The Best Batting Gloves: Protection Along with Comfort

Regarded as the gentlemans game, cricket demands skill, strategy as well as protection. Out of all the cricket equipment, cricket gloves hold significance importance in terms of safety of the batsman. They play pivotal role in safeguarding the hands of the batsman from any prospective injuries and enhance his performance on the field.

The role of batting gloves

A batsman is faced with fast, medium as well as slow paced balls. All this can have huge impact on his hands. The designing and engineering of batting gloves is such that the impact of ball is minimised. They aim to provide protection, flexibility, and comfort. Apart from this, these gloves are hugely impactful in protecting the fingers as well as wrist of the player.

The types of batting gloves

Batting gloves are broadly classified as:

  1. Sausage style gloves: These gloves have padding and protective material that extends along the entire fingers making it more like a sausage. These gloves provide maximum coverage and safeguard the player from fast bowling deliveries. However, these gloves may prove to be less flexible in the beginning limiting the natural moment of the fingers.
  2. Split finger gloves: These gloves are meant for batsman who prioritize enhanced flexibility and control along with utmost comfort. These are made especially to maintain agility and manoeuvrability needed for skilled batting. In these gloves, each finger is separated by a different compartment with its own padding and protection. These are highly efficient in enhancing the grip of the batsman.

The best batting gloves in the UK

While you may be wondering not to spend much on these gloves, but they hold great importance in protecting your hands. These gloves not only ensure a perfect game in the present but also saves you for all the future games. Hence, VKS, based in London, stocks the most efficient and high-quality batting gloves from various brands.

If you are keen on buying split finger gloves, the Gray-Nicolls range is amongst the favourites. In addition to this, the Kookaburra Kahuna batting gloves are believed to be the topmost choice of professional players.

Amongst the finest sausage gloves, we proudly stock the Kookaburra Ghost models. They are sure to provide maximum protection. You can buy all these batting gloves from £20 to £100 from our store or online from the website.


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