket-friendly price.

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Rubber Shoes 2022 Range: Another durable pick for the cricketing shoe, it is also priced below £50. Gray Nicolls is quite a popular brand in best-quality rubber shoes. Besides it, the shoe guarantees utmost comfort through its lightweight structure. Rubber offers superior traction while torsion technology lends the required stability. If you’re looking for both indoor and outdoor usage, this should be your ideal purchase!
Adidas Adipower Vector Cricket Shoe: Conforming to an ultimate standard of excellence, this shoe is just perfect for both bowlers and batsmen. Furthermore, it is particularly developed to comprehend the extremum forces applied in bowling. Available in different sizes, it offers excellent traction, comfort, and the right support. Interestingly, it is curated in association with the successful bowler, Jimmy Anderson. Lastly, it is priced at below £90.

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Rubber Shoes – Junior 2022 Range: Priced at a mere £40, this intriguing junior range of cricketing shoes is extremely lightweight and high on comfort. A combination of white, black, and red, adds an extra appeal to the shoe. It has enough cushioning to avoid any sort of bruises or injuries.

Adidas 22yds Cricket Shoes: One of the best cricketing shoes for the year. A fabulous design from Adidas. It is an ideal pick for a running shoe and the added advantage makes it just perfect for cricket. Furthermore, 22yds is the right choice for modern-day batsmen. It renders comfort and extreme grip required for hours. Priced under £90, the full rubber traction outsole helps to carry out those net practice or hard pitch sessions.

So, if you’re looking for top-quality cricket shoes online at the most affordable prices, VKS is your spot to explore. From cricket bats, balls, clothing, footwear, protection gear to bags, the platform offers it all. Tune in now and start shopping!

5 Reasons Why VKS is the Best Cricket Shop in London

It’s been just over 49 years since VKS began selling cricket equipment in London. From its beginnings, VKS has now become a household name when it comes to cricket equipment in the UK and overseas. We cater to all the needs from amateur to professional players, clubs, and corporates. Henceforth, we successfully gained recognition and goodwill for our expert advice and service. In the frenzied space of cricket, we continue to sustain the level of commitment to quality in whatever we offer.

So, here are 6 reasons why VKS is the best cricket shop in London.

All the top gear under one roof

At VKS, we offer every essential piece of equipment to build or upgrade your cricket kit. We have a wide range of cricket bats, cricket balls, batting pads, batting gloves, thigh guards, abdo guards, helmets, cricket bags, cricket footwear, and much more. Besides it, we have accessories stumps, bat grips, wickets, nets, etc. So, you just name it and we have it.

Top-notch Brands

We believe in rendering our customers the best of all worlds. Therefore we roll out products from the top brands including Gray Nicolls, Adidas, MRF, Aero, Infinity, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, CA, SS Ton, and much more.

New & Upgraded Inventory

We take pride to place our company amongst the first ones to list new and upgraded products hailing from top brands. Also, we ensure our customers are able to place a pre-order for upcoming equipment such as a limited-edition bat, etc. Yes, you can be the first one to swank them!

Both Online & Offline Store Available

VKS caters to both kinds of shoppers – those who prefer online as well as those who like to step out and purchase from a typical brick-and-mortar store. Also, our experts are available to guide or suggest to you in every way you want to purchase.

Discounts & Offers

At VKS, we’re pleased to offer the best deals and great discounts across almost every range of products. We pull out sales every year in which you can avail whopping discounts as low as 60% of the basic price.

So, here are the reasons why you should turn up to VKS and purchase your cricketing gears. We, at VKS, seek immense pleasure while serving our customers with the best quality products at competitive prices.


Buy Cricket Equipment in the UK for Under £100

It is an undeniable fact that skill or talent contributes the most to building a good cricketer. However, the function of essential equipment in one’s performance can never be ignored. The correct cricket bat equips batsmen with all that’s needed to reach his full potential at the crease. Furthermore, decent cricket spike shoes can assist a bowler to keep control of his or her footwork when coming into to bowl. Besides it, a sturdy and spacious cricket bag ensures that a player’s cricket equipment is stored safely and transported conveniently. Therefore a decent set cricket gear definitely compliment a cricketer’s performance.

