The Equipment for the Win: Play Cricket like a Pro

Like any other game, Cricket demands a certain set of equipment that is necessary to play the game. This equipment ensure that the game is well played and that too safely. From cricket bats to cricket gloves, there is a comprehensive list of equipment that a player must possess.

Essential Cricket equipment

  1. Cricket bat: This makes for the basic and most important cricket equipment. In fact, the whole game relies on batting. VKS, based in London, has the most alluring collection of cricket bats sourced from all over the world. These bats range from junior to senior, cheap to expensive, and amateur to professional.
  2. Cricket balls: The game of bat and ball essentially requires a good quality ball. VKS has a great collection of training as well as professional balls to ace your bowling game in no time.
  3. Cricket stumps: These three upright wooden poles hold the power to decide the game. VKS holds the training as well as professional stock of high-quality stumps at great prices.
  4. Cricket helmets: These helmets are crucial in ensuring safety of the batsman against the fast-paced balls. VKS’ collection of helmets is exclusive and consists of the finest helmets from top brands.
  5. Batting gloves: These gloves are adorned to protect the hands of the batsman and wicket keeper from fast paced balls. VKS stocks both sausage and split finger gloves in its exclusive range.
  6. Cricket footwear: The right kind of footwear ensures grip, agility, and speed of the player. With VKS, you get to choose your pair of spikes from some of the top brands around the world.
  7. Cricket bags: The cricket kit or bag is an essential equipment that ensures that all your other cricket equipment is kept safe and at one place. Also, these bags are extremely helpful in moving your cricket gear around places. VKS, has the strongest and stylish branded cricket bags that are available at the most reasonable prices.

To play the game efficiently and safely, the player must possess all this equipment, and VKS is here to help you through the buying process. From guiding you about the right choice to providing you with the biggest deals, VKS has everything in store. Moreover, you can buy all this equipment online from the website or visit our store.

The Best Batting Gloves: Protection Along with Comfort

Regarded as the gentlemans game, cricket demands skill, strategy as well as protection. Out of all the cricket equipment, cricket gloves hold significance importance in terms of safety of the batsman. They play pivotal role in safeguarding the hands of the batsman from any prospective injuries and enhance his performance on the field.

The role of batting gloves

A batsman is faced with fast, medium as well as slow paced balls. All this can have huge impact on his hands. The designing and engineering of batting gloves is such that the impact of ball is minimised. They aim to provide protection, flexibility, and comfort. Apart from this, these gloves are hugely impactful in protecting the fingers as well as wrist of the player.

The types of batting gloves

Batting gloves are broadly classified as:

  1. Sausage style gloves: These gloves have padding and protective material that extends along the entire fingers making it more like a sausage. These gloves provide maximum coverage and safeguard the player from fast bowling deliveries. However, these gloves may prove to be less flexible in the beginning limiting the natural moment of the fingers.
  2. Split finger gloves: These gloves are meant for batsman who prioritize enhanced flexibility and control along with utmost comfort. These are made especially to maintain agility and manoeuvrability needed for skilled batting. In these gloves, each finger is separated by a different compartment with its own padding and protection. These are highly efficient in enhancing the grip of the batsman.

The best batting gloves in the UK

While you may be wondering not to spend much on these gloves, but they hold great importance in protecting your hands. These gloves not only ensure a perfect game in the present but also saves you for all the future games. Hence, VKS, based in London, stocks the most efficient and high-quality batting gloves from various brands.

If you are keen on buying split finger gloves, the Gray-Nicolls range is amongst the favourites. In addition to this, the Kookaburra Kahuna batting gloves are believed to be the topmost choice of professional players.

Amongst the finest sausage gloves, we proudly stock the Kookaburra Ghost models. They are sure to provide maximum protection. You can buy all these batting gloves from £20 to £100 from our store or online from the website.

Choosing the Finest Cricket Spikes for the Ultimate Game

Cricket is a game requiring precision and comfort and the only thing that ensures this is the right cricket footwear. But normal shoes or sports shoes do not constitute to be the accurate footwear. It is specialist cricket spikes or rubbers that are known to enhance performance, comfort, and safety of the player. With more advancements in the techniques of the game, these shoes have also undergone enormous changes. From simple metal cleats to advanced and specialized footwear which is tailored to the demands of the modern game – the appropriate cricket footwear has developed many folds.

