Premium Cricket Footwear At Affordable Prices

Any sports activity needs the extreme use of the legs, feet and ankle under difficult circumstances as the sport may demand. A proper selection of footwear that befits the sport you are playing goes a long way in the protection and maintenance of the feet as well as the legs. Cricket shoes are designed in a way that absorbs huge stress put on the feet and also withstand the burst of movement and pressure which is often the case while playing. It also ensures comfort to the feet and enables increased performance for the player.

One has to choose wisely while selecting the footwear for any sport. Like other sports, cricket has its own special footwear that are uniquely designed to protect from injuries due to running, twisting, jumping and diving, etc. Cricket is a game that involves long hours of being on the field. It also demands a lot of running around which increases the risk of skidding and falling down often. Hence cricket shoes are layered with spiked soles that latches on to the ground firmly while the player is running between the wickets, while fielding or taking a catch, etc.

There are many prominent brands that make the best and durable shoes for cricket like Adidas, Kookaburra, Payntr, Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicholls, New Balance and more which are the preferred international brands worn by professional cricketers of all nations. There are many parts with different materials that goes into the product. The uppers are a combination of polyurethane and pvc leather with added meshing for air circulation on some models. These are thickly padded with soft cotton or polyester layers with netted inners. The bottom sole has pvc or rubber spikes and metal studs that provides additional grip and the inside sole has a cushioned layer for absorbing the shock and retain the buoyancy.

There are different cricket footwear for different playing potions. There are the batting shoes, bowling and fielding shoes which differ slightly in how the shape, padding, spikes and weight are designed based on the role, movement and stress levels expected out of that position.

The best cricket shoes are available at, the complete cricket store in London. Attractively priced from £40 up to £140, the shoes comes in all sizes from junior to senior level and for different playing positions. The store is a treasure trove for cricketers looking to buy cricket equipments and accessories under a single roof. Check out now for the best deals on offer.

Different Bats For Different Styles

Batting in cricket is the dominant position envied by all and the batter enjoys a demigod status by any cricket fan. That is because the batter needs a lot of technique, power and strength to withstand the bowling assault especially the pace bowlers. They should be fearless against fast bowlers and cunning against spin bowlers. They should have extraordinary skill as they have only one chance to get runs in an innings and use it wisely. A well selected bat, thus makes sure that whatever the skill employed by the batter it is executed one hundred percent.

There are many types of bats from many international brands that produce high quality cricket bats that are used by professional cricketers for their success. Some of the famous brands one can get for as low as £79.99 for the junior sizes up to £799.99 and above for premium willow senior grade bats. Get your pick from among the superb collection at

CA – £100 to £400

The best of the lot made by CA which is based in Pakistan, is a handcrafted wonder created from English willow. The bats are curved for that extra power and is an official supplier for Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland etc. The models are CA Plus, 3000, 5000, 10000, 12000, 15000 at different price levels.

Gunn & More – £85 to £550

The most sucessful brand in cricket bats with the logo GM prominently displayed, are used by all the batting greats of past and present. The company was founded in 1885 by an English batsman and has models like the Hypa, Kryos, Prima, Sparq, Diamond and Brava for different styles of play.

Infinity – £120 to $449

The perfectly balanced Infinity bats are designed for every player in the team including the all rounders, as they have a large sweet spot area to get the perfect shot. The models include Reserve, Platinum, Silver and Extreme with a price point to meet every budget.

MRF – £180

Famed for its light weight, durable and precision wood work, these bats are made with special willow woods that guarantee superlative performance. One of the top bat manufacturers, their bats are used by famous cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Steve Waugh, who have itched their name in the half of fame.

Gray Nicholls – £74 to £800

The number one choice of great batters of the game, it exudes power and strength that are matchless. Made of premium English Willow and Kashmir Willow, these bats are made to perfection. They have an array of models like the Alpha, Hypernova, Legend and Classic, every piece a masterclass.

Visit VKS sports at London today or checkout for the right brand at an affordable price range that suits your budget but not compromise your performance.

Sunglasses For The Best Protection

Among the cricketing accessories, sunglasses are the least talked about, but are one of the most important of all protective items. This is especially true because the game of cricket is often played in the day time. Except for a some of the T20 format games, all others formats include playing in the sun for the full game like a Test match or partly like the day and night One Day Internationals.

There are many reasons a player needs a sunglass in a day match. First and foremost being the glare preventing the fielder from losing sight of a lofted ball while it is coming towards them. The chances of a misfield leading to more runs, or even a preventable boundary is more. But more importantly, the missing of a catch is considered a sin. Everybody knows that catches win matches and no fielder want take a chance of going in without a good pair of sunglases.

The sunglasses are not an object of fashion but a very useful gear on the field. Cricket shots are often lofted ones which goes up in the air which will be difficult to sight against the back drop of sun rays. Another problem is catching the ball  for a run out attempt, when a distant fielder throw the ball, it will be on an higher altitude before landing.

Cricket sunglasses protects players eyes from extreme heat affecting their eyes and helps them concentrate better on the field. Few other benefits of wearing a sunglass are preventing dust getting in the eye if the weather is windy, stops small flies getting in to the eye, as the cricket ground is grassy and hosts small creatures in abundance.

Sports glasses are made of polycarbonate, which are high impact resistant lens and comes with ultraviolet ray protection. These are light weight, water resistant, very durable, provides high optical clarity and comes in easy to wear wrap around style so it doesn’t fall while running, bending,jumping and falling in a hurry.

If you are a cricketer from London, VKS sports is the place to checkout for amazing cricket sunglasses best suited for you. The sunwise range of glasses comes in interchangeable lens to suit different weather conditions, very comfortable to wear, has trendy colour combinations, scratch proof and comes in different lens shapes and sizes that fits perfectly to your face. VKS Sports is a specialist cricket store, who sell premium accessories that are known for their quality and durability. Get your pair of cricket sunglasses now at and be secure.

Get All The Clothing You Need For Cricket Here

Like other cricket equipment and accessories, the clothing you wear for cricket matters. Like other sports, cricket has its own set of clothing rules, colours, etc., which has to be strictly followed if one has to play a first class match. The standard colour is all white trousers and shirts. Coloured team jerseys are allowed for ODI and T20 formats. The original cotton pant and shirt with full length button gave way to more comfortable polyester and knitwear which are more stretchable and light weight. Below are the main clothing items you will need for a game of comfortable cricket.

Cricket Shirts

The cricket shirts are either full sleeve or short sleeve, one can choose depending on the weather conditions of the day. Predominantly in white colour and are also sold in various team colours, including the team logo, individual names and numbers, sponsors logo, etc. The shirts comes in various sizes for junior to senior players viz., small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. These are made of fine Climacool knit fabric which absorbs sweat easily and are airy. Famous brands of shirts include Gray Nichols, Infinity, Kookaburra, GM, etc., designed for men and women fittings.

Cricket Trousers

The stretchable pants are made of cotton and polyester mix, usually in full length which is the official code. The trousers are bit thicker than the shirts so it is less prone to tearing off when one falls or skids in the ground. The fabrics are again polyester blend, light and Climacool for comfort. The pant also comes with and without pockets, an elastic waist band, etc. The pant comes in plain or with team or sponsor logo. Sizes and fitting vary for individuals and according to gender. Gray Nichols, Adidas, Infinity and Kookaburra are some of the quality brands one can buy online.

Cricket Sweaters

The sweaters are used while one is playing in the winter season. It protects the players from harsh cold wind especially in English conditions. Made of wool or acrylic material, they come in half or full sleeve, usually with a colour pattern around the V neck. It keeps the player cozy and comfortable during the game.

Cricket Socks

These are soft and cushioned leg wear which absorbs sweat and keeps the feet dry. Unlike office wear socks, these are thicker and more comfortable for running on the field.

Get your style of cricket clothing from, the authentic place for everything associated with the game of cricket. The clothing items are original and long lasting with a perfect fit for every player. At VKS Sports you can get clothing for every team colour you would like to sport. Visit and order your choice of clothing now.

The Biggest Cricketing Event Has Just Ended – T20 World Cup 2022

The once in two year cricketing extravaganza is over with scintillating performances, up and downs, lows and highs, holding the fans in nerve wrecking last ball deciders. The famed two time champion West Indies didn’t even make it to the super 12. A couple of last ball finishes between India – Pakistan and Zimbabwe – Pakistan, both lost by Pakistan, are seat edge stuff. The rain played spoil sport with delight and dismay for teams who scraped through and lost big. Many upsets made favourite title contenders Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa go back to their drawing rooms to rewrite their future strategies.

The T20 World Cup 2022 was played in Australia from 16th October to 13th November 2022. An epic finale between a strong England and the unpredictable Pakistan who scraped through with two losses in their initial games and fought their way in to the decider. In the end a well balanced and consistent England lifted the trophy for the second time, which they absolutely deserved. A fitting finale for the month long action packed cricketing event, every cricket fan’s delight.

T20 World Cup Finals and Winners So Far

Below are the list of finals played up to 2022 and the winners of those matches.

Year     No. Of Teams              Host Country              Winner            Runner Up

2007                12                    South Afirca                India                Pakistan

2009                12                    England                       Pakistan          Sri Lanka

2010                12                    West Indies                England           Australia

2012                12                    Sri Lanka                     West Indies    Sri Lanka

2014                16                    Bangladesh                 Sri Lanka         India

2016                16                    India                            West Indies    England

2021                16                    UAE/Oman                 Australia         New Zealand

2022                16                    Australia                     England           Pakistan

T20 Cricket World Cup – A Brief History

T20 also known as twenty twenty,  is a format of  the cricket game where twenty overs per team is allowed play against another team. The other two formats of the game are test matches played for five days comprising of two innings for each team and ODI, one day international where 50 overs per team is allowed to play. The longer formats of the game was attracting lesser crowd and there was a need to attract the younger generation and create new fans for the game. Thus T20 was introduced in the year 2002 in England between county teams. The first international T20 game was played between New Zealand and Australia in 2005. The official T20 Men’s World Cup was played in the year 2007 in South Africa with 12 teams. It was also decided that the T20 World Cup will be played once in two years with an exception to advance the T20 World Cup Final to the previous year if there is another Cricket World Cup event taking place in the scheduled year. The number of teams was expanded to 16 in 2014.

Teams Played In The T20 World Cup 2022 In Australia

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Scotland, South Africa, UAE, Zimbabwe and West Indies.

Rules & Regulations For T20 World Cup

Apart from the existing cricketing rules for T20 game, some new rules are introduced from 2022.

There is a ban to use saliva to shine the ball.

The “Mankad” rules has become official and categorized as a run out.

A new batsman coming in to the game after the one playing got out, the new batsman will be the striker even though the batsman who got out has crossed to other side for a run.

No deliberate movement of players allowed during the time a bowler is running in to bowl. This will result in a dead ball and five runs awarded to the batting team.

A dead ball will be considered if the bowler throws the ball to the strike for a run out, if the striker attempts to position himself by walking down from the crease.

A part of the batsman’s body or the bat should be within the pitch. If the batter moves out of the pitch it will considered a dead ball.

A forceful movement of the batter out of the pitch is considered a no ball.

Get The Same Cricket Gears Your Players Use During World Cup Australia 2022

VKS Sports supplies all the leading brands of cricket gear and equipment that are used by professional international players in the World Cup 2022 which ended in Australia. Use the same high quality bats, ball, gloves, pads, team jerseys, etc., delivered right at your door step from and replay the actions of your favourite cricketing heroes.


Everything About Cricket – What To Look For In A Cricket Store

A great cricket store is one that caters to all things cricket all year round. Whether its bats, helmets, pads or bags everything should be there and in stock. There are a lot of sports stores that sell a variety of sports equipment but most lack the depth and selection when it comes to cricketing equipment and accessories. It is good to choose a store which has a widedisplay for cricket enthusiasts.

What To Look For In A Cricket Store

Cricket Clothing – Cricket clothing is an important item in a Cricket Store. They should have  Shirts, Trousers, Inner wear, Socks, Sweaters and Caps/Hats and baselayers.

Cricket Bats – A range of English Willow and Kashmir Willow bats in sizes 0 toH with small mens, short handle and long blade options. The Cricket Store should be able to offer repair services and have the facility to offer a knocking in service also known as seasoning. This is good because the bat is then ready to use and saves time on preparing the bat at home. A good collection of bats will include best known brands such as CA, Gunn & Moore, Infinity, MRF, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, SF Stanford, SS Ton, New Balance, Adidas, Keeley. These are professional play cricket bats.

Cricket Ball – Quality cricket balls for playing as well as training for eg., VKS Cricket Balls, Dukes and Training Incrediball, etc.

Cricket Protection Kits – The Cricket Store should have all the cricket protection kits like batting and wicket keeping pads, batting and  keeping gloves with inners, cricket helmets, strippers, thigh guards, chest guards, abdomen guards and arm guards. Major brands of protective kits are Gray Nichols, Kookaburra, VKS, Aero, Omtex, GM, Infinity, Gunn & Moore, etc. These brands are made of high quality materials and preferred choice of coaches and players.

Cricket Footwear – The Cricket Store should have cricket footwear of major brands and colours to match the cricket clothing. Cricket footwear also varies for bats man and bowlers with spikes at the bottom for better running. Gray Nichols, Payntr, Adidas, Kookaburra, New Balance are popular brands for Cricket Store to keep.

Cricket Bags – A reasonable variety of cricket bags with storage compartments for different items is a must have item. The cricket bag makes sure the player does not miss out on any of their favourite items while going for the practice or a game. Junior bags, duffle bags and wheelie duffle bags are whats in demand these days.

Cricket Accessories – The Cricket Store must have other cricket accessories like stumps, bails, bat cover, wrist and head bands, score books, cricket nets, bowling machines, which makes the store complete.

VKS is the one of the most popular and well known Cricket Stores in the UK for buying all the branded cricket equipment under a single roof. The staff at VKS Cricket Store are cricket enthusiasts and have in depth understanding of the game of cricket and can guide aspiring cricketers on the selection of cricket gear best suited for their style of play.



Whether You Are A Beginner Or A Professional Cricket Player, We Have The Right Cricket Bat For You

The One Stop Shop For All Your Batting Needs

The Mighty Cricket Bat

A Cricket Bat is not some randompiece wood with a handle to hold and swing. Today’s Cricket bats are made of special wood from a variety of timber aka salix alba, which is commonly referred to as the English Willow Wood and the other variety Kashmir Wood. Both woods have their own distinctive quality and vary in how theyperforms as a Cricket Bat. English Willow is lighter in colour and weighs less whereas the Kashmir Willow is brown and tends to be heavier. Though there are variations on colour and strength, the cricket bat has a standard measurement of 38 inches length and 4.25 inches width. As a leading Cricket Shop in the UK, VKS has all the famous Cricket Bats made to perfection to suit your style of batting.

Selecting The Right Cricket Bat

Cricket Bat selection plays a critical role for a professional batsman or batswoman because the right Cricket Bat enables him/her to execute their stroke as intended. A wrong selection of Cricket Bat more often frustrates the batsman or batswoman as there will be disconnect between the intent and the result. There are two choices in selecting a Cricket Bat, heavier one or lighter one. A heavier Cricket Bat generates more thrust on its own while hitting the ball and sends the ball faster to its destination whereas a lighter Cricket Bat needs more power generated by the player. A batsman or batswoman needs to know which one is comfortable for them to play with and practice with that for perfection.

The Feel Of Power In Every Stroke

Every Cricket player knows what it feels like playing a shot with the ideal Cricket bat. One can feel the sound of the willow hitting the leather ball and knows instantly that the purpose of the stroke is accomplished. A rightly chosen Cricket Bat not only sends the ball in the right direction, but also gives enormous confidence for the player holding it.

A Variety Of Cricket Bats To Choose From

There are a variety of companies who manufacture high quality Cricket Bats which are the preferred for professional cricketers and amateurs as well. Some of the top brands who make Cricket Bats include Gray Nichols, Kookaburra, SS Ton, SG, MRF, Infinity, New Balance, Keeley, Adidas, Gunn & Moore, CA, SF Stanford. VKS is the leading sellers for all the above brands in UK, with direct procurement from brands in bulk and hence can offer very attractive prices. As an exclusive Cricket equipments outlet in UK, VKS can help you select the right Cricket Bat with our deep knowledge on the subject.


With The Right Equipment, Practice Makes A Player Perfect!

For any sports, dedicated practice is the key to being a master of it. But practice needs proper equipmentwhich support the activity to perfect it. For a game like cricket there are innovative pieces of cricket equipment which help players practice their chosen skill whether it is batting or bowling, wicket keeping and fielding. There are some categories defining their role which is detailed below.

Playing Equipment

Cricketing equipments are designed to enhance the players need for improvement in special areas. There are a host of cricketing equipment productswhich are a must for any aspiring cricketer. Basic cricketing playing equipments are the bat, ball, stumps, batting grips, cricket shoes, socks, wrist and head bands to arrest and absorb sweat.

A game of cricket can be played only with these equipment items too.

Protective Equipment

Professional cricket, however, needs special protective pieces of equipment because the ball is made of hard leather and when bowled by a fast bowler it can reach up to 150 kmph which is a real force to deal with. Safety equipments viz., cricket glove, pad, helmet, shin guard, thigh guard and abdomen guards, etc. are specially made to help prevent injuries for the batsman and wicket keeper. These protective equipments differ according to the players role i.e., the pads are different for batting and wicket keeping, similarly the glove and helmets also differ. These equipments or gears as it is also called are used and tested during practice so as to find ones comfort with the type of equipment they are confident with for the real game.

Ground Equipment

These are practice equipments categorized as ground equipments such as cricketing nets, bowling machine, playing mat, batting tee, etc. These ground equipments plays an important role for eg., a lot of cricket nets can be arranged in part of the ground so that ball, when hit, is stopped from traveling far so there is no need for a field to run around. The cricket net can be set up even at home for batsmen to practice whenever they wish. Likewise the bowling machine which comes with adjustable speed and spin is a very useful equipment for batting practice.

Physical Training Equipments

Apart from the playing equipments there are the physical exercise equipments like dumb bells, weights, stretchers, twisters, etc. These equipments are specialized and designed for cricket players which emphasize on strengthening muscles, wrists, knees, arms, legs and fitness for specific skills like batting, bowling, increase stamina, faster reflex, running, stretching, etc. Cricket is an outdoor physical game which requires the body in perfect shape and strength.

Best Place to Buy All Your Cricketing Equipments

For any cricketer in UK, a visit to is a must, to get their favourite brand of all the cricket equipment under a single roof. VKS Sports is an excellent store known for their quality sports equipments with exclusive collection of cricket wear, cricket gears and accessories.

Buy Affordable Cricket Footwear Under £60

Sports footwear plays a significant role while playing cricket or tennis or other related sports. It is because donning appropriate shoes for particular sports activities helps in better performance, exudes comfort, and majorly, combat injuries. Also, sports place significant pressure on the feet, legs, and ankles. Thus, it becomes quite crucial to pick the right cricket footwear. Here’s the list of top choices for pocket-friendly cricket footwear available for under £60. Read on!

Kookaburra KC 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoe: All-new edition of spike cricket shoes from the house of Kookaburra. It provides the utmost comfort and grip to your feet while playing out in the field. These shoes are suited for all around cricketers. Furthermore, the durability and airflow mesh design make it effectively breathable and light in weight. Priced at  £49.99, they offer padded heels and ankles for increased support.

Adidas Howzat Spike Cricket Shoe: Another spike cricket shoe by Adidas that offers essential support to all-rounders at an affordable price. The midsole cushioning offers effective grip and comfort for playing those long innings. adiPRENE provides shock absorption that protects feet from injuries. Priced at £59.99, this cricket shoe serves as the best buy for your daily cricket grind.

Payntr V Rubber Cricket Shoes (All White): The latest collection by Payntr offers flexibility, durability, and extended comfort to your feet. Priced at £69.99, the shoe renders high performance and stylish looks. In addition, it has responsive padding around the ankle that ensures support and safety. For better traction, it has a rubber sole too.

GM Original Spike Cricket Shoe (Navy/Yellow): Priced at only £49.99, the Gunn & Moore Shoe are perfectly designed to help you run faster between the wickets or while fielding. It further goes well with both even and uneven surfaces.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your favourite pair of shoes at VKS. Besides cricket footwear, the portal rolls out an extensive range of products comprising clothing, accessories, bags, security gear, tennis, bats, balls, etc. Buy top-quality products that offer durability and comfort at competitive prices. The brand offers both offline and online platform to cater the ever-rising demands for sports products.

Buy Cricket Clothing Online Under £30

VKS have led the way as cricket specialsits since 1973. Based in West London the Bond Street store has been a haven for cricket gear since the 1970s, but its modern interiors and expert staff make every trip an enjoyable one.

The extensive range of unparalleled cricket equipment makes it the first choice for individual players, clubs, corporates, and cricket lovers spread in different parts of the world. This article acquaints you with the several options to pick as cricket clothing online products all under (only) £30. Read on!

  1. Gray Nicolls Velocity Cricket Trousers: For every sport, clothing holds a significant role. Therefore, wearing comfortable attire becomes extremely essential. Gray Nicolls trousers exude style and comfort. Styled with a narrower fit, these are made with durable polyester fabric. Besides its, elastic waistband, two side pockets, and fine hem, these trousers are available in various sizes. Also, these are stocked in white with an ivory trim. Lastly, these are priced at only £22.99.
  2. Horizon Test Cricket Sock: For better performance, pick Horizon socks. Perfect fit, essential comfort, and required support, this pair of socks fall under only £14. The quality of the article is something to vouch for. Even after multiple washes, it gives the same feel and vibe. Ultra-soft and cushioned feel of these socks make long days at play easy and get-going.
  3. Fleece Long Sleeve Cricket Sweater: Long sleeve sweater to keep you warm while playing your favorite sport. Priced at £29.99, the clothing article is made of micro-knit polyester fabric with anti-pill microfleece. The modern design offers added comfort on and off the field. It further provides easy body movements and a relaxed experience.

So, if you’re looking for the best cricket clothing online and that too at budgeted prices, then VKS is the place to be! So, if you are intending to buy cricket equipment, bats, balls, clothing, shoes, accessories, or safety gear, get them from VKS. The premium quality product at the most competitive prices. Also, you can browse through effective range of designs and sizes. Thus, shop in-store or order online at and also get fabulous discounts.

5 Popular Cricket Batting Gloves Under £50

Batting gloves are one of the most important parts of a cricket kit. These gloves protect players from any sort of injury to their hands, wrists, and fingers. Thus, batting gloves help as shock absorbers, improve your grip and help to protect your hands whilst batting. So, if you’re looking to pick the best among the lot, we’ve curated a list of top-choice and pocket-friendly cricket gloves available for under £50. Read on!

New Balance DC880 Batting Gloves: Priced at £47.99, the branded pair of gloves are widely used amongst experienced as well as beginners. Besides safety, it ensures better grip and support to fingers and wrists. It contains soft padding both inside and outside the surface. Lastly, it offers easy mobility and flexibility to the hands.

Kookaburra Ghost 3.1 Batting Gloves: Priced at £39.99, these gloves exude quality and style. Offering the finest protection, it offers a split-finger design for additional flexibility, mobility, and comfort. Also, sheep leather palms provide durability while super density foam renders substantial protection.

Gray Nicolls Ultimate 350 Batting Gloves: Priced at £33.99, the Flexi finger design, offers superior protection with super flex for comfort and ease. Furthermore, it has a tri-layer design – diffuser foam, vapor foam, and fiber shield. PU grade leather palm, and shield EVA for effective protection.

Infinity Platinum Batting Gloves: Priced at £39.99, get these stylish gloves that offer flexibility and essential levels of protection. It is lightweight and extends effective grip and support to your wrists and hands. Padded inner panels provide added comfort and ease.

SS Ton Test Lite Batting Gloves: Priced at £44.99, it is a lightweight glove that offers excellent mobility, protection, and comfort. Made from top-notch quality leather for additional support. Furthermore, leather palms consist of ventilation holes that make them even more smooth and airy.

So, here are the top picks of cricket gloves you can under £50. Besides cricket gloves, VKS based in the UK, offers a range of cricket bats, cricket protection, cricket balls, cricket footwear, cricket bags, cricket clothing, accessories, tennis, and much more. They provide quality products at reasonable prices through both offline and online stores.

Buy Top-Quality Cricket Bat Under £200

Choosing the right cricket bat can be a tedious task, especially when you’re not really aware of what exactly you should pick. Using top-notch quality willow designed immaculately with the finest precision, bats are usually made to conquer the win on the cricket pitch. Popular world cricketers like Steve Smith, Joe Root, and others use branded bats to play those powerful knocks in international matches. VKS offer a spectrum of cricket bats that are widely used amongst seasoned and budding cricketers. Here’s the list of top choices for affordable cricket bats available under £200. Read on!

GM Diamond 606 Cricket Bat: Made in the UK and endorsed by Ben Stokes, this serves as the perfect entry-level English willow bat. It is further made with an L540 blade design that makes it ultra-dynamic and powerful. It offers great balance and a large swell area. Priced at only £124.99, it is carefully built by weight and grain structure. Lastly, it is well-fitted with a protective sheet.

New Balance TC 660 Cricket Bat: As used by England captain Joe Root, this bat rolls out a huge profile, appealing look, and thick corners/edges. Prepared from English willow and precisely tested by VKS, it ensures power performances. Priced at £159.99, these are available in an appealing colour scheme chrome, red and black.

Infinity Pridigy Cricket Bat: Priced at only £139.99, it is surely a value-for-money bat. Furthermore, the willow bat is available in different weight – light, medium, and heavy. It is further made with a full profile to offer willow to the batsmen to knock those power shots and all-around stroke play. Next, it offers effective levels of ping and performance.

MRF Genius Bullet Cricket Bat: Priced at £199.99, the MRF brand is synonymous with class, durability, and excellence. With a full profile, thick edges, and flat face, it has a natural finish willow. Also, it is complemented with a full-length padded MRF bat cover.

Gray Nicolls Alpha GEN 1.0 200 Cricket Bat: Priced at £109.99, this GN bat is created to offer a perfect balance of power, performance, and pickup. It is a 200-grade English willow and has a special finish for additional protection. Moreover, it is lightweight and offers an effective grip.

The VKS UK offers a massive variety of sports products involving cricket bats, cricket protection gear, cricket balls, cricket bags, clothing, tennis accessories, and much more. Every product is offered at competitive prices so that every cricket enthusiast can fulfil their aspirations. So, don’t wait further, meet your sports needs through VKS offline and online store.

5 Best & Easy-to-Pull Wheelie Cricket Bags

A spacious and well designed kit bag is what every cricketer looks for. Furthermore, a good cricket kit bag keeps your bat and gear well managed, so that when you need something, you can get to it quickly. Today, we are discussing the latest range of wheelie style bags that are easy to pull and offer ample space to fit all the your essential cricketing gear. Moreover, these bags offer functionality, durability, colors, style and value for money. Check out the best and easy to drag wheelie bags. Read on!

Kookaburra Pro 3.0 Wheelie Bag: This is one of the best bags rolled out by the top-notch brand of cricket equipment. It is substantially spacious and easy to carry as it has wheels on it. Furthermore, this edition of the Kookaburra cricket bag is priced at only £55.99. It offers sections for cricket bats, pads, helmets or footwear. The design and shape are flexible enough when it is put in use. Lastly, it is effectively durable and strong.

New Balance TC560 Wheelie Bag: If you’ve too much love for cricket, it equally extends to your cricket kit bag too. This junior bag is stylish and durable alongside along with a cool colour combination. It will make you feel confident while carrying your cricket gear in the bag and wheeling it to your practice sessions. With several compartments and light in weight, this bag is designed with effective storage space. Also, it is priced at mere £36.99.

GM 707 Wheelie Cricket Bag – 2022: It is a premium quality kit bag integrated with an all-terrain wheelie system. Made with heavy-duty polyester material, the cricket kit bag has a zipped lid pocket and room for individual customization. In addition, it is a perfect pick for senior and junior players. Priced at only £49.99, it belongs to the house of a rust-proof GM designer zips bag.

Infinity IXN 500 Wheelie Bag: Check out this amazing medium-sized wheelie bag with several compartments. Priced at £54.99, it offers a removable padded base. Besides it, the bag provides added stability with a padded pull handle for effective comfort. It has 2 large pockets with a D design opening for easy and quick storage.

Adidas XT 2.0 Wheelie Duffle Cricket Bag: Adidas itself is synonymous with comfort and utmost style, and this bag features nothing less. Priced at £63.99, the bag offers great value and a versatile design. In addition to strong and durable wheels, the bag has several compartments for significant storage.

If you’re looking for any of the bags listed above, you can check them out on our website or at our store in London. We carry all the latest cricket bats and equipment, so give us a call, come and see us or order online!




5 Top-Notch & Budget-Friendly Cricket Shoes Available Online

Cricket is one of the most-loved sports across the globe. Besides its thrilling events, the demand for cricket gear is also in abundance. Typically, cricket shoes are the prime eye-catchers. Furthermore, cricket shoes are reckoned for the technology adopted to develop their design and formation. In addition, it is the sole of the cricket show that makes it different from other kinds of sporting shoes.

Well, just imagine a cricketing show that provides no or less cushioning, and a player delivers a speeding Yorker, it hits a toe at 160kmph. Ah! It hurts bad. That’s the major reason why cricketing shoes must be designed immaculately keeping in view the superior performance. Moreover, it should protect the toes and feet from bruises and other injuries. In short, from running, jumping, walking, sprinting, to every movement, it should be highly conducive to feet.

Furthermore, if you’re planning to purchase cricket shoes online, here’s VKS’ top-quality and budget-friendly list under £100. Read on!

Payntr Pimple V Rubber Cricket Shoes: Priced under £50, this shoe rolls out comfort and utmost flexibility. It is a perfect running shoe with the effective traction of a traditional rubber sporting shoe. Moreover, it ensures protection, grip, and support through responsive padding across the ankle. Also, the Honeycombe insole gives softening to the foot arch. Get this high-performance shoe at a pocket-friendly price.

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Rubber Shoes 2022 Range: Another durable pick for the cricketing shoe, it is also priced below £50. Gray Nicolls is quite a popular brand in best-quality rubber shoes. Besides it, the shoe guarantees utmost comfort through its lightweight structure. Rubber offers superior traction while torsion technology lends the required stability. If you’re looking for both indoor and outdoor usage, this should be your ideal purchase!
Adidas Adipower Vector Cricket Shoe: Conforming to an ultimate standard of excellence, this shoe is just perfect for both bowlers and batsmen. Furthermore, it is particularly developed to comprehend the extremum forces applied in bowling. Available in different sizes, it offers excellent traction, comfort, and the right support. Interestingly, it is curated in association with the successful bowler, Jimmy Anderson. Lastly, it is priced at below £90.

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Rubber Shoes – Junior 2022 Range: Priced at a mere £40, this intriguing junior range of cricketing shoes is extremely lightweight and high on comfort. A combination of white, black, and red, adds an extra appeal to the shoe. It has enough cushioning to avoid any sort of bruises or injuries.

Adidas 22yds Cricket Shoes: One of the best cricketing shoes for the year. A fabulous design from Adidas. It is an ideal pick for a running shoe and the added advantage makes it just perfect for cricket. Furthermore, 22yds is the right choice for modern-day batsmen. It renders comfort and extreme grip required for hours. Priced under £90, the full rubber traction outsole helps to carry out those net practice or hard pitch sessions.

So, if you’re looking for top-quality cricket shoes online at the most affordable prices, VKS is your spot to explore. From cricket bats, balls, clothing, footwear, protection gear to bags, the platform offers it all. Tune in now and start shopping!

5 Reasons Why VKS is the Best Cricket Shop in London

It’s been just over 49 years since VKS began selling cricket equipment in London. From its beginnings, VKS has now become a household name when it comes to cricket equipment in the UK and overseas. We cater to all the needs from amateur to professional players, clubs, and corporates. Henceforth, we successfully gained recognition and goodwill for our expert advice and service. In the frenzied space of cricket, we continue to sustain the level of commitment to quality in whatever we offer.

So, here are 6 reasons why VKS is the best cricket shop in London.

All the top gear under one roof

At VKS, we offer every essential piece of equipment to build or upgrade your cricket kit. We have a wide range of cricket bats, cricket balls, batting pads, batting gloves, thigh guards, abdo guards, helmets, cricket bags, cricket footwear, and much more. Besides it, we have accessories stumps, bat grips, wickets, nets, etc. So, you just name it and we have it.

Top-notch Brands

We believe in rendering our customers the best of all worlds. Therefore we roll out products from the top brands including Gray Nicolls, Adidas, MRF, Aero, Infinity, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, CA, SS Ton, and much more.

New & Upgraded Inventory

We take pride to place our company amongst the first ones to list new and upgraded products hailing from top brands. Also, we ensure our customers are able to place a pre-order for upcoming equipment such as a limited-edition bat, etc. Yes, you can be the first one to swank them!

Both Online & Offline Store Available

VKS caters to both kinds of shoppers – those who prefer online as well as those who like to step out and purchase from a typical brick-and-mortar store. Also, our experts are available to guide or suggest to you in every way you want to purchase.

Discounts & Offers

At VKS, we’re pleased to offer the best deals and great discounts across almost every range of products. We pull out sales every year in which you can avail whopping discounts as low as 60% of the basic price.

So, here are the reasons why you should turn up to VKS and purchase your cricketing gears. We, at VKS, seek immense pleasure while serving our customers with the best quality products at competitive prices.


Buy Cricket Equipment in the UK for Under £100

It is an undeniable fact that skill or talent contributes the most to building a good cricketer. However, the function of essential equipment in one’s performance can never be ignored. The correct cricket bat equips batsmen with all that’s needed to reach his full potential at the crease. Furthermore, decent cricket spike shoes can assist a bowler to keep control of his or her footwork when coming into to bowl. Besides it, a sturdy and spacious cricket bag ensures that a player’s cricket equipment is stored safely and transported conveniently. Therefore a decent set cricket gear definitely compliment a cricketer’s performance.

Moreover, when we talk about good and branded products we at VKS certainly stock the very beat at all price points. We fers top-quality products at competitive prices. Also, we well cater to the cricketing requirements of amateur to professional players while offering a myriad of choices.

Here is the list of popular cricket equipment that you can buy at VKS for under £100.

Dukes Crown Prince Cricket Ball: Priced at a mere £28.99, Dukes is the leading brand dealing in cricket balls. This ball is completely hand sewn and is made of the finest-quality English Alum tanned leather, rendering a traditional finish. It is absolutely suitable for high-level league cricket series lasting 50 overs and above.

CA Plus 3000 Cricket Bat: Priced at £99.99, a classic CA cricket bat is all you need to knock those long-power shots. Offering great value for money, the bat is just perfect to serve as an entry-level model. Also, it has a thick profile with minimum concaving. The bat gives a good pick-up that makes the bat lighter and easier to lift.
GM Diamond Original Batting Gloves: Priced at £84.99, these batting gloves are made with XRD for ultimate protection. Besides it, these pair of gloves give better grip while holding a bat, thus they’re significant to hit those power-pack boundaries.

Infinity IXN 700 Duffle Bag: Priced at £59.99, this duffle bag carries all your cricketing equipment properly, credits to its amazing design and enormous storage space. With full-padded adjustable shoulder straps, it offers ultimate convenience with zipped compartments, pockets, and protection panels.

Masuri C Line Cricket Helmet: Priced at £54.99, Masuri cricket helmet subjects to the latest safety standards. Offering the best quality, these are highly comfortable and lightweight. Also, it provides excellent protection for both junior and senior players.

These are some of the many products available online as well as offline at VKS stores. Also, our trained and expert sales staff are always there to help you with sufficient details while buying cricket equipment. So, what’re you waiting for? Shop your cricketing needs now!