Best cricket shoes for less than £50

Cricket shoes are an
investment and an important one at that because they can make or break your
game. Ill-fitting shoes will make you feel uncomfortable while playing, and
that discomfort will not allow you to focus on the game fully. Low-quality
shoes may also cause injuries from the shock. Therefore, it is important that
you choose your cricket shoes carefully. But, you do not have to spend hundreds
of pounds on buying good quality shoes. There are good shoes out there
available at budget prices, but you have to possess an eye for finding the
right ones. We have made your task easier by compiling a list of the top
cricket shoes for less than £50 –

  1. Payntr Pimple V Cricket Shoes – This simple but elegant shoe offers the best of both worlds – the comfort and flexibility of a running shoe and the traction of a traditional rubber cricket shoe. The responsive padding around the ankle ensures the maximum level of comfort, protection and support. The honeycomb insole provides great cushioning to the arch of the foot.
  2. Gray Nicolls Velocity 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoe – This shoe offers great features at a very affordable price. The shoe has a PU upper in a honeycomb design for adequate breathability. It has strategically placed spikes with a sturdy, shock-absorbing rubber base. The design of the shoe gives great midfoot support and forefoot flexibility. The shoe is excellent for all-rounder cricketers.
  3. Kookaburra KC 3.0 Spike cricket shoe – This excellent shoe has a spike design which makes it suitable for batsmen, bowlers and fielders. The shoe has an airflow mesh and latex construction upper for greater flexibility and breathability. The padding on the ankle and heel area not only makes the shoe very comfortable but also offers great support while playing.
  4. Kookaburra KC 3.0 rubber cricket shoe – The difference between the Kookaburra KC 3.0 Spike cricket shoe and this shoe is the spikes; the rest of the features are the same. This shoe is comfortable, durable and lightweight. The excellent insoles of the shoe absorb shockwaves felt on impact at the crease and around the ground. Depending upon your needs, you can choose either of the two models from Kookaburra.
  5. Gray Nicolls Atomic Spike Cricket Shoe – A shoe with high-quality, long-lasting spikes, this one can be used with full spikes or half spikes and even rubber studs. The spikes of the shoe offer excellent traction, and the torsion technology provides stability. The lightweight shoe is durable, comfortable and comes at a pocket-friendly price.

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