Avail Top-Grade Protection on the Pitch With Shrey Helmets

The chances of a ball flying straight into a batsmen’s face, and giving him a broken nose, a black eye, a cut lip and broken teeth or a head injury may be uncommon, but it can’t be ruled out as a possibility. Afterall, anything can happen on a cricket pitch. So, why take chances? Shrey Helmets offer the best possible protection from such injuries and help you play with peace of mind. Check out their top models here –

  1. Shrey Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet – The top-of-the-line cricket helmet from Shrey, it is used several leading players for international matches. What makes this helmet stand out is the fact that at 750 grams, it is the lightest helmet available in the market, and it follows the latest BS standards. It’s titanium grille construction protects both the front of the face and the sides. It comes with a lightweight sweatband which can be removed and washed easily. 
  2. Shrey Masterclass 2.0 Air Steel Cricket Helmet – Another excellent helmet from Shrey, this one also weighs below 1 kg. The helmet uses a high grade ABS composite shell, and the grille is made from Grade-2 stainless steel. The helmet has an EPS liner as well for increased safety. The helmet is very comfortable as its fit can be adjusted with the help of the rear retention system with the velcro straps and pads. 
  3. Shrey Performance Steel Cricket Helmet – This budget-friendly cricket helmet weighs only about 740 gms. The helmet has high-grade ABS composite shell and an EPS liner for enhanced safety. The grille of the helmet is made with top-quality steel and has a dark powder coating on it for better visibility. The rear retention system, with its velcro straps and pads, is getting the most comfortable fit of the helmet. The helmet has been extended at the back for additional safety. This helmet is also available in junior sizes.

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