Best wicket-keeping gloves to go for this season

Did you know that the
wicket-keeper is the only person on the fielding side who can wear gloves and
external leg guards? A wicket-keeper’s role is really important in the game –
they are the ones to stop deliveries that pass the batsman. Since the
wicket-keeper has to catch the flying hard leather ball, it is important that
they protect themselves against injuries from the impact of the ball. Here are
the top 5 wicket-keeper’s gloves we recommend this season –

  1. Gray Nicolls Predator 3 LE Wicket Keeping Gloves – Priced on the expensive side, these gloves are preferred by top-level professionals for their excellent catching grip pattern. Made in the strongest, lightest and most supple kangaroo leather, these gloves offer comfort as well as great flexibility. The X-LITE HDF padding on cuffs adds to the comfort level and fit of the gloves.
  2. Ton Finite Wicket Keeping Glove – These stylish gloves are not only great in looks, but they are so soft that you will forget that you have put them on. The gloves have been made using the finest quality Pittard leather which gives them a super-soft and luxurious feel. The palms have been designed for giving a steady grip and protecting the hand from impact.
  3. Newbery SPS Wicket Keeping Glove – These gloves might look simple, but they are really effective at doing what they are meant to do. The soft-leather gloves have a pimple rubber palm facing for superior grip. The memory foam finger ends mould according to the fingers for enhanced comfort. The webbing is double-stitched to the back of the glove for greater durability.
  4. Puma Platinum 6000 Limited Wk Gloves (Black) – There are not many brands which sell black gloves, and if that’s your colour, then these are the gloves you should buy. This elite level wicket-keeping glove has been worn by many top-level PUMA-endorsed wicket-keepers. The super-soft aniline leather backhand and inner padding make this glove really comfortable and tough. The superior anatomic construction also offers a great fit.
  5. SS Ton Players Wicket Keeping Gloves – Another stylish pair of gloves from SS Ton, this one has been made using super-soft sheep leather. The high-quality neoprene rubber-faced palm promises excellent grip and protection. The padded palms are effective at absorbing impact and offering protection to the wicket-keeper.

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