The best bats to buy in the £400+ range

While skills and stamina are of utmost importance to a cricket player, a good bat complements these assets and makes the player’s game better. Thus, those who enjoy playing cricket and want to get better at it, they should invest in a good cricket bat. Here are VKS’ top picks in the £400+ range for this year –

Gunn and Moore Diamond DXM Original LE – Designed in cojunction with England’s master allrounder Ben Stokes, this bat is for players who want to play their game with the best quality Engllish available. The bat is sure to be a 2019 hit with because of its large sweet spot, its full body profile and the balance and the power that makes it feel so much lighter than its dead weight. The GM Diamond bat lets players deliver power-packed shots and beat the opposition’s bowlers hands down.

Gray Nicolls Legend – Gray Nicolls bats are a favourite amongest the worlds top players and the Legend model is at the pinnacle of any bat currently on the market. Its price tag is double than that of some of the other models in this blog, so it’s certainly limited to a very few, but those who do take the bold step to purchase a Legend will have the very best to play with, so expect to be at the top of your game with this model…the price tag demands it.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro – The Kahuna has been part of the Kookaburra range for nearing the years and the Kahuna Pro is consistently on our best seller lists. Expect flawless looks with the performance levels to match.We love this bat and our sales figures show our customers do too.

Infinity Reserve Cricket Bat – This bat has been designed to deliver excellent performance on the pitch. Its full profile helps to give maximum power to shots. The semi oval handle provides a strong and comfortable grip to the player and the top quality willow means it feels so sweet when it comes into contact with the leather and seam of the ball.

MRF Genius Grand Edition – The MRF Grand Edition is endorsed by many esteemed names in the world of cricket for its superb performance and quality. The flat face, thick edges and minimal concaving give great power to the player shots. The thick edges also contribute to great pickup, which is a must for dynamic shots.

Are you a professional or aspiring cricket player and looking for the perfect bat to deliver great shots on the pitch? VKS has the best range of cricket bats from Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, SS Ton, Infinity, Keeley, Adidas, Chase, New Balance, Newberry, SF, Hunts County and MRF available for you in-store and on the website. We also have the full range of other cricket equipment including cricket balls, cricket clothing, cricket protective gear, etc. from the leading brands. Shop online and avail fantastic discounts on your purchase.