The need for cricket spikes

Cricket demands agility, precision, and power. It is only the specialized cricket spikes that provides the player with the necessary traction, stability, and grip on the pitch. These spikes also enable quick moments all the while preventing any ankle related injuries, strains, and other foot-related issues.

Finding the right pair of cricket spikes in the UK

While numerous brands offer multitude of options in cricket footwear, VKS brings forth the most exclusive collection from top brands under one roof. With the advantage of professional guidance, VKS gives you the opportunity to buy these spikes online from the website or from the store in London.

  1. Adidas: Ranging between £60 and £115, these cricket spikes are amongst the top choices of professional as well as aspiring players.
  2. Payntr: The junior as well as senior spikes are prices at an affordable £60.
  3. Gunn and Moore: Starting from £45 and ranging up to £60, these are amongst the most affordable and top-quality choices.
  4. Gray Nicholas: Ranging as low as £45, these are some of the most liked spikes based on designing and functionality.
  5. Kookabura: The exclusive range is priced between £40 to £50 for both juniors and seniors.
  6. New Balance: The high-quality cricket spikes range between £40 to £105 which is perfectly designed for professional games.

Apart from providing you selected footwear options from these top brands, VKS provides you with top quality spikes as well, and that too at the most competitive prices in the UK.

Unveiling the Best Cricket Bats in the UK

Cricket is recognized as a game of technologies, strategies, and challenges; and it is essential to possess the right cricket equipment to ace this game. Out of all the cricket gear, a cricket bat holds the most significance. It holds the power to make or break the fate of a team. This makes it crucial to decide on the perfect cricket bat with utmost care.

VKS: Your ultimate stop for the finest,defined, and most reasonably priced cricket bats

Whilst you may be wandering around to find your ideal wand for the gentlemans game, VKS, based in London, lets you shop some of the best bats online via the website and at our state of the art store in London. All our cricket bats are carefully chosen keeping in mind the quality and pricing. Our website is easy to use and help is just a phone call or email away……for a more personal shopping experience, you can visit the store or take professional guidance and not leave your winning inning to any chance. Its collection of bats includes:

  1. CA: The famous curved shaped bats from Pakistan are made from grade 1 English willow which defines its smoothness and precision.
  2. Gunn and Moore: These English willow bats are amongst the top preferences by some of the greatest cricketers internationally.
  3. Infinity:These handmade cricket bats are the top most choice for all round cricketers. Its exclusive variety ranges from reserve to extreme.
  4. MRF:The famous lightweight bats from India are known for their quality, precision designing, and durability.
  5. Gray Nicholls: Creating bats in array of designs to suit players with diverse batting styles, these bats have always been a favourite among professional players as well as amateurs.
  6. Kookaburra: These bats from Australia come in myriad of options to suit different batting styles and pitches.
  7. SF Stanford: These bats offer the most premium batting experience at the best prices.
  8. SS Ton: A preferred choice by the batsman using full force, these bats are known for their strength and quality.
  9. New Balance: These bats are infamous for their massive profile, stunning looks, and thick edges.

VKS also has a considerable range of junior cricket bats and fully knocked in cricket bats that are amongst the top cricket bats in the UK.

Choose the Best Cricket Bags

Planning on hoarding all your cricket equipment? Have you considered finding a safe space to keep it all together? Yes, you do need something to keep them intact whether during storage or while taking them around places since you would not want to risk harming your priced cricket possessions. You would want something that is durable and multipurpose, something that is stylish and affordable. But what is that ‘something’? It is undoubtedly a specialized ‘Cricket Bag’!

It is a bag big enough to hold all your cricket equipment in one place. It can be a duffle bag or a wheelie or even a backpack. Some of the top brands offering premium cricket bags are:

  1. Infinity: With a wide range of duffel bags and wheelies the Infinity range has something in every style and price range for both juniors and seniors. Infinity also has a range differentiated based on junior and senior bags. Also, separate shoe bags are a staple of this brand.
  2. Gunn & Moore: Their high-quality wheelie and/or duffle bags range between £40-£120 available for juniors as well as seniors.
  3. Gray Nicolls: Being one of the favourites amongst cricket enthusiasts, they have everything from backpacks to duffel bags. The prices for these bags start from as low as £
  4. Kookaburra: Priced between £100-£150, these bags offer premium quality and designing along with durability. From duffel bags to wheelies to bat covers, everything they offer is of topmost quality.
  5. New Balance: Their exclusive duffle/wheelie and junior bags start from £40 making them a convenient buy.

Where to find original and high-quality cricket bags?

We at VKS have a great range of bags from all the above brands available online and instore all year round. If you are in London, then why not pop into our store and see all of these cricket bags on display.

Why choose VKS?

  1. VKS has all the brands you would love.
  2. VKS helps you choose the best with its decades of expertise.
  3. VKS offers you the most reasonable prices.
  4. VKS lets you buy all the cricket equipment ONLINE!

So, get going, shop your favourites now!

Do You Have the Right Pair of Cricket Footwear?

Even Cinderella could not do without the right pair of shoes! The gentlemen’s game of cricket is no less than a live stage. The pressure to perform, the anxiety to score – all this is real! But as said before, the right pair of shoes can do wonders for you! Whether you are a batsman or a bowler, you need the right kind of footwear that allows you to perform your best.

How to choose the right cricket footwear?

Whether you are playing professionally or in the stadiums preparing for the big game, you need the right footwear. Your choice may depend on:

  1. The role you are playing: A batsman should choose a low cut shoe with either spikes or rubber soles to give them the right balance of grip and flexibility at the crease. A fast bowler needs a shoe offering greater stability, support around the ankle areas and spiked soles.
  2. Your game level: Always consider the time you spend on the field including the practice sessions. The comfort of footwear must accommodate with your schedule.
  3. Ground surface: Whether you are playing onturf or a synthetic field, the surface impacts your choice of shoes. While playing on turf, you may need spikes, while rubber shoes are best suited for synthetic fields.
  4. Your budget: Not everyone can spend hefty amounts on a single pair of shoes. Compare the prices offered by different brands in accordance to their utility.

Where to find the best cricket footwear?

Your search for the selectively best cricket footwear ends with VKS. Providing the best of brands, VKS has an exceptional collection which can be bought online. The various options available at VKS are:

  1. Adidas: With options starting at £99, they range up to £114.99.
  2. Payntr: These range between £99 to £139.99.
  3. Gunn & Moore: With junior range starting at £44.99, they are priced up to £59.99 for adults.
  4. Gray Nicolls: With variety ranging from £44.99 to £79.99, they are sturdy and affordable.
  5. Kookabura: This favourite range varies from £36.99 up to £49.99.
  6. New Balance: The high-quality range is available between £39.99 and £104.99.

With the assurance of quality and competitive prices, VKS assures to help you select the safest and durable options while buying cricket footwear online.

Find the Finest Cricket Gear With VKS

Are you aspiring to play cricket professionally or simply take your game seriously? If yes, then you must know how important it is to possess the right cricket gear. Whether playing on synthetic grounds or turfs, you need a certain gear to score that history creating inning or strike out that batsman with your perfect bowling. But what are those gear? And most importantly how do you find them at the best prices?

VKS, based in London, is your hub for the best cricket equipment. Not only do they have the carefully chosen variety but also the most competitive and affordable price range. Their experts are available in store as well as online to help you choose the best.

Cricket gear available at VKS

  1. Cricket bats: Bringing only the best, VKS have a variety of cricket bats for juniors and adults. With brands ranging from Gunn & Moore to Gray Nicolls to New Balance and many more, you can find everything on the website.
  2. Cricket balls: From soft training balls to Dukes cricket balls to VKS cricket balls, you are just a click away from finding your beast.
  3. Cricket stumps/wickets: With VKS, you get to choose from plastic stumps to spring return stumps at the best prices.
  4. Cricket helmets: Bringing only the best and the safest options with brands like Kookaburra, Masuri and many more, you get to choose according to your affordability and likings.
  5. Batting leg pads and gloves: You can pick comfort and safety altogether with the selective options available at VKS like Infinity, Gray Nicholas, Kookaburra, and others.
  6. Cricket bags: Keeping your cricket gear together and that too safe is now easy with VKS’s chosen bags from high-end brands including New Balance, Infinity, etc.
  7. Cricket footwear: From brands like Adidas to Gunn & Moore, you are assured to get comfort and style with VKS’s range of footwear.

At VKS, we understand the importance of good cricket gear. That is why we bring forward only the safest and high performing options for you. You can buy these cricket gear online as well as at VKS’s store in London.

Helping You Score That Inning Safely With the Best Helmets

The fast-paced balls coming towards you can have a high impact, whether you are a batsman or a wicketkeeper. It can cause injuries which can be grave. The seriousness of these injuries to the head and the face made cricket helmets an important cricket equipment in the modern world.

Not of a very old origin, cricket helmets were initially self-designed or from other sports’ essentials. However, many brands started producing helmets as per their own expertise. But these helmets were not a hundred percent safe.It was this need to safeguard the cricketers that led the International Cricket Council to come up with certain safety standards in regards to the design of the helmet. Also, the design and the material had to conform to the British Standard. This limited the number of brands producing the right kind of helmet.

Where to find the best and the safest cricket helmets?

There are several brands to choose your helmets from. So, to ease your choice, VKS, based in London, not only provides you with the choicest options but also with the most propitious guidance. Along with providing carefully chosen helmets, they help you select the right fit for you. You can buy cricket helmets online from the website or visit the store for a more convenient purchase.

What are the different cricket helmet brands available with VKS?

  1. C&D Albion: The choicest collection ranges from junior helmets to full size helmets. On top of it, you can buy them from as low as £99 only at VKS.
  2. Gunn & Moore: These widely popular helmets range between £99 – £54.99.
  3. Gray Nicholls: Not only do they provide helmets but also neck guards. You can buy these from an affordable price of £99 up to £67.99.
  4. Kookaburra: With neck guards starting at £99, this widely loved brand provides helmets at the affordable price of £39.99-£49.99.
  5. Masuri: The high quality and premium helmets from Masuri range between £99 – £199.99.
  6. Shrey: With junior helmets starting at a low price of £99, Shrey’s helmets can be bought for as high as £154.99.

We, at VKS know the importance of a good helmet, but we also know the need of a RIGHT HELMET. Along with the best options, we provide you with the expertise to choose the right helmet. So, let us score that inning together but before that, let us buy the best cricket helmets online with VKS!

Are You Choosing the Right Batting Gloves?

You might be a great batsman, but you still need protection, protection from those fast-approaching balls. Here comes the role of BATTING GLOVES. Batting gloves form an essential part your cricket kit. Whilst providing the much-needed protection to hands and fingers, batting gloves provide comfort and grip to facilitate the batsmen. Not only this, batting gloves aid in shock absorption while hitting the ball. They also prevent hands from blisters ensuring a safe sessions play, be that in the cricket nets or on the field.

But do you know there are different types of batting gloves available in the market? They are typically divided into two categories – split finger and sausage.

Split finger gloves are basically used by batsmen who want the greatest flexibility whilst ensusring top protection levels. They offer more flexibility and range of motion while batting, which means there is a certain ease of motion while wearing the split finger gloves.

Sausage gloves are mostly used on bouncy pitches. They offer an extra layer of protection for the fingers. With even padding throughout the finger, they ensure uniform protection across the back of the hand. They tend to be a little stiffer than split fingers gloves so whilst they may be the preferred choice of test batsmen, our customers tend to prefer splits.

How to choose the right batting gloves?

  1. Choose the glove according to your preferred hand. You need to keep in mind if you are right-handed or left-handed before buying a pair of gloves.
  2. Select the one that fits you well. The gloves shouldn’t be too long or too short. ALWAYS be sure of what will give you the best fit and protection before making a purchase.
  3. Choose the right type of gloves that fit your purpose.
  4. Don’t be obsessed by weight, protecting your fingers is of paramount importance.

VKS, based in London, offers a wide variety of gloves to choose from. From beginners playing in their leisure time to professionals, VKS has a suitable pair for everyone. It has varied variety of split finger gloves viz. the VKS player, Prolite, Superlite, Ultra Series, Club Series and many more. In addition to this, New Balance Range consists of split finger gloves as well. There are certain choices in the sausage gloves like the Kookaburra Ghost. The prices for these gloves range between £20 and £100. VKS offers great value since these batting gloves are carefully chosen from the best brands to ensure utmost safety of the batsmen. Plus, you can buy these gloves and other cricket equipment from their store as well as online from the website.

Finding the Right Cricket Bag

Are you a cricket enthusiast? If yes, then you must possess all the essential cricket equipment. But where do you keep them, or rather store them? How do you carry them to different places? The only possible and practical way is – in a CRICKET BAG. Whether you are a playground player or a professional, you need a cricket bag to carry and store all your cricket gear. Hence, a cricket bag is an essential investment.

How do you choose the right cricket bag?

There are different factors that affect your purchase. You must look for-

  1. The right size: The capacity of the cricket bags plays a key role. It must be big enough to fit all your equipment without damaging anything. Also, see if there are different compartments within the bag to help you stay organized. We suggest opting for a bag with lots of space, that will then make it easier for you to find various pieces of gear quickly.
  2. Comfort: The bag must have a soft padded strap to make it easy to carry without any discomfort.
  3. Water-resistance: The bag should be made from good and strong fabrics to protect from light rain.
  4. Durability and quality: Since it is an investment in itself, you must look for a good quality bag. It is in order to make sure that your cricket gear is well protected.
  5. The right price: It is a major factor in deciding the right bag. Many different brands provide high quality bags at varying prices. It is for you to look for the right bag at a price that suits your pocket.

Where do you find the right cricket bag for you?

There are numerous vendors that provide you with multiple options in cricket bags. But are they all reliable? VKS, based in London, assures to provide original branded bags online as well as in their store. The different brands they stock are:

  1. Infinity: From separate shoe bags to duffel bags, they are priced between £11-£
  2. Gunn & Moore: Their high-quality bags range between £40-£
  3. Gray Nicolls: From backpacks to duffel bags, they provide a wide range from as low as £
  4. Kookaburra: Priced between £100-£15, these bags offer premium quality and designing.
  5. New Balance: Their exclusive bags start from £

Whether you want to buy a duffle bag or a wheelie or a backpack, VKS has it all in all premium brands. You can buy these cricket bags online at the best prices.


Where can you Buy the Best Cricket Bats?

A cricket bat is infamously the wand of a batsman. In layman’s terms, a batsman creates magic with his bat. He stands at a dominant position which decides the fate of the game. So, can fate be left on random bats? Definitely not! To match the skill, strength, power and technique of the batsman; there is a variety of bats to choose from. The prices can be as low as £79.99 and as high as  £799.99. VKS, are one of the oldest cricket bat specialists in England and based in London offers a wide variety of cricket bats to choose from. These are from various high-end brands offering high quality products.

Which brands are offering the right-kind of high-quality bats?

  1. CA: Known for its curve-shaped bats, CA is a Pakistani brand offering a great range of cricket bats. The prices vary from £100 to £400.
  2. Gunn and Moore: Known for its quality, Gunn and Moore has many different type of cricket bats. Famous for their superior craftsmanship, Gunn and Moore bats have been endorsed by some of the best batsmen of the world. They range from £85 to £550.
  3. Infinity: The Reserve, Platinum, Silver and Extreme models provided by the brand makes them an exciting buy. They are handmade bats from England especially for the all-round batsmen. The prices range from £120 to £449.
  4. MRF: Based in India, MRF is known for its bats along with tyres. The durability, quality and precision of the bats make them the right fit for international matches. They are prices at around £180.
  5. Gray Nicollis: The style and power of their bats have made them a popular choice for decades. Their bats are suited for batsmen with diverse batting styles. This means they have ‘one for everyone’. The prices vary from £74 to £800.
  6. Kookaburra: Ensuring there is a bat for each and every batting style, Kookaburra has become one the leading Australian brands for cricket bats. Their junior range starts from as low as £40 and the pro range goes to the maximum of £480.

In addition to stocking the best brands in the world, VKS has a great variety of junior cricket bats as well. The variety is very well displayed at their London shop, wherein you can choose your right fit.


The Essentials of Cricket

We all love to head out for a good game, don’t we? We may be playing a sport or a game for socializing, for fun or even professionally, but any of this requires the right equipment. Cricket is undoubtedly the most famous sport of the modern era. However, there are a certain equipment which are necessary for the game. Whether you are playing in your local parks or in the cricket stadiums, you cannot simply do without these equipment.

So, what are the equipment necessary to play cricket?

  1. Cricket bat: The first and the foremost important equipment is the cricket bat. There is a vast variety of cricket bats available for you to choose from, well according to your age and likings.
  2. Cricket balls: Since it is a bat and a ball game, the next essential equipment is the cricket ball. You can buy anything from training balls to Kookabura balls to suit your requirement.
  3. Cricket stumps: These are the three upright wooden poles that, together with the bails forming the wicket.
  4. Cricket helmets: These are used by the batsmen to ensure safety from the fast-paced balls.
  5. Batting leg guards: Even if you are a novice or a professional player, your knees, shins and thighs need protection. Leg guards or batting pads are essentially used by batsmen for safety.
  6. Batting gloves: To provide safety and grip batting gloves are a must for the batsmen.
  7. Cricket clothing: The gentleman’s game definitely has a defined set of clothes for every player, be it the batsmen, the wicket keeper or the fielder.
  8. Cricket bags: For someone choosing cricket for competitive purposes, a cricket bag stands as an important investment.
  9. Cricket footwear: The organized game requires the right pair of shoes to achieve excellence. Many different brands offer the right kind of sport shoes needed to help in accelerating performance.

No game is complete without the right equipment and it stands true in case of cricket. The right cricket equipment, which ticks all your requirements, is hard to find. VKS, based in London, has got all your needs covered and that too within your budgets. They offer a great variety in best brands for you to choose from that too online. So, start scrolling your phone for a great online shopping experience with VKS.

Premium Cricket Footwear At Affordable Prices

Any sports activity needs the extreme use of the legs, feet and ankle under difficult circumstances as the sport may demand. A proper selection of footwear that befits the sport you are playing goes a long way in the protection and maintenance of the feet as well as the legs. Cricket shoes are designed in a way that absorbs huge stress put on the feet and also withstand the burst of movement and pressure which is often the case while playing. It also ensures comfort to the feet and enables increased performance for the player.

One has to choose wisely while selecting the footwear for any sport. Like other sports, cricket has its own special footwear that are uniquely designed to protect from injuries due to running, twisting, jumping and diving, etc. Cricket is a game that involves long hours of being on the field. It also demands a lot of running around which increases the risk of skidding and falling down often. Hence cricket shoes are layered with spiked soles that latches on to the ground firmly while the player is running between the wickets, while fielding or taking a catch, etc.

There are many prominent brands that make the best and durable shoes for cricket like Adidas, Kookaburra, Payntr, Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicholls, New Balance and more which are the preferred international brands worn by professional cricketers of all nations. There are many parts with different materials that goes into the product. The uppers are a combination of polyurethane and pvc leather with added meshing for air circulation on some models. These are thickly padded with soft cotton or polyester layers with netted inners. The bottom sole has pvc or rubber spikes and metal studs that provides additional grip and the inside sole has a cushioned layer for absorbing the shock and retain the buoyancy.

There are different cricket footwear for different playing potions. There are the batting shoes, bowling and fielding shoes which differ slightly in how the shape, padding, spikes and weight are designed based on the role, movement and stress levels expected out of that position.

The best cricket shoes are available at, the complete cricket store in London. Attractively priced from £40 up to £140, the shoes comes in all sizes from junior to senior level and for different playing positions. The store is a treasure trove for cricketers looking to buy cricket equipments and accessories under a single roof. Check out now for the best deals on offer.

Different Bats For Different Styles

Batting in cricket is the dominant position envied by all and the batter enjoys a demigod status by any cricket fan. That is because the batter needs a lot of technique, power and strength to withstand the bowling assault especially the pace bowlers. They should be fearless against fast bowlers and cunning against spin bowlers. They should have extraordinary skill as they have only one chance to get runs in an innings and use it wisely. A well selected bat, thus makes sure that whatever the skill employed by the batter it is executed one hundred percent.

There are many types of bats from many international brands that produce high quality cricket bats that are used by professional cricketers for their success. Some of the famous brands one can get for as low as £79.99 for the junior sizes up to £799.99 and above for premium willow senior grade bats. Get your pick from among the superb collection at

CA – £100 to £400

The best of the lot made by CA which is based in Pakistan, is a handcrafted wonder created from English willow. The bats are curved for that extra power and is an official supplier for Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland etc. The models are CA Plus, 3000, 5000, 10000, 12000, 15000 at different price levels.

Gunn & More – £85 to £550

The most sucessful brand in cricket bats with the logo GM prominently displayed, are used by all the batting greats of past and present. The company was founded in 1885 by an English batsman and has models like the Hypa, Kryos, Prima, Sparq, Diamond and Brava for different styles of play.

Infinity – £120 to $449

The perfectly balanced Infinity bats are designed for every player in the team including the all rounders, as they have a large sweet spot area to get the perfect shot. The models include Reserve, Platinum, Silver and Extreme with a price point to meet every budget.

MRF – £180

Famed for its light weight, durable and precision wood work, these bats are made with special willow woods that guarantee superlative performance. One of the top bat manufacturers, their bats are used by famous cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Steve Waugh, who have itched their name in the half of fame.

Gray Nicholls – £74 to £800

The number one choice of great batters of the game, it exudes power and strength that are matchless. Made of premium English Willow and Kashmir Willow, these bats are made to perfection. They have an array of models like the Alpha, Hypernova, Legend and Classic, every piece a masterclass.

Visit VKS sports at London today or checkout for the right brand at an affordable price range that suits your budget but not compromise your performance.

Sunglasses For The Best Protection

Among the cricketing accessories, sunglasses are the least talked about, but are one of the most important of all protective items. This is especially true because the game of cricket is often played in the day time. Except for a some of the T20 format games, all others formats include playing in the sun for the full game like a Test match or partly like the day and night One Day Internationals.

There are many reasons a player needs a sunglass in a day match. First and foremost being the glare preventing the fielder from losing sight of a lofted ball while it is coming towards them. The chances of a misfield leading to more runs, or even a preventable boundary is more. But more importantly, the missing of a catch is considered a sin. Everybody knows that catches win matches and no fielder want take a chance of going in without a good pair of sunglases.

The sunglasses are not an object of fashion but a very useful gear on the field. Cricket shots are often lofted ones which goes up in the air which will be difficult to sight against the back drop of sun rays. Another problem is catching the ball  for a run out attempt, when a distant fielder throw the ball, it will be on an higher altitude before landing.

Cricket sunglasses protects players eyes from extreme heat affecting their eyes and helps them concentrate better on the field. Few other benefits of wearing a sunglass are preventing dust getting in the eye if the weather is windy, stops small flies getting in to the eye, as the cricket ground is grassy and hosts small creatures in abundance.

Sports glasses are made of polycarbonate, which are high impact resistant lens and comes with ultraviolet ray protection. These are light weight, water resistant, very durable, provides high optical clarity and comes in easy to wear wrap around style so it doesn’t fall while running, bending,jumping and falling in a hurry.

If you are a cricketer from London, VKS sports is the place to checkout for amazing cricket sunglasses best suited for you. The sunwise range of glasses comes in interchangeable lens to suit different weather conditions, very comfortable to wear, has trendy colour combinations, scratch proof and comes in different lens shapes and sizes that fits perfectly to your face. VKS Sports is a specialist cricket store, who sell premium accessories that are known for their quality and durability. Get your pair of cricket sunglasses now at and be secure.

Get All The Clothing You Need For Cricket Here

Like other cricket equipment and accessories, the clothing you wear for cricket matters. Like other sports, cricket has its own set of clothing rules, colours, etc., which has to be strictly followed if one has to play a first class match. The standard colour is all white trousers and shirts. Coloured team jerseys are allowed for ODI and T20 formats. The original cotton pant and shirt with full length button gave way to more comfortable polyester and knitwear which are more stretchable and light weight. Below are the main clothing items you will need for a game of comfortable cricket.

Cricket Shirts

The cricket shirts are either full sleeve or short sleeve, one can choose depending on the weather conditions of the day. Predominantly in white colour and are also sold in various team colours, including the team logo, individual names and numbers, sponsors logo, etc. The shirts comes in various sizes for junior to senior players viz., small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. These are made of fine Climacool knit fabric which absorbs sweat easily and are airy. Famous brands of shirts include Gray Nichols, Infinity, Kookaburra, GM, etc., designed for men and women fittings.

Cricket Trousers

The stretchable pants are made of cotton and polyester mix, usually in full length which is the official code. The trousers are bit thicker than the shirts so it is less prone to tearing off when one falls or skids in the ground. The fabrics are again polyester blend, light and Climacool for comfort. The pant also comes with and without pockets, an elastic waist band, etc. The pant comes in plain or with team or sponsor logo. Sizes and fitting vary for individuals and according to gender. Gray Nichols, Adidas, Infinity and Kookaburra are some of the quality brands one can buy online.

Cricket Sweaters

The sweaters are used while one is playing in the winter season. It protects the players from harsh cold wind especially in English conditions. Made of wool or acrylic material, they come in half or full sleeve, usually with a colour pattern around the V neck. It keeps the player cozy and comfortable during the game.

Cricket Socks

These are soft and cushioned leg wear which absorbs sweat and keeps the feet dry. Unlike office wear socks, these are thicker and more comfortable for running on the field.

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