Moreover, when we talk about good and branded products we at VKS certainly stock the very beat at all price points. We fers top-quality products at competitive prices. Also, we well cater to the cricketing requirements of amateur to professional players while offering a myriad of choices.

Here is the list of popular cricket equipment that you can buy at VKS for under £100.

Dukes Crown Prince Cricket Ball: Priced at a mere £28.99, Dukes is the leading brand dealing in cricket balls. This ball is completely hand sewn and is made of the finest-quality English Alum tanned leather, rendering a traditional finish. It is absolutely suitable for high-level league cricket series lasting 50 overs and above.

CA Plus 3000 Cricket Bat: Priced at £99.99, a classic CA cricket bat is all you need to knock those long-power shots. Offering great value for money, the bat is just perfect to serve as an entry-level model. Also, it has a thick profile with minimum concaving. The bat gives a good pick-up that makes the bat lighter and easier to lift.
GM Diamond Original Batting Gloves: Priced at £84.99, these batting gloves are made with XRD for ultimate protection. Besides it, these pair of gloves give better grip while holding a bat, thus they’re significant to hit those power-pack boundaries.

Infinity IXN 700 Duffle Bag: Priced at £59.99, this duffle bag carries all your cricketing equipment properly, credits to its amazing design and enormous storage space. With full-padded adjustable shoulder straps, it offers ultimate convenience with zipped compartments, pockets, and protection panels.

Masuri C Line Cricket Helmet: Priced at £54.99, Masuri cricket helmet subjects to the latest safety standards. Offering the best quality, these are highly comfortable and lightweight. Also, it provides excellent protection for both junior and senior players.

These are some of the many products available online as well as offline at VKS stores. Also, our trained and expert sales staff are always there to help you with sufficient details while buying cricket equipment. So, what’re you waiting for? Shop your cricketing needs now!


All You Need to Know About India Tour of England 2021

2021 has been an exciting year for cricket with several high-powered events. Some of these events have already and some are yet to happen. And there is one exciting event that we are in the middle of right now – the India Tour of England 2021.

Following are the players in the competing squads –

Players in the England Squad

Joe Root (Captain), Moeen Ali (Vice Captain), James Anderson, Jonny Bairstow (wicket keeper), Sam Billings (wicket keeper), Rory Burns, Jos Buttler (wicket keeper), Sam Curran, Haseeb Hameed, Dan Lawrence, Jack Leach, Dawid Malan, Craig Overton, Ollie Pope, Ollie Robinson, Dom Sibley, Chris Woakes and Mark Wood

Players in the India Squad

Virat Kohli (Captain), Ajinkya Rahane (Vice Captain), Mayank Agarwal, Ravichandran Ashwin, K.S. Bhagat (wicket keeper), Jasprit Bumrah, Abhimanyu Easwaran, Ravindra Jadeja, Prasidh Krishna, Rishabh Pant (wicket keeper), Axar Patel, Cheteshwar Pujara, K.L. Rahul, Wriddhiman Saha (wicket keeper), Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Prithvi Shaw, Mohammed Siraj, Shardul Thakur, Hanuma Vihari, Suryakumar Yadav, Umesh Yadav

Here is all you need to know about what has happened so far –

1st Test

The first test was held at Trent Bridge Nottingham from 4th August 2021 to 8th August 2021.

In the first inning, England scored 183 (65.4 overs) and India scored 278 (84.5 overs). In the second inning, England scored 303 (85.5 overs) and India scored 52/1 (14 overs). The match was drawn and Joe Root was declared the Player of the match.

In this match, Joe Root’s performance led him to surpassing Alastair Cook’s record of being England’s highest run-scorer in international cricket. James Anderson from the England squad took his 620th dismissal and became the third-highest wicket-taker in Tests. For Ollie Robinson of the England squad, it was his first five-wicket haul in Tests. Ravindra Jadeja made India proud by becoming the fifth Indian cricketer to score 2000 runs and take 200 wickets in Tests.

2nd Test 

The second test was held at Lord’s London from 12th August 2021 to 16th August 2021.

In the first inning, India scored 364 (126.1 overs) and England scored 391 (128 overs). In the second inning, India scored 298/8d (109.3 overs) and England scored 120 (51.5 overs). After the middle order dismissals of India’s batting lineup in their second innings, the game looked to be set in stone as an England victory until the partnership of Shami and Bumrah sparked a comeback for India. With Kohli declaring with 60 overs to go, England were all out before the end of day 5 and India won the Test by 151 runs. KL Rahul was declared the player of the match. This match led to Joe Root becoming the second batsman for England to score 9000 runs in Tests.

3rd Test

The third test was held at Headingley, Leeds from 25th August 2021 to 29th August 2021.

In the first inning, India scored 78 (40.4 overs) whereas England scored 432 (132.2 overs). In the second inning, India scored 278 (99.3 overs). The match was won by England with an inning and 76 runs. James Anderson of the English squad took his 400th wicket at home in Tests.

4th Test

The fourth test was held at The Oval, London from 2nd September 2021 to 6th September 2021.

In the first inning, India scored 191 (61.3 overs) whereas England scored 290 (84 overs). In the second inning, India scored 466 (148.2 overs) and England had a score of (92.2 overs). India won the Test by 157 runs and Rohit Sharma was declared the player of the match.

Virat Kohli’s performance led to him becoming the fastest batsman to score 23,000 runs in international cricket in terms of innings. For Umesh Yadav and Jasprit Bumrah of the India squad, the match was special as they took their 150th and 100th wickets in Tests, respectively. Rohit Sharma of the India squad gained his 15,000th run in international cricket.

5th Test

The fifth test was cancelled due to an outbreak of Coronavirus in the Indian camp. At this point the match is set to be played at a future date.

Conspiracies have been floated around as to whether it was truly due to this reason or instead because the IPL was fast approaching. Of course, you’re view may vary depending on which side you sit on but what cannot be disputed is that all Test cricket fans are looking forward to seeing if India can win this rollercoaster of a series or if England can stop them!

Best Cricket Bags to Buy for Less Than £50

Cricket bags are one of the most important investments you will make when you buy cricket equipment, as these bags will keep your cricket gear safe and in one place. There are several factors you need to consider while purchasing a cricket bag, of which some of the most important are the volume and design of the bag. You need a bag which can hold all your cricket gear. If you don’t have a large cricket kit and are going to use your gear for club matches or short tournaments, then a medium-sized cricket bag is a good choice. Here are VKS’ top picks for medium-sized cricket bags under £50 –

