Top Cricket Pads to Buy Online

For every batsman, amateur or professional, the need for having a pair of good batting pads in their cricket kit cannot be overstated. Cricket balls, made of leather and cortex, can hit quite hard and damage tissues and break bones. Batting pads protect the legs from such injuries from fast-flying cricket balls. If you are looking for top-of-the-class batting pads, then here is a list of VKS’ top picks – 

  1. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Legguards – One of the best legguards available in the market, they have vertical shin bolsters made of vapour foam strips, HD Foam strips and Poly-armour giving them 3 levels of Armor. The legguards are reinforced cane rods that increase impact absorption without giving them additional weight. The butterfly padded straps and buckles combined with a leg hugging design give the wearer an extremely comfortable fit. The gel zone knee cap protects the knee area from high impact. 
  2. Gray Nicolls Test Originals 1500 Batting Legguards – This legguard has stunning looks owing to its cane front design. The vapour and diffuser foam bolsters with fibre insert shields combine together to give the batsman a high level of protection. The knees are protected by poly armour cups and gel inserts. The legguards have padded straps for a high level of comfort. 
  3. GM Diamond Original Batting Legguards – These batting pads have gained fame as Ben Stokes was involved in designing them. The use of Poron XRD in the knee area makes them extremely effective in protecting that area from high impact. The front of the pads has a 7 vertical bar design which promotes flexibility while protecting. The sides of the pads have wide bolsters for enhanced protection. The velcro strap is comfortable and makes it very easy to put on and take off the pads. 
  4. Kookaburra Kahuna Concept Pro Batting Legguard – This batting legguard is used extensively in test matches for the high level of protection it provides. The pads are made from high density foam with low impact rebound characteristics and reinforced cane rods. The external three-piece knee bolster provides enhanced protection and also helps in shape retention. The ergonomically shaped straps give a close and comfortable fit. The mesh in the rear section not only gives a better fit, but also offers ventilation. 
  5. Ton Test Opener Batting Legguards – Special Edition Embossed ‘S’ – These batting legguards stand out as they have a special ‘S’ embossed on them. The batting legguard is preferred by test match players as it is extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear and offers a high level of protection. The wide bolsters on the sides enhance the level of protection. The extra wide velcro straps with cushion packs fitted on them are comfortable and give a close fit.   

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Top Batting Pads of 2020

While 2020 has been an unpleasant year in more ways than one, the one thing that has not changed is our love for cricket and cricket gear. So, with the closing of the year just a couple of months away, isn’t it time to treat the cricket player to their favourite pieces of cricket equipment and hope that the next year will be better? This blog is dedicated to one of the most important components of protective cricket gear – batting legguards, which protect your legs and knees from injuries on the pitch. 

Here are our top picks for batting legguards –

  1. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Legguards – This extraordinary legguard’s vertical shin Bolster is made up of  Vapour Foam strips, HD Foam strips and Poly-armour which give it 3 levels of armour, thereby ensuring the highest level of protection. The butterfly padded straps, buckles and leg hugging design ensure that the wearer is comfortable at all times. High Impact from fast flying balls can be dangerous for knees, therefore, the legguards have gel zone knee cups for superior knee protection. 
  2. GM Diamond Original Batting Legguards – These excellent batting legguards have been designed and used by the current vice-captain of the England cricket team, Ben Stokes. The legguards have been made using Poron XRD, and have the 7 vertical bar design in the front. The velcro straps are easy to fasten and unfasten, and add to the comfort of the pads. 
  3. Kookaburra Kahuna Concept Pro Batting Legguards – These top-quality batting legguards from Kookaburra Kahuna have been constructed using the latest 3D compression moulding and traditional pad making techniques. They have been made from high density foam with low impact rebound characteristics and reinforced cane rods. The three-piece external knee bolster with vertical bolsters of the bat provides enhanced, long-lasting shape retention. 
  4. Ton Test Opener Batting Legguards – Special Edition Embossed “S” – These batting legguards boast of high quality, and the embossed “S” adds to their style factor. The batting legguards have a lightweight design, but they do not compromise on their protection factor. The ultra wide side bolsters ensure protection from impact on the sides. The back of the pads has a mesh lining for optimum cooling and ventilation. 
  5. Adidas XT SL Pro Batting Legguard – These batting legguards are loaded with great features that promise maximum comfort, protection and flexibility to the batsman. The legguards have a 3-piece knee roll section and full front cane vertical protection. The TPU tab/velcro closure design is easy to use.The lightweight construction of the pads using both high and low density foam keeps batsmen comfortable even during long innings. 
  6. Infinity Reserve Pro Batting Legguards – These batting legguards offer the best of protection without burning a hole in your pocket. The cane reinforcements in the front of the pad along with the high density padding are great at protecting the legs from injuries from high-impact balls. The cushioned straps with wide webbed design are easy to use and comfortable. 
  7. VKS Player Edition Batting Legguards – Weighing only 856 grams, these legguards offer test grade protection to batsmen. The cane reinforcements in the front of the pads along with high density foam combine to offer the highest level of protection. The pads have extra wide side protection panels to offer the legs complete protection from balls coming from the sides. The cushioned straps, with their wide webbed design, make it very easy to put on and remove the pads. 

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