Swing with Confidence: VKS – Your Trusted Cricket Bat Companion

A cricket bat is the magical wand that decides the fate of a cricket match. The sleek contours and polished willow surface hold the power to shape the destiny of players and teams alike. Much like a wizard wielding a wand, a skilled batsman can conjure breathtaking strokes that send the ball soaring across the field, leaving spectators in awe of the craftsmanship and finesse.

In the theatre of cricket, where emotions run high and stakes are immense, the cricket bats stand as a symbol of power and elegance. It is a conduit through which the spirit of the game is channelled, connecting players and fans in a shared experience of triumphs and defeats. To harness these powers of the batsmen, VKS, based in London, has the most astonishing variety of bats to offer.

Stocking from the biggest brands around the world, VKS ensures that cricketers at every skill level can find the perfect weapon for their game. With an extensive collection that spans from the latest innovations to the classic designs, VKS provides a one-stop destination for cricket enthusiasts seeking excellence in their equipment. Whether you are a power-hitting opener or a technically sound middle-order batsman, VKS caters to diverse playing styles, ensuring that each player can wield a bat that complements their strengths and preferences. The meticulous curation of bats from renowned global brands reflects VKS’s commitment to delivering quality, performance, and the latest advancements in cricketing technology to its discerning clientele. As the go-to hub for cricket bats in London, VKS stands at the forefront, empowering cricketers to unleash their full potential with the right tools in their hands.

With bats from some of the leading brands like Gunn & Moore, SS Ton, Infinity, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, MRF, SS Stanford, and New Balance, VKS caters to every budget and batting style. Whether you are a professional seeking a high-performance blade or an amateur looking for an affordable yet quality option, VKS stands out as a cricket bat shop that not only sells equipment but also fosters a cricketing community. Through their comprehensive offerings, expert guidance, and a commitment to enhancing the cricketing experience, VKS has solidified its position as a go-to destination for cricketers across the UK.

Choosing Your Next Cricket Bat

A cricket bat is an extension of the player’s skill and strategy. It transforms the cricket pitch into a canvas, where each shot paints a picture of determination, timing, and precision. The sweet sound of the ball meeting the sweet spot on the bat echoes through the stadium, creating a symphony that resonates with the hopes and dreams of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

To create this fate, it is essential to choose the right cricket bat. Here is a guide to help you to make an informed decision:

  1. Determine your playing style: Before choosing the bat, you need to be considerate of your playing style – whether you are an aggressive hitter, a technically sound player, or a combination of both. This will influence the weight, shape, and balance of the bat.
  2. Understand bat materials: Cricket bats are typically made with two types of willow: English willow is preferred for professional players owing to its performance, while Kashmir willow is an affordable alternative. You can decide between the two according to your game level and budget.
  3. Check bat weight: The weight of the bat is a personal choice. You need to select a bat based upon your strength and preferences and then decide if you are comfortable with the same. A well-balanced bat and one that is not too big and heavy allows for better control and lowers the risk of injuries due to muscle strain.
  4. Consider bat size: Choose a bat that compliments your height. Playing with a bat that is too small or too big will affect your performance levels.
  5. Evaluate the feel:How a bat feels is really important. Don’t pay too much attention to scale weight, edges and spines height. Its all about how a bat feels in your hands.
  6. Consider brand and models: Research for the various brands and their models according to your gaming style and budget.
  7. Test the bat: Whenever possible, physically handle the bat and test it before making a purchase.

Choosing the right bat can be quite a strenuous task, but not with VKS. Stocking some of the major brands in the world, VKS is your hot spot for the top cricket bats in the UK. Along with providing a myriad of options, VKS provides insightful guidance to help you through this process and enhance your performance.

Choosing the Best SS Ton Cricket Bats

Over the years, many brands have come forward and claimed their cricket bats to be the best. But only a few of them could stand the test of time and meet the regulatory standards that define excellence in cricket equipment. In the dynamic world of cricket, where every shot counts and precision is paramount, choosing the right cricket bat is a decision that can make a significant impact on a player’s performance.

The cricket bat market has witnessed a myriad of innovations, materials, and designs, each brand vying for the coveted title of providing the “ultimate” cricket bat. Among the sea of options, a select few brands have consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and adherence to the stringent regulations set by cricketing authorities. SS Ton is one amongst these top brands that not only say but have also produced the finest collection of bats that have been endorsed by some of the biggest players in international cricket.

The durability and longevity of SS Ton bats have made them the number one choice of professionals and amateurs alike. Crafted from premium willow, SS Ton has employed cutting-edge technologies to meet the regulatory standards. Some of the top bats in their collection include:

  1. SS Ton Reserve Edition
  2. SS Ton Laser Engraved Reserve Edition
  3. SS Ton Gold Edition
  4. SS Ton Laser Engraved Gold Edition
  5. SS Ton Players Edition
  6. SS Ton Laser Engraved Players Edition
  7. SS Ton Silver Edition
  8. SS Ton Laser Engraved Reserve Edition Junior
  9. SS Ton Vertu
  10. SS Ton Laser Engraved Gold Edition Junior
  11. SS Ton Butterfly Willow
  12. SS Ton Silver Edition Junior
  13. SS Ton Players Edition Junior
  14. SS Ton Slim Middle Training
  15. Tennis Tape Ball Cricket Bat

Ranging from £47.99 to £479.99, these SS Ton cricket bats can be purchased at the best prices from VKS, a cricket essentials store based in London, UK. By providing expert guidance and competitive prices, VKS has positioned itself as the go-to destination for cricket enthusiasts seeking top-quality SS Ton cricket bats in the UK. At VKS, we believe that quality cricket equipment should be accessible to all players, and our pricing reflects this commitment. We regularly update our inventory to ensure that we feature the latest models and innovations from SS Ton at the most competitive prices in the market.

Beyond Utility to Style: The World of Cricket Bags

Cricket is a game of precision and passion that demands specialized equipment both for professional and amateur players. While bats, gloves, and pads often take the spotlight, the unsung hero of a cricketer’s gear ensemble is the cricket bag. Beyond its utilitarian role, a cricket bag is a statement of organization, style, and practicality.

The need for a cricket bag

  1. Safekeeping cricket essentials: Whether you are a seasoned player or an aspiring one, the assortment of cricket equipment you accumulate is considerable. Leaving these essential tools unprotected can lead to damage. Therefore, a cricket bag offers a practical solution, providing a designated space for safekeeping all cricket essentials until they are called into action again.
  2. Orderly storage of cricket essentials: From batsmen to bowlers, maintaining orderliness with your cricket gear is a mark of a dedicated player. A high-quality cricket bag facilitates the orderly storage of your essentials, providing specific compartments for each piece of equipment to ensure they are kept in their designated places.
  3. Movingyour cricket arsenal: Beyond its role as a storage unit, a cricket bag is designed to move with you, carrying your cricket arsenal effortlessly. The key is to select a bag that is versatile, stylish, and durable, ensuring that your cricket essentials accompany you in both functionality and flair.

While purchasing a cricket bag, you must make sure that it is of high quality and can endure any sort of wear and tear. The quality of zippers is also an essential feature that decides the longevity of the bag. In addition to this, you need to ensure that there is enough room for ventilation within the bag so that there is no foul odour or moisture buildup.

Buying a cricket bag is no less than a crucial investment, and to ease your decision of buying the best, VKS, based in the UK, has the most exclusive collection of bags. You can easily buy cricket bags online from VKS’ website or directly from the store in London. You can choose from various high-end brands including – Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Infinity, Kookaburra, and New Balance. Also, you can decide according to your preference of shape and style, viz. wheelie bag, duffle bag, or a bag pack.

The Bat for Your next Winning Innings – SS Ton

Melding heritage with innovation, SS (Sareen Sports) stands as a highly esteemed Indian sports equipment brand. Renowned for crafting top-tier bats tailored for both domestic and global cricketing arenas, SS Ton has consistently held its position as the favoured choice among cricket enthusiasts for generations. These bats are crafted with precision and expertise, incorporating advanced technologies to enhance performance on the cricket field.

Why choose SS Ton Cricket bats?

  1. Premium quality: SS Ton cricket bats are made from top grade English willow which is crucial for the performance of the bat. Furthermore, bats from SS Ton are carefully crafted to provide optimal power, balance, and durability.
  2. Handcrafted excellence: Each SS bat is handcrafted to attain proper shape, balance, and weight distribution.
  3. Vast range of models: SS Ton offers a wide range of bat models to cater to varying batting styles and preferences. Also, the models differ in price ranges to suit amateur as well as professional players.
  4. Affordable: All the while providing high quality bats, SS takes care of various budget constraints as well. This has made the brand highly accessible for all prospective players.
  5. Endorsements: SS Ton cricket bats have been endorsed by several domestic and international players who have been seen creating histories with their SS bats.

Where to buy your SS Ton Cricket bats?

With a commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction, VKS, based in the UK, continues to be a leading force in the world of cricket equipment, ensuring that every player is equipped with a bat that not only meets but exceeds their expectations on the cricket field. VKS’s SS Ton range consists of junior as well as senior bats in various price ranges. You can choose your SS Ton cricket bat for as low as £47.99, going up to £479.99. Furthermore, VKS provides you the opportunity to seek personalized guidance in order to make an informed decision when choosing your next bat. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to assisting players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, ensuring that you not only find a bat that aligns with your playing style but also receive expert advice on factors such as weight and balance.

Cricket Bat: Crafting Cricketing Legends

Every history creating player is backed by a set of equipment that he can rely upon. In cricket, that set of equipment consists of a strong, durable, and lightweight cricket bat. This indispensable tool, often considered an extension of the player’s skill, becomes the conduit through which records are shattered and legacies are forged on the cricket field. The weight and balance of the bat, meticulously chosen to complement the player’s style, become the silent partners in every powerful stroke and well-timed defensive move. As the player steps onto the field, the cricket bat becomes more than just equipment; it transforms into a symbol of precision, power, and the unwavering commitment to the art and science of the game. In the hands of a skilled batsman, it is not just a tool to strike a ball but a medium through which cricketing history is rewritten and unforgettable moments are etched into the collective memory of fans worldwide.

Behind every iconic player is a bat crafted with precision and care. Manufacturers invest time and expertise to create bats that align with the unique playing styles of individuals. Innovations such as advanced handle technologies, sweet spot enhancements, and specialized grips contribute to the creation of bats that are not only reliable but also optimized for peak performance.

Furthermore, the weight and balance of a cricket bat are critical factors that players carefully consider. Bats are available in a range of weights, typically between 2.7 to  in excess of 3.0 pounds, allowing players to choose one that suits their strength and playing style.

As players step onto the field, their cricket bat becomes more than just a piece of equipment; it transforms into a symbol of their dedication, skill, and the countless hours spent honing their craft. The way a batsman wields their bat reflects their strategy, confidence, and the indomitable spirit of the game. Honouring their dedication towards the game, VKS, based in the UK, makes sure that each of its customers choose the bat that belongs to them. With a range of more than 10 international brands, VKS gives you the opportunity to buy cricket bats online as well as in their store in London.

Creating Legacy with MRF Cricket Bats

In the realm of cricket equipment, MRF (Madras Rubber Factory) stands out as a brand synonymous with quality, precision, and a commitment to excellence. MRF cricket bats, in particular, have gained a reputation for being the weapon of choice for many international cricketing stalwarts. As of recent, MRF cricket bats were seen endorsed by some of the greatest players like Virat Kohli during the ICC World Cup 2023.

Key Features of MRF bats:

  1. High quality: These made in India bats are known for their remarkable quality that consistently meets and often exceeds the stringent standards set by the global cricketing community, reflecting the craftsmanship and dedication to excellence that define the Indian cricket bat manufacturing industry.
  2. Innovative design: MRF bats are made using cutting edge technology and innovative designs. Keeping focus on research and development, MRF has produced specialized pieces for utmost balance and enhanced performance.
  3. Finest raw material: MRF uses both English and Kashmir willow to make its exclusive range of bats that offer a combination of strength, resilience, and power.
  4. Huge range of products: Owing to the distinguishing playing styles and preferences, MRF offers a wide range of bats. These bats differ in shape and weight to help the players maximize their performance.

Buying your next MRF cricket bats

Investing on your cricket equipment is a crucial and major decision involving a great deal of money and expertise. Whether you are an amateur playing for fun, or a professional – MRF’s range is ideal for all sorts of game. Fitting in your budgets, MRF cricket bats are sturdy and stylish. However, choosing the right bat for yourself may not be an easy task. To aid you and each of the aspiring cricketers, VKS, based in London, provides expert guidance to help you choose the right bat from amongst the best. Furthermore, you can easily shop for your MRF cricket bats from the store in London or make an informed purchase online from the website. As players at all levels aspire to elevate their game, VKS stands ready to provide them with the tools needed to make their mark on the cricketing landscape.


Choosing Your Next Cricket Bat with VKS

Cricket is a game of technique and precision. Among the various elements that contribute to the beauty of cricket, a cricket bat stands as a crucial piece of equipment that holds the power to make or break the game. Originally shaped more like hockey sticks, cricket bats have come a long way since their inception in the 17th century. They have attained a more elongated and flat shape to adapt to the demands of the modern game.

Made from willow, cricket bats are a combination of strength and resilience. Available in different sizes and weights ranging between 2.7 to 3.0 pounds, the choice of bats depends on the playing style of the cricketer and to aid this process of cricket bat selection, VKS, based in London, provides the expertise and craftsmanship needed to deliver top-notch cricket bats. Being a renowned cricket equipment supplier in the UK, we understand the importance of a well-crafted bat in a player’s performance. We offer a wide range of cricket bats in the UK, meticulously curated to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of cricketers at various skill levels.

Our premium cricket bat collection consists of:

  1. Junior cricket bats: The junior range consists of bats from various brands between £44.99 and £239.99, providing young cricketers with a diverse selection of high-quality equipment to suit their developing skills and preferences.
  2. CA: These lightweight cricket bats are known for their curved shape and are preferred for professional games.
  3. Gunn & Moore: Preferred by batsmen all around the world, Gunn & Moore bats come in several variants to match different batting styles.
  4. Infinity: Available in affordable as well as premium ranges, these hand-made bats are specifically made for all round batsmen.
  5. MRF: Made with English willow, these bats are a prominent choice amongst several eminent batsmen.
  6. Gray Nicolls: These stylish and powerful bats are a blend of traditional strength and modern techniques, suitable for diverse batting styles.
  7. Kookaburra: Made with utmost accuracy and balance, these bats are made for each and every batting style.
  8. SF Stanford: These bats are specifically made as per VKS’ requirements in terms of weight and size, making them a preferred choice for many batsmen.
  9. SS Ton: Made for batsmen who hit the ball with full force, SS Ton bats are made with top quality willow.
  10. New Balance: Its thick edges and affordable price, makes it a popular choice.

A Cricket Player’s Paradise: Best Cricket Store in the UK

Cricket is a highly professional game requiring a great deal of gear to play with. While some may suffice with a bat and ball along with wickets, a professional game requires everything from the bats to gloves to pads. However, knowing the cricket equipment does not help you in finding the best for you. Here, all you need is a professional touch. VKS, based in London is not only the best cricket store in the UK but is also the best guide to help you find what is suitable for you.

We help you choose from a range of:

  1. Professional cricket bats: From Gunn & Moore to Kookaburra, from Infinity to New Balance, we stock all the top brands to help you score your next winning innings. Also, the price range is flexible to suit your budgets.
  2. Cricket balls: From training balls to professional hard leather balls, we have something for each of your bowling styles.
  3. Cricket footwear: From Adidas to Gray Nicolls, we have the sturdy spikes to help you run between the wickets or grab that winning catch.
  4. Cricket protection: Since protection of the player is of utmost importance, we offer a wide range of cricket protection gear that includes gloves, helmets, leg pads, thigh guards, abdomen guards, arm guards, chest guards, wicketkeeping gloves and pads.
  5. Cricket clothing: From professional shirts to trousers to caps, we have everything that you might need.
  6. Cricket bags: From protecting your cricket gear to carrying them around places, these cricket bags serve you in the best possible way. We stock the trendiest and strongest bags from top brands around the world such as Kookabura and Infinity.

Serving the cricket community for more than five decades, VKS has become a reliable name in the field of cricket gear. All the while stocking the preeminent brands from across the seas, we make sure that you end up with the gear that actually belongs to you and your gaming style. Our professional staff is always open to notable guidance through this expedition of yours.

So, embark on your journey of success with the best cricket store in the UK.

The Online World of Cricket Bats: Your Shopping Guide

Cricket has always been a captivating sport that requires a great deal of skill and high-quality equipment. Amongst the essential tools to play the game, cricket bats hold the utmost importance. The best way to buy a bat will always be in person from a physical store where you can see and try out the feel of all the bats on display.For those that do not have a store nearby, many reputable stores have a fantastic online presence.

The convenience of buying your cricket bat online

  1. Wide selection: Online platformscan offer you a myriad of options from various brands from around the world at a single click.
  2. Detailed descriptions: You can easily find detailed descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews of the bats before making a purchase.
  3. Price comparison: You can scroll through different vendors to compare the prices and grab the best deals.
  4. Convenience: The major benefit of online shopping is the convenience it offers. You can buy the best cricket bat right from the comfort of your home.
  5. Availability: Whether it is late in the night or early in morning, the online store is always open to cater to your needs.

The things to consider before buying your cricket bat online

  1. Research: To make an informed decision, thoroughly go through the brands, bat models, descriptions and only buy from reputable stores that show a telephone number and address on their website. If they ask you to contact them by email only, that should raise alarm bells. Find out where they operate from and are they an authorised stockist of the brand you are buying. Remember you want to buy a bat with a manufacturers guarantee…..you do not want to find you have no recourse if you have a problem with your bat.
  2. Expert guidance: You may want to consult an expert before making a purchase. The type of cricket bat may differ according to the pitch and playing style – that can only be judged by those in the know. Contact the online store with your questions, whether this be via email or actually calling them on the phone.
  3. Size: The size of the cricket bat must be according to your height and playing position.
  4. Return policy: You may want to buy from a vendor who allows you to return/exchange the bat in case it does not meet the weight and feel you want..
  5. Budget: Determine your budget beforehand. There are many brands that can prove to be quite expensive, while there are some that provide bats in all budget ranges.

Online shopping has become a boon for the cricket enthusiasts. Offering a wide range of bats from around the globe, VKS, based in London is your ultimate stop for online shopping of cricket bats. Not only do we stock the premium bats but also provide insightful knowledge on selecting the one made for you!



Cricket World Cup 2023 – The Game that Unites!

Uniting religions and nations, the coveted Cricket World Cup trophy is back in the year 2023. Keeping up with the excitement of the cricket lovers, the series of matches leading to the esteemed trophy will take place in the diverse land of India starting from October 5 till November 19.

The Complete Overview of the Cricket World Cup 2023

  1. The 13th edition of the world cup is being hosted by India, giving India an automatic spot out of the 10 teams playing this year. However, the other nine nations had to go through a qualification process (ICC Super Leage for 7 nations, while a qualifier for Sri Lanka and Netherlands) which could not be passed by the two-time trophy winners, West Indies.
  2. The 10 teams playing against each other in a span of 46 days and 48 matches are: India, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.
  3. The matches will cover India from top to bottom with Dharamshala in the north and Chennai in the south. The various host cities for the esteemed trophy are: Dharmshala, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai.
  4. With the opening ceremony scheduled on October 4, 2023 at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, the ICC World Cup will mark a whopping arrival with the first match between England and New Zealand on the next day.
  5. The tournament will begin with round robin format where all the teams will play against each other in 45 matches, while the top four teams will meet for the semi-finals on November 15 in Mumbai, and November 16 in Kolkata.
  6. The final match will take place on November 19 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad that will decide the country that will lift the championship.

The world of cricket is ready to be captivated once again where 10 teams will vie for the acclaimed trophy. It is a reminder that cricket is not just a game but a religion that transcends boundaries and unites people. So, gear up cricket fans because the ultimate game of the year has almost arrived!

Cricket Equipment for the Win

Cricket, one of the most popular sports of the current age has a rich history. Earlier being dependent only on the talent and camaraderie of the players, now demands a great deal of good quality cricket equipment. The bat and ball game has evolved so much that each of the equipment serves the purpose of comfort and safety, along with enhancing the performance of the player.

What is the major cricket equipment every cricketer must possess?

  1. Cricket bat: This flat elongated piece of wood made from willow holds the power to decide the game. Over the years, the design and structure of bats have undergone tremendous changes to cater to various batting styles and pitch conditions. Many top brands from around the world like Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, GM and SS Ton manufacture the best quality cricket bats that are not only loved by amateurs but also by professionals.
  2. Cricket ball: This hard, leather covered ball forms the core of the game. From training balls to professional balls – these come in different colours for varying games like a test match or a limited over match.
  3. Protective gear: Every cricketer is always exposed to the risk of injury, especially the batsmen and wicketkeepers. The essential protective gear they must posess includes:
  4. Helmets: These are used to prevent the player from fast paced balls.
  5. Pads and gloves: To enhance the flexibility and comfort along with providing protection to the legs and hands, leg pads and hand gloves are a crucial gear for the batsmen.
  • Thigh guards: These are used by batsmen to protect themselves from fast paced balls.
  1. Chest guards: These are used to protect the chest and ribs, especially of the batsmen.
  2. Wicketkeeper’s gear: These include specialized gloves and leg guards to protect the wicketkeepers while standing close to the wickets.
  3. Footwear: In order to increase the grip (bowlers) and improve stability and comfort (batsmen), cricket footwear is specially designed with different types of spikes for various roles and players.

Cricket equipment is a blend of comfort and safety. From the carefully crafted wooden bats to light weight helmets, every equipment has a role to play, and understanding the need of this competitive game, VKS, based in London brings forth the most exclusive collection of cricket gear in stores as well as online.

Let us reflect the ongoing pursuit of excellence of the gentlemen’s game with the superior gear from VKS!

The Equipment for the Win: Play Cricket like a Pro

Like any other game, Cricket demands a certain set of equipment that is necessary to play the game. This equipment ensure that the game is well played and that too safely. From cricket bats to cricket gloves, there is a comprehensive list of equipment that a player must possess.

Essential Cricket equipment

  1. Cricket bat: This makes for the basic and most important cricket equipment. In fact, the whole game relies on batting. VKS, based in London, has the most alluring collection of cricket bats sourced from all over the world. These bats range from junior to senior, cheap to expensive, and amateur to professional.
  2. Cricket balls: The game of bat and ball essentially requires a good quality ball. VKS has a great collection of training as well as professional balls to ace your bowling game in no time.
  3. Cricket stumps: These three upright wooden poles hold the power to decide the game. VKS holds the training as well as professional stock of high-quality stumps at great prices.
  4. Cricket helmets: These helmets are crucial in ensuring safety of the batsman against the fast-paced balls. VKS’ collection of helmets is exclusive and consists of the finest helmets from top brands.
  5. Batting gloves: These gloves are adorned to protect the hands of the batsman and wicket keeper from fast paced balls. VKS stocks both sausage and split finger gloves in its exclusive range.
  6. Cricket footwear: The right kind of footwear ensures grip, agility, and speed of the player. With VKS, you get to choose your pair of spikes from some of the top brands around the world.
  7. Cricket bags: The cricket kit or bag is an essential equipment that ensures that all your other cricket equipment is kept safe and at one place. Also, these bags are extremely helpful in moving your cricket gear around places. VKS, has the strongest and stylish branded cricket bags that are available at the most reasonable prices.

To play the game efficiently and safely, the player must possess all this equipment, and VKS is here to help you through the buying process. From guiding you about the right choice to providing you with the biggest deals, VKS has everything in store. Moreover, you can buy all this equipment online from the website or visit our store.

The Best Batting Gloves: Protection Along with Comfort

Regarded as the gentlemans game, cricket demands skill, strategy as well as protection. Out of all the cricket equipment, cricket gloves hold significance importance in terms of safety of the batsman. They play pivotal role in safeguarding the hands of the batsman from any prospective injuries and enhance his performance on the field.

The role of batting gloves

A batsman is faced with fast, medium as well as slow paced balls. All this can have huge impact on his hands. The designing and engineering of batting gloves is such that the impact of ball is minimised. They aim to provide protection, flexibility, and comfort. Apart from this, these gloves are hugely impactful in protecting the fingers as well as wrist of the player.

The types of batting gloves

Batting gloves are broadly classified as:

  1. Sausage style gloves: These gloves have padding and protective material that extends along the entire fingers making it more like a sausage. These gloves provide maximum coverage and safeguard the player from fast bowling deliveries. However, these gloves may prove to be less flexible in the beginning limiting the natural moment of the fingers.
  2. Split finger gloves: These gloves are meant for batsman who prioritize enhanced flexibility and control along with utmost comfort. These are made especially to maintain agility and manoeuvrability needed for skilled batting. In these gloves, each finger is separated by a different compartment with its own padding and protection. These are highly efficient in enhancing the grip of the batsman.

The best batting gloves in the UK

While you may be wondering not to spend much on these gloves, but they hold great importance in protecting your hands. These gloves not only ensure a perfect game in the present but also saves you for all the future games. Hence, VKS, based in London, stocks the most efficient and high-quality batting gloves from various brands.

If you are keen on buying split finger gloves, the Gray-Nicolls range is amongst the favourites. In addition to this, the Kookaburra Kahuna batting gloves are believed to be the topmost choice of professional players.

Amongst the finest sausage gloves, we proudly stock the Kookaburra Ghost models. They are sure to provide maximum protection. You can buy all these batting gloves from £20 to £100 from our store or online from the website.

Choosing the Finest Cricket Spikes for the Ultimate Game

Cricket is a game requiring precision and comfort and the only thing that ensures this is the right cricket footwear. But normal shoes or sports shoes do not constitute to be the accurate footwear. It is specialist cricket spikes or rubbers that are known to enhance performance, comfort, and safety of the player. With more advancements in the techniques of the game, these shoes have also undergone enormous changes. From simple metal cleats to advanced and specialized footwear which is tailored to the demands of the modern game – the appropriate cricket footwear has developed many folds.

The need for cricket spikes

Cricket demands agility, precision, and power. It is only the specialized cricket spikes that provides the player with the necessary traction, stability, and grip on the pitch. These spikes also enable quick moments all the while preventing any ankle related injuries, strains, and other foot-related issues.

Finding the right pair of cricket spikes in the UK

While numerous brands offer multitude of options in cricket footwear, VKS brings forth the most exclusive collection from top brands under one roof. With the advantage of professional guidance, VKS gives you the opportunity to buy these spikes online from the website or from the store in London.

  1. Adidas: Ranging between £60 and £115, these cricket spikes are amongst the top choices of professional as well as aspiring players.
  2. Payntr: The junior as well as senior spikes are prices at an affordable £60.
  3. Gunn and Moore: Starting from £45 and ranging up to £60, these are amongst the most affordable and top-quality choices.
  4. Gray Nicholas: Ranging as low as £45, these are some of the most liked spikes based on designing and functionality.
  5. Kookabura: The exclusive range is priced between £40 to £50 for both juniors and seniors.
  6. New Balance: The high-quality cricket spikes range between £40 to £105 which is perfectly designed for professional games.

Apart from providing you selected footwear options from these top brands, VKS provides you with top quality spikes as well, and that too at the most competitive prices in the UK.

Unveiling the Best Cricket Bats in the UK

Cricket is recognized as a game of technologies, strategies, and challenges; and it is essential to possess the right cricket equipment to ace this game. Out of all the cricket gear, a cricket bat holds the most significance. It holds the power to make or break the fate of a team. This makes it crucial to decide on the perfect cricket bat with utmost care.

VKS: Your ultimate stop for the finest,defined, and most reasonably priced cricket bats

Whilst you may be wandering around to find your ideal wand for the gentlemans game, VKS, based in London, lets you shop some of the best bats online via the website and at our state of the art store in London. All our cricket bats are carefully chosen keeping in mind the quality and pricing. Our website is easy to use and help is just a phone call or email away……for a more personal shopping experience, you can visit the store or take professional guidance and not leave your winning inning to any chance. Its collection of bats includes:

  1. CA: The famous curved shaped bats from Pakistan are made from grade 1 English willow which defines its smoothness and precision.
  2. Gunn and Moore: These English willow bats are amongst the top preferences by some of the greatest cricketers internationally.
  3. Infinity:These handmade cricket bats are the top most choice for all round cricketers. Its exclusive variety ranges from reserve to extreme.
  4. MRF:The famous lightweight bats from India are known for their quality, precision designing, and durability.
  5. Gray Nicholls: Creating bats in array of designs to suit players with diverse batting styles, these bats have always been a favourite among professional players as well as amateurs.
  6. Kookaburra: These bats from Australia come in myriad of options to suit different batting styles and pitches.
  7. SF Stanford: These bats offer the most premium batting experience at the best prices.
  8. SS Ton: A preferred choice by the batsman using full force, these bats are known for their strength and quality.
  9. New Balance: These bats are infamous for their massive profile, stunning looks, and thick edges.

VKS also has a considerable range of junior cricket bats and fully knocked in cricket bats that are amongst the top cricket bats in the UK.