  1. Gray Nicolls GN500 Duffle Bag – A graceful black bag with red and white graphics and lining, it is a spacious bag with the dimensions 85cm x 36cm x 34cm. The main compartment of the bag is fairly large and capable of holding the majority of your cricket gear. The bag has a separate internal bat compartment and a shoe section. It also has several other pockets on the inside and the outside for better which makes organisation of equipment neat and convenient. The padded straps and strong handle make it easy to carry the bag anywhere.
  2. GM 707 Wheelie Cricket Bag – This bag is one of the best bags available for less than £50 at VKS. Equipped with the all-terrain wheelie system, this bag is easy to manoeuvre. The dimensions of the bag are 90cm x 32cm x 32cm and its volume is 92 litres. The zipped lid pocket opens to a main compartment with a huge amount of space. Made of 600 Denier Polyester, the bag is quite durable and capable of withstanding rough handling. The padded handle and carry make it very easy to carry the bag when it cannot be rolled for any reason. The bag’s 10mm heavy Duty ‘D’ Opening Zips will work smoothly for a long time.
  3. Adidas XT 4.0 Medium Wheelie Bag – A great medium-sized cricket bag from Adidas with dimensions 89cm x 30cm x 30cm, it is lightweight but strong. The bag’s main compartment is spacious enough to fit in all your cricket equipment easily. The bag has a separate bat pocket and a compartment for shoes. The padded strap and pull handle of the bag makes it very easy to carry the bag anywhere. The reinforced base of the bag ensures that the bag doesn’t suffer wear and tear while in use. The bag has extra external pockets for putting in valuables and accessories.
  4. Infinity IXN 300 Wheelie Bag – This bag, with the dimensions 33cm x 33cm x 85cm,  comes with cleverly designed storage space to ensure that all your cricket equipment is organized properly. The bag has a D-design zipped opening which gives easy access to the spacious main compartment of the bag. The bag comes equipped with scuff protection panels, rust-proof zips and a zipped shoe tunnel. The bag has 2 wheels for rolling around and a padded pull handle for ensuring that the bag can be carried easily when it can’t be rolled on the ground. The multiple pockets of the bag are great for storing different pieces of equipment separately.
  5. Gray Nicolls GN500 Wheelie Cricket Bag – With dimensions 85cm x 36cm x 34cm, the bag doesn’t look too large but you will be surprised at the amount of things it can hold owing to its well-designed space. The bag has a large main storage compartment and multiple pockets which serve as functional storage options for different gear. The bat has separate, specially designed storage sections for a bat, helmet and shoes. The bag is fitted with high-quality wheels and full-length runners which ensure that the bag is easily maneuverable, and stable when it is stationary in a standing position.

Looking to buy one of these excellent, budget-friendly cricket bags? Then you need not go any further. VKS not only has a large collection of cricket bags, but it is your go-to place for all your cricket equipment, be it bats, balls, shoes, clothing, accessories or protective gear. VKS offers premium quality cricket gear from Kookaburra and other best-known brands at affordable prices. We also have cricket helmets, shirts, cricket trousers, cricket shoes, sweaters, baselayers, socks, caps and hats, safety equipment and teamwear in a variety of designs and sizes. We follow all safety protocols and maintain social-distancing so that you have a stress-free and safe shopping experience. Shop with us in-store or order online at and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase. 

5 Dukes Cricket Balls You Need to Know About

Dukes is among the leading makers of balls in the world of cricket. This brand started out in 1760 and in all these centuries, it has perfected the art of ball making. Top level first class cricket, test matches and premier level league matches, all use Dukes cricket balls. Here are 5 cricket balls from Dukes that you should know about –

  1. Dukes Crown Prince Cricket Ball (5 1/2oz) – The name befits this beautiful red ball. One of the best balls in the world of cricket, it is used in top level league cricket matches with 50+ overs. The ball weighs 156 grams and is very durable. The full hand-sewn ball is made with the finest quality English Alum tanned leather. The cortex centre of the ball ensures that it retains its shape and shine throughout the match.
  2. Dukes Prince Cricket Ball (5 1/2oz) – A lighter red in colour than the Dukes crown prince cricket ball, this ball is made with high quality English Alum tanned leather. The ball is fully hand-sewn and has a traditional grease finish. The ball’s cortex centre ensures that it retains its shape even after the most aggressive of shots.
  3. Dukes Select Cricket Ball – Another excellent ball from Dukes, this ball is made from Select quality Chrome tanned leather. The ball is full hand-sewn and has a durable anti-scruff finish. It has a cork and rubber moulded centre for shape retention. The ball, red in colour, weighs 156 grams and is suitable for league cricket.
  4. Dukes Club Match Cricket Ball (Pink) – This pink ball from Dukes is among the most popular balls used in club and school cricket matches across England. The ball is made from good quality leather and has Perma anti-scruff finish which lasts a long time. The ball, weighing 156 grams, is entirely hand-sewn and has a cortex centre which ensures retention of shape even after aggressive shots. This ball is suitable for matches of 20 overs.
  5. Dukes Velocity Cricket Ball – This is another cricket ball from Dukes that is suitable for club, school and recreational matches. Red in colour and weighing 156 grams, this ball is fully hand-stitched and has anti-scruff finish. The ball is made out of club quality Chrome tanned leather and has a cortex centre which ensures that the ball retains its shape throughout the match.

VKS is your go-to place for all your cricket equipment, be it bats, balls, bags, shoes, clothing, accessories or protective gear. VKS offers premium quality cricket gear from the best-known brands at affordable prices. We also have cricket helmets, shirts, cricket trousers, cricket shoes, sweaters, baselayers, socks, caps and hats, safety equipment and teamwear in a variety of designs and sizes. Shop with us in-store or order online at and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase. 


10 Reasons Why VKS is the Best Cricket Equipment Store in London

It’s almost 50 years since VKS started as a cricket equipment provider. From starting out as a small family business in London, VKS has now become one of the top cricket and tennis equipment providers in the UK and even abroad, supplying to amateur and professional individual players, clubs and corporates. VKS has earned an excellent reputation and goodwill for its quality product and service offerings in the world of cricket, and we continue to uphold this level of commitment to quality in whatever we do. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose VKS for buying cricket equipment –

  1. All cricket equipment in one place – At VKS, we have everything that you need to build, complete or upgrade your cricket kit. We have cricket bats for senior and juniors players, all pieces of cricket protection equipment – helmets, batting pads, batting gloves, abdo guards, thigh guards and much more. Along with this we stock other items such as cricket balls, cricket shoes, cricket bags, and cricket clothing – shirts, trousers, socks, sweaters, baselayers, underwear, hats and caps. We also have accessories such as bat grips, stumps, wickets, scorebooks, sidearms, nets and training equipment, match accessories, neoprene supports, paceman bowling machines, sweatbands, club kits and more. In addition, we offer bat knocking-in, repair and maintenance services as well.
  2. Equipment from the top brands in the world of cricket – We cricket equipment from the most reputed brands in the world of cricket including but not limited to: Gray Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, CA, SS Ton, Adidas, MRF, Aero, Infinity and more
  3. Constantly Updated Inventory – VKS is one of the first stores to list new products from top brands. At VKS, you can pre-book upcoming equipment such as limited edition bats and be the first ones to flaunt them.
  4. Great discounts – At VKS, you can avail great discounts across all our products. We have several sales across the year in which you can get products for as low as 60% of their original price.
  5. Online as well as offline store – We have a brick-and-mortar store – 31 Bond Street Ealing London W5 5AS which has its own parking and is a 5-min walk away from the Ealing Broadway station. At our store, you can consult with our experts face-to-face and then choose from the wide variety of equipment we have. Alternatively, you can check our online store and browse through thousands of choices in cricket equipment, and call our store for suggestions and answers to your questions. In both cases, our experts will be happy to help you with all your queries.
  6. Next-day delivery for Customers in the UK – For our customers in the UK, we offer next-day deliveries for products ordered online before 2 pm.
  7. Products pre-checked for quality – We do several factory visits for brands like Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, SS Ton, CA and Infinity to choose top-quality products, especially premium bats personally. For other products, our team does a thorough quality check to ensure that they are free from defects and work properly. Therefore, our customers get only the best of the best products when they shop at VKS.
  8. Easy exchanges and returns – If, by any chance, a product turns out to be defective, or you have changed your mind and want to return it or exchange it for another product, you can do so easily within 7 days of ordering the product. Our return/exchange is very smooth and we ensure that you receive the new products/credit note as soon as possible.
  9. Bespoke Club Clothing – Not only do we offer a wide range of pre-made products, we also supply bespoke club clothing. So, if you are planning to start your own cricket club, we will be happy to tailor high quality, customised cricket uniforms for your entire team at reasonable prices.
  10. Compliance with Covid-19 protocols – Very importantly, we follow all the prescribed Covid-19 safety protocols. Our staff members are vaccinated and they sanitise their hands regularly as well as all of the products and surfaces. All the products that we ship out to our customers are also sanitised before packing. Therefore, you can shop at VKS with peace of mind.

We, at VKS, look forward to serving you. For any queries, write to us at or call us on 020 8579 3389, 020 8567 2786


Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup!

`2020 was not a great year for cricket as the coronavirus pandemic caused several cricket tournaments including the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. But the good news is that the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament is happening this year!

Earlier, the venue for the tournament was India, but now, the venue has been shifted to the United Arab Emirates given the Covid-19 pandemic situation in India. The tournament is scheduled to start on 17 October, 2021 and the final match of the tournament is expected to be played on 14 November 2021.

The teams that have qualified for participating in the tournament are – India (qualified as Host nation), Pakistan, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh (qualified because they were ranked as the top 9 teams in the last T20 tournament), Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Ireland, Namibia, Scotland and Oman (these teams qualified for the tournament via the 2019 ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier).

The T20 World Cup will have 2 rounds in which 42 matches will be played in all. In the first round, there will be twelve matches between the eight teams of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, Netherlands and Oman.  The top performing 4 teams will then make it to the Super 12s. The Super 12s will start on 24th October 2021 and will consist of 30 matches that will be played between the four teams from Round 1 and the top eight T20I teams. These teams will be divided into 2 groups of 6 each that will play three knockout games, two semi-finals and a final.

The venues for the matches are – Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium and Oman Cricket Academy Ground.

In the First Round, Group A will comprise of Ireland, Namibia, Netherlands and Sri Lanka, whereas Group B will be made up of Bangladesh, Oman, Papua New Guinea and Scotland.

In the Super 12s, India, England, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Afghanistan and Australia have already been selected and the remaining four teams will be decided based on the performance of the teams in Round 1.

For the knockout stage, England, Australia, South Africa and West Indies have been put in Group 1, and two remaining teams are yet to be decided. In Group 2 are India, Pakistan, New Zealand and Afghanistan with the remaining two teams yet to be decided.

All in all, it is going to be a very exciting tournament and we can’t just wait for it. May the best team win!




Top Cricket Shoes Available for Less Than £120!

Cricket is all about movement. Players are always walking, running, jumping, sprinting, diving and moving in other ways while playing. Therefore, it is important for them to have a pair of good, sturdy shoes on their feet which is conducive to movement and balance and protects the feet. VKS has cricket shoes from all the leading brands in the world of cricket, and it has compiled a list of the top cricket shoe models that are available for less than £120 in this blog –

  1. Adidas Vector Mid Cricket Shoe 21 – These shoes, with a new design and bright colours, spell hope and positivity in 2021 while the world is still grappling with the coronavirus. Like their predecessor, they combine the traditional lacing and new revolutionary BOA tightening system which make the shoe fit snugly and keep the foot in place. The bevelled heel of the shoe is conducive to smooth transitions from jumping to landing, while an internal support cage and a mid-cut heel height work to stabilize the foot during movement. The EVA midsole with adiprene in the heel provide additional cushioning and thus, superior comfort.
  2. Adidas Vector Cricket Shoe 2021 – This shoe is suitable for batsmen and bowlers alike. The revolutionary new outsole, made of TPU material, is sturdy and keeps the weight of the shoe light. The EVA midsole with adiprene in the heel provides a very comfortable experience to the wearer. The bevelled heel of the shoe helps in making movement transitions such as running to jumping smoother. The toe area, made of soft materials, ensures that the foot is not in discomfort at any stage during bowling.
  3. Payntr V Spike Cricket Shoes – This tough shoe will last you a long time, thanks to the materials it uses. The upper of the shoe is made from seamless microfiber PU and has perforated air holes for added breathability. The insole, made from EVA, not only provides maximum shock absorption, but is also conducive to spring. The TPU sole plate has traditional spikes that offer maximum traction across the ground. The side panels of the shoe are made from soft and thick microfibre which is durable and keeps the foot comfortable.
  4. New Balance CK4040 Bowling Cricket Shoe – This one is a high quality traditional bowling shoe which can be depended upon for durability and comfort. It has a high cut ankle line and velcro strap which keeps the foot firmly in place even during aggressive movements. The RevLite sole system makes this shoe very comfortable to wear. The 11-spike configuration system of the shoe makes it perfect for medium and fast bowlers.
  5. New Balance CK10BL Cricket Shoe – Another excellent shoe from New Balance, this one is also suitable for all round players because of its minimus spike configuration, which is one of a kind in the industry. The heel to toe drop is merely 4 mm, which means that the feet of the player are very close to the ground, and this helps in balance and quicker reaction times. The RevLite midsole adds to the comfort of the shoe and the elasticated tongue design ensures that the shoe fits snugly.

Want to add one of these excellent cricket shoes to your cricket kit? Then you need not go any further. VKS is your go-to place for all your cricket equipment, be it bats, balls, bags, shoes, clothing, accessories or protective gear. VKS offers premium quality cricket gear from Kookaburra and other best-known brands at affordable prices. We also have cricket helmets, shirts, cricket trousers, cricket shoes, sweaters, baselayers, socks, caps and hats, safety equipment and teamwear in a variety of designs and sizes. We follow all safety protocols and maintain social-distancing so that you have a stress-free and safe shopping experience. Shop with us in-store or order online at and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase. 


Get Top Level Cricket Protection With These Batting Pads

Legs play a very important role in the game of cricket as players are always moving – running, jogging, sprinting, jumping and walking. Therefore, the importance of keeping the legs protected on the pitch cannot be overstated. Batting pads are a crucial part of cricket protection gear, therefore all batsmen must invest in a good pair that offers a high level of protection from impact from fast flying balls and is comfortable to wear.

Here are VKS’ top picks for batting pads –

  1. Infinity Reserve Pro Batting Legguards – The design and quality of these legguards conforms to international test standards. The front of the pads have sturdy cane reinforcements with high density padding for ultimate absorption levels. The knee protection zone fits securely over the knee to protect that area from injuries. The legguards have cushioned straps with wide webbed design which makes them very comfortable to wear. The side protection panels ensure that the sides of legs are also protected from impact.
  2. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Guards – Like all other cricket equipment from Gray Nicolls, these batting legguards can also be also trusted for their quality and durability. Made with high quality foam bolsters and reinforced cane rods, the Legend legguards are lightweight yet durable. They have 3 levels of armour which make them unbreakable – Vapour Foam strips, HD Foam strips and Poly-armour. The butterfly padded straps and buckles keep the legguards in place and make them very comfortable to wear even during long matches. The Gel Zone knee cup ensures that the knee is fully protected.
  3. Kookaburra Kahuna Concept Pro Batting Legguard – The Kookaburra Kahuna Concept Pro Batting Legguard comes with great features and the iconic Kookaburra branding. The legguards combine the latest 3D compression moulding and traditional pad-making techniques. The front of the pads have reinforced cane rods and high density foam with low impact rebound characteristics. The knee area is protected with vertical bolsters and an external 3-piece knee bolster. The penta flex contour and knee roll ensures that the flexibility of the player is not hampered.
  4. Ton Test Opener Batting Legguards – Special Edition Embossed “S” – Used by top level players internationally, these legguards promise the best of comfort and protection. Not only do these legguards have high level front protection with cane rods and high density foam, but even the sides of the pads have extra wide side bolsters for protecting the sides of the legs from impact. The pads have cushion pads fitted on velcro straps for enhanced comfort and a closer fit. The back of the pads has a mesh lining for cooling and ventilation.
  5. Adidas XT 3.0 Batting Legguard – Having a clean, minimal design with Adidas branding, this legguard will not let a player down when it comes to protection. The front of the pad has a central 3-piece cane with a mix of high and low density foam for protection from impact while keeping the weight of the pad light. The traditional 3-piece knee roll ensures that the knee area is protected adequately. The sculpted wings ensure that the sides of the legs also have maximum protection. The TPU tab/velcro closure ensures that the legguard fits well and feels comfortable.
  6. VKS Player Edition Batting Legguards – These legguards from our home brand have been created after extensive research and development. They weigh only 856 grams, which makes them one of the lightest legguards offering test grade level protection available in the market. The front of the pad is made with cane reinforcements and high density foam which can withstand high levels of impact without affecting the leg underneath. The cushioned straps with a webbed design ensure that the legguards fit snugly and stay securely in position even during long, intense matches.

Looking to upgrade your batting legguards? We have all these models and many more available online and at our store. In fact, VKS is your go-to place for all your cricket equipment, be it bats, balls, bags, shoes, clothing, accessories or protective gear. VKS offers premium quality cricket gear from the best-known brands at affordable prices. We also have cricket helmets, shirts, cricket trousers, cricket shoes, sweaters, baselayers, socks, caps and hats, safety equipment and teamwear in a variety of designs and sizes. Shop with us in-store or order online at and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase. 


Masuri Helmets that Offer the Best Protection on the Cricket Pitch!

In the world of cricket, Masuri is well known for being one of the top brands making cricket helmets that not only offer a high level of protection, but are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. The brand, which originated in South Africa in 1991, is now based in the UK and has a distribution network across the world. Several top professionals including Mike Atherton, Graham Gooch, Robin Smith and Brian Lara have relied on Masuri helmets for protecting their faces and heads from injuries from fast flying balls on the pitch.

In this blog, we have listed some of the top cricket helmet models from Masuri –

  1. Masuri T Line Titanium Cricket Helmet – Masuri’s T Line Titanium Cricket Helmet is lauded for being a super lightweight helmet and yet providing the highest level of protection. As the name suggests, the helmet has a titanium grille which keeps its weight light. The single shell construction of the helmet makes it highly durable. The padding on the inside of the helmet, especially around the cheek and ear areas makes it highly comfortable to wear.
  2. Masuri T Line Steel Cricket Helmet – This excellent helmet has single shell construction and a stainless steel grille that is lightweight and powerful. The helmet is covered with cloth that gives it a sleek and elegant look. The helmet is very comfortable to wear as it is padded on the inside. The soft padding around the cheek and ears provides extra protection to the face of the player. The adjustable cheek strap ensures that the helmet fits the wearer well.
  3. Masuri Vision Test Series Steel Cricket Helmet – As the name suggests, this helmet is made for the long and gruelling hours of a test match. The helmet has strategically placed vents in the inner and outer shells for ensuring ventilation. The grille, made from certified steel, is lightweight, extremely tough, and engineered in a manner that it provides the highest of protection without hindering the vision of the player. The Halo Reinforcement System (HRS) is an extra strength helmet rim for protecting the wearer from balls moving at as much as 90mph.
  4. Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet – Another excellent helmet from Masuri, this one boasts of a lightweight titanium grill that can withstand great impact from fast flying balls. The helmet has single shell construction which prevents it from cracking from impact from balls. The adjustable cheek strap keeps the helmet in its place when the player is running, sprinting and jumping. The cloth covering on the helmet gives it a sleek and elegant matte look.
  5. Masuri E Line Steel Cricket Helmet – Stainless steel is one of the most reliable materials for making protective gear, and this helmet uses certified stainless steel for its grille. The grille has been made in a manner that it protects the entire face of the player without interfering with their range of visibility and thus allowing them to remain focused on the fast flying ball. The padding around the cheeks and ears of the player not only keeps the player comfortable, but also gives them enhanced protection.

Looking to purchase one of these excellent cricket helmets from Masuri? VKS has them all and a lot more! VKS is your go-to place for all your cricket equipment, be it bats, balls, bags, shoes, clothing, accessories or protective gear. VKS offers premium quality cricket gear from the best-known brands at affordable prices. We also have cricket helmets, shirts, cricket trousers, cricket shoes, sweaters, baselayers, socks, caps and hats, safety equipment and teamwear in a variety of designs and sizes. Shop with us in-store or order online at and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase.