Best Junior Cricket Bats for less than£250 in 2019

Cricket is a game
enjoyed by the old and young alike. So, when adult batsmen purchase
professional cricket equipment for their weekend games with friends, so why
should children be treated differently? Your child could be the next James
Anderson or Charlotte Edwards, and for that, you, as a parent, should support
them in their passion and buy them the best cricket equipment so that they can
excel on the pitch at school or their local cricket club. Here are the best
junior cricket bats that you can buy them in 2019 –

  1. GM Diamond Original Le Cricket Bat Junior – This bat is among the finest for juniors from Gunn & Moore. Made in Grade 1 unbleached English willow, this bat gives the player control and promises power all across the blade. The full shape design and mid swell position help the player knock the ball off aggressively. The bat is limited in supply because of the highest level of quality it has.
  2. Gray Nicolls Legend Junior Cricket Bat – The Legend is well-known for its legendary performance. The powerful bat, with its black handle and minimal design, has an irresistible appeal. The sweet spot of the bat is at mid-blade, which makes it suited for both front and back foot play. The concave profile of the bat makes for a smooth pick up and gives balance.
  3. GM Zelos DXM Original LE Cricket Bat (Academy) – This bat is an excellent choice for the juniors who need a durable bat which can help them perform consistently. The bat has  a full size 555 mm blade, a 280 mm handle and a contoured spine. The low weight offers a light and smooth pickup. The partially conceived back profile gives the bat a balanced feel.
  4. SS TON Reserve Edition Cricket Bat Junior – When your junior wants to deliver power-packed shots on the pitch, this bat will not let them down. Made of the highest quality English willow, this bat has narrow grains which make the blade optimally springy. The bat has a full profile and impressive, thick edges and pronounced spine. The oval handle of the bat makes for a great grip on the bat.
  5. Chase FLC Cricket Bat – Junior – This is the top quality bat available for juniors from Chase. The bat’s unique design gives an edge to players who want to hit dynamically. The bat’s massive drive zone is great for all-round stroke play. The bat’s mid-low sweet spot offers tremendous momentum from pick-up to shot. The handle of the bat is semi-oval in shape and makes for a comfortable grip. The multi-textured, latex handle cover contributes to the steadiness of the grip while batting.

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