Becoming a better fielder – Perfecting the orthodox cup

On the pitch, fielding might be underrated, but it is as significant as batting and bowling – as the saying goes, catches win matches. Swift fielders can kill the fours and sixes of good batsmen and bring home the trophy. Orthodox cups are most basic catches in cricket and here’s how you can perfect them –

1. Get in the right stance – Stand firmly with your feet apart and knees bent. Spread your weight evenly on both the feet. Keep your eyes on the ball and be prepared to move in any direction that the ball may come from.
2. Hold your hands together with palms facing upwards and your little fingers touching -Bring your hands together in a way that the palms are facing upwards and the little fingers of both the hands are touching. Cup them together in a manner that they form a wide-brimmed bowl. Try to maximise the surface area of your palms when you cup your hands. Keep your hands relaxed so that you can catch the ball firmly without letting bounce off your palms.
3. Catch the ball with your hands close to your body – Hold out your cupped hands to catch the ball. Try to keep your hands close to the body when catching the ball. It will help you absorb the impact from the ball and also prevent injuries. Catching the ball close to your body will also reduce your chances of dropping it.

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