New Balance DC 1080 Standup Wheelie Bag

New Balance is known for its cricket equipment all around the world and their bags are not an exception. For the 2018 season, New Balance introduces the New Balance DC 1080 Standup Wheelie Bag.

New Balance DC 1080 Standup Wheelie Bag is the perfect bag for a modern cricketer. The bag is designed to provide easy access to the player even in the smallest of places. The bag can store up to 3 bats and also has a space to keep your shoes. The bag has 2 side pockets to keep your extra equipment safe.

The bag has extremely durable wheels to take the bag in any kind of terrain. The bag is made to store all your equipment efficiently. The bag has a great design altogether. The black and neon green color stands out and makes it look stunning. The bag has easy to carry straps and can also be used vertically. The New Balance DC 1080 Standup Wheelie Bag can carry all your necessary equipment in style.

Gray Nicolls Test Wheelie Bag

Cricket Kit bags are a great way to store your necessary equipment and Gray Nicolls are one of the best in the business for premium cricket bags. For the 2018 season, Gray Nicolls introduce the Gray Nicolls Test Cricket Bag.

Gray Nicolls Test Cricket Bag is made from premium high-quality materials. This bag is a test level cricket bag which has a strong base with a soft upper section which makes it easy to store and organize the equipment easily. The bag also has a stand-alone system which makes it possible to use even in the smallest places.

Gray Nicolls Test Wheelie Bag

The bag has an 8 pocket design which is lined with fleece to provide strength. The bag also has deluxe wheels along with full-length runners and makes it highly maneuverable. The bag is capable to hold up to 3 bats.

The bag also has three hanging pockets for your shoes and helmets.

GM Original Duplex Wheelie

To play cricket you need the best equipment and to keep the equipment safe from wear and tear, you need a great cricket bag. Gunn and Moore Original Duplex Wheelie is one such bag that has been made for the 2018 season.

GM Original Duplex Wheelie comes with two-tone all-terrain wheels. It also offers vertical and horizontal access for better use of space and to store all the necessary equipment.

GM Original Duplex Wheelie can get up to 55% bigger with DVO. Its made from 1680 Denier Nylon which makes it extremely durable and tough. It also has a stand-alone system which makes it easy to keep in the smallest of lockers.

The bag has 2 integrated bat pockets and pockets for your wallet/keys and mobiles. Padded handles for added comfort. The design of the bag stands out from the rest of the bags in the market. The ‘Bat Cave’ is a preformed section of the bag which can hold 2 bats and can protect them from damage.

How to choose a cricket bag

So you’ve bought all your cricket equipment. You’ve spent hours pondering over the best bat, tried on the shoes that fit you the best, picked the gloves that well…fit like a glove, bought the batting pads that make you look like the ultimate batsmen and selected to the cricket whites that make you look like a test player, the question now is where do you keep it all.

The choice of cricket bags has never been greater with all the leading brand names introducing new models catering to junior players as well as senior players. We have bags starting from the £25 mark going up to well over £100 in the variety of sizes styles and colours.

So the question ultimately years, which one do you choose?

When looking at the traditional bag we always suggest opting for one with wheels as it adds stability to the bag and makes taking the kit to the ground and back so much easier and less of a cumbersome task. The thought process with regards to the wheel seems to have been taken up by most of the brands, as almost all the models come with wheels as standard.

With the junior bags we tend to find the bat will have a pouch on the outside which carries the main blade within a sealed area and the handle sticks out. This means the size of the bag is little more manageable for the younger players and therefore easier for them to manoeuvre. With the intermediate sized models such as the GM 707, the bag is a little bigger and allows for the bat to go in full length. Models like this are suited to both junior and senior players and as the bat is carried full-length inside the bag, it affords that little bit more protection to the bat as well as being able to carry slightly more kit. In terms of size is probably too big for players around the 8, 9 and 10 year mark, for those we would still suggest smaller models like the kookaburra 250 and 300 models as well as the GM 606 model.

For senior players the wheelie bag options are endless and the 2016 season has seen some stunning models such as the Gray-Nicolls Supernova and Players models. The Supernova looks stunning and has all the specs to match its good looks. The bag has a number of compartments, rather smart bat section on the outside of the bag, a stand-up design and a stylish gun metal grey colour scheme. On par with this morning would be the GM Duplex Wheelie and the Kookaburra Players bag.

Nabbys of the super big all singing dancing models, but what about those who want but we would regard as a regular size bag? Once again thankfully there is a huge range to choose from one of the most popular year after year is the GM five star original bag. This bag has a number of compartments, carries the bat full-length inside and is big enough to carry all your kit plus more.

Now we can get to talk about something that came about just a few years ago and is a range that currently outsells all others, the cricket duffel bag. The duffle bag Kim bout as a simple string top version but as soon developed into a multisection design bag that carries all your kit in a nice and compact manner that makes it easy to use on the bus as well as when riding a bike or motorbike.

The duffle bag range is currently produced to perfection by the likes of GM, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, Ton and New Balance. Most of these brands carry a simple string top version as well as the multisection options too. Although originally designed for senior players, Kookaburra had this year introduced a junior duffle bag, the KD 2000.

So when choosing a bag, first of all you should decide if you want a wheelie bag or duffle bag. Then it just depends on the size you think you need. Some of the smaller bags such as the GM 707 can be considered for both junior and senior players, The GM 5 Star wheelie is a perfect senior bag, then the likes of the Supernova or the Duplex offer the senior player with a lot of kit multi-compartment design for easy organisation and laying out of you kit inside the bag.

Here with mention just a few of the bags available and if you log onto our website you’ll see the full range available from the likes of the brands mentioned above plus more.