The Best Batting Gloves: Protection Along with Comfort

Regarded as the gentlemans game, cricket demands skill, strategy as well as protection. Out of all the cricket equipment, cricket gloves hold significance importance in terms of safety of the batsman. They play pivotal role in safeguarding the hands of the batsman from any prospective injuries and enhance his performance on the field.

The role of batting gloves

A batsman is faced with fast, medium as well as slow paced balls. All this can have huge impact on his hands. The designing and engineering of batting gloves is such that the impact of ball is minimised. They aim to provide protection, flexibility, and comfort. Apart from this, these gloves are hugely impactful in protecting the fingers as well as wrist of the player.

The types of batting gloves

Batting gloves are broadly classified as:

  1. Sausage style gloves: These gloves have padding and protective material that extends along the entire fingers making it more like a sausage. These gloves provide maximum coverage and safeguard the player from fast bowling deliveries. However, these gloves may prove to be less flexible in the beginning limiting the natural moment of the fingers.
  2. Split finger gloves: These gloves are meant for batsman who prioritize enhanced flexibility and control along with utmost comfort. These are made especially to maintain agility and manoeuvrability needed for skilled batting. In these gloves, each finger is separated by a different compartment with its own padding and protection. These are highly efficient in enhancing the grip of the batsman.

The best batting gloves in the UK

While you may be wondering not to spend much on these gloves, but they hold great importance in protecting your hands. These gloves not only ensure a perfect game in the present but also saves you for all the future games. Hence, VKS, based in London, stocks the most efficient and high-quality batting gloves from various brands.

If you are keen on buying split finger gloves, the Gray-Nicolls range is amongst the favourites. In addition to this, the Kookaburra Kahuna batting gloves are believed to be the topmost choice of professional players.

Amongst the finest sausage gloves, we proudly stock the Kookaburra Ghost models. They are sure to provide maximum protection. You can buy all these batting gloves from £20 to £100 from our store or online from the website.

5 Popular Cricket Batting Gloves Under £50

Batting gloves are one of the most important parts of a cricket kit. These gloves protect players from any sort of injury to their hands, wrists, and fingers. Thus, batting gloves help as shock absorbers, improve your grip and help to protect your hands whilst batting. So, if you’re looking to pick the best among the lot, we’ve curated a list of top-choice and pocket-friendly cricket gloves available for under £50. Read on!

New Balance DC880 Batting Gloves: Priced at £47.99, the branded pair of gloves are widely used amongst experienced as well as beginners. Besides safety, it ensures better grip and support to fingers and wrists. It contains soft padding both inside and outside the surface. Lastly, it offers easy mobility and flexibility to the hands.

Kookaburra Ghost 3.1 Batting Gloves: Priced at £39.99, these gloves exude quality and style. Offering the finest protection, it offers a split-finger design for additional flexibility, mobility, and comfort. Also, sheep leather palms provide durability while super density foam renders substantial protection.

Gray Nicolls Ultimate 350 Batting Gloves: Priced at £33.99, the Flexi finger design, offers superior protection with super flex for comfort and ease. Furthermore, it has a tri-layer design – diffuser foam, vapor foam, and fiber shield. PU grade leather palm, and shield EVA for effective protection.

Infinity Platinum Batting Gloves: Priced at £39.99, get these stylish gloves that offer flexibility and essential levels of protection. It is lightweight and extends effective grip and support to your wrists and hands. Padded inner panels provide added comfort and ease.

SS Ton Test Lite Batting Gloves: Priced at £44.99, it is a lightweight glove that offers excellent mobility, protection, and comfort. Made from top-notch quality leather for additional support. Furthermore, leather palms consist of ventilation holes that make them even more smooth and airy.

So, here are the top picks of cricket gloves you can under £50. Besides cricket gloves, VKS based in the UK, offers a range of cricket bats, cricket protection, cricket balls, cricket footwear, cricket bags, cricket clothing, accessories, tennis, and much more. They provide quality products at reasonable prices through both offline and online stores.

Top Batting Gloves to Buy in 2020!

The game of cricket is incomplete without appropriate protection gear on all players. Batsmen in particular have elaborate protection gear because they are constantly at the risk of getting injured from forceful balls. Batting gloves are an important part of this gear because broken finger bones from the impact of powerful shots are not uncommon. Thus, it is very important to invest in a good pair of cricket gloves. Here are our top picks for batting gloves in 2020 –

  1. Infinity Reserve Pro Batting Gloves – These pittard leather palm batting gloves with multi section fingers are comfortable to wear and offer the highest level of protection. The V-Lock finger design gives the batsmen the great flexibility for efficient handling of the bat. The pittard leather palms maintain their feel game after game. The high-density inserts in the gloves absorb the impact from the most forceful shots. 
  2. VKS Players Edition Batting Gloves – This is an excellent budget glove suitable for even test matches. The pittard leather palms of the glove are not just comfortable, but they offer the highest level of durability. The multi-section fingers of the glove ensure that the batsman has great flexibility while playing. The high density inserts in the glove offer protection from impact from the fastest of deliveries. The padded inner panels of the glove add to the level of comfort.
  3. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves – Gray Nicolls is one of the top brands in the world of cricket and one cannot expect anything less than the best from their equipment. The all new Legend gloves have Pittards Gripster leather palms which offer exceptional feel, grip durability as well as moisture management. The multi-sectioned interlocking “V” design of the gloves ensure that the batsman has maximum flexibility. The dual-sided elasticated sweatband does an excellent job at absorbing moisture, thus enhancing the level of the comfort of the batsman in the game. 
  4. GM Original LE  Batting Gloves – These are among the best gloves in the world of cricket. They feature pittard leather palms which give a high level of comfort and promise durability in test matches. The multi-section design of the gloves ensure flexibility in the game. The gloves are capable of absorbing up to 90% of energy when impacted at high strain rates. The use of Microban® antimicrobial protection in the gloves prevents the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria. 
  5. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves 2020 – The all new 2020 Kahuna Pro batting gloves with Pittard Quartz leather palm offer grade 1 protection and a level of comfort due to max flow ventilation. The gloves have a neoprene wristband which give them a super soft feel. The use of Poron XRD and high density foam fingers with reinforced fibre inserts ensure maximum impact absorption while maintaining the level of comfort and flexibility at all times. 
  6. Ton Player Edition (Sanga LE) Batting Gloves – These gloves are used by top level players like Kumar Sangakkara and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They feature the finest quality leather palms for comfort and durability. The extra HD reinforcements and fibre inserts in the fingers ensure excellent absorption of impact from aggressive deliveries. The side protection bolsters enhance the level of protection to the batsmen.
  7. Adidas XT 2.0 Batting Gloves – Budget gloves, but with excellent features. The gloves have the classic round finger construction and TPU shells in lead finger sections for maximum protection. The pittard leather on thumb tips add to the level of durability of the gloves. The high density foam padding in the gloves not only protect excellent impact absorption but also offer added comfort to the batsman. 

Want to own one of these great gloves? Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, you will find the perfect gloves to your playing style at VKS. 

We have a brick-and-mortar store and an online shop from where you can easily buy the cricket equipment of your choice. In the shop, our trained and experienced sales staff are there to help you choose the right bat, and on our website, we provide sufficient details about products for you to make well-informed decisions. We follow all safety protocols and maintain social-distancing so that you have a stress-free and safe shopping experience. So, shop online or at our cricket store in London for all your cricket needs!

Gray Nicolls Batting Gloves You Should Check Out

If you love playing cricket, then a broken hand is among the last things you would want to happen to yourself. Not only do you not want to put yourself through the physical pain of the injury, but you wouldn’t be able to play cricket till the time your hand is not completely healed. 

The teaching here is that you should always go to the cricket pitch with all your safety gear, and batting gloves are amongst the most important items of cricket protection gear. Gray Nicolls, the renowned batmaker, is also into making excellent cricket gloves. The brand’s batting gloves are used by top international batsmen. Check out some of their top models here –

  1. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves – They are priced over £100, but on, they are available at a fantastic discount. The top-of-the-range gloves have pittard gripster leather palms which give them exceptional feel, grip durability and help in moisture management. The multi-sectioned interlocking “V” design ensures maximum flexibility and acts as a great armour at the same time.
  2. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth 1000 Batting Gloves – These bats are high on both their protective qualities and style. The silver-grey forefinger stands out beautifully. The gloves have premium sheep leather palms which allow for supreme comfort and grip. Their hybrid design, with EVA and overlay poly armour, ensures high level of protection even in long, aggressive test matches. The protection factor is enhanced by the Tri- Zone Pro shield side impact bar.
  3. Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Batting Gloves – This glove is quite close in terms of features to the Gray Nicolls top batting gloves – the Legend batting gloves. These gloves feature premium Grade A leather palms which offer supreme comfort and great grip. The multi-sectioned interlocking “V” design and tri-zone pro shield side impact bar ensure that the players have maximum protection against impact. 
  4. Gray Nicolls Prestige Batting Gloves – These excellent mid-range gloves have a traditional finger design which has a curved Fibre Shield covering all the fingers with Flat Fibre added at the back of the hand of the glove. The glove also has also three sectioned side impact bar that is made of EV for superior protection. The premium leather palms of the glove help in excellent moisture management. 
  5. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth 600 Batting Gloves – Budget gloves, but with excellent features for all-round protection. These have premium sheep leather palms which are comfortable on the skin and offer great grip. The hybrid design, with EVA and overlay poly armour add to the protection factor. To give superior comfort to the players, the gloves have dual sided elasticated sweatband  that absorbs moisture.

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