GM Neon L540 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat

Cricket Bats can highly influence a players’ performance on the pitch and, finding a cricket bat that suits your playing style is essential for your best performance. GM Neon L540 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat is made for the balanced player who likes to take it slow and also hit big shots when needed.

GM Neon L540 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat

The GM Neon is perfectly suited for the balanced player. The bat has an L540 blade design with a concave back profile that gives a dynamic sweet spot and makes it extremely maneuverable. The bat is made with the best English willow which makes the bat strong and durable.

Perfect for an all-round play as it has a mid to high swell position. The bat has a great design that stands out. The Neon Blue color stands up to its name and looks absolutely amazing in the hands of the player.The bat can dominate the opposition if it’s in the hands of the suitable player.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro is an unrivaled cricket bat which is at the pinnacle of the Kookaburra Bat range. For more than 16 years, the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro has dominated the field with its performance.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro is an ideal bat for heavy hitters. The bat has huge edges and a full body spine which make the bat extremely powerful. Made from English willow which has an unmatched quality in terms of flexibility and strength.

Kookaburra Kahuna 2500 Cricket Bat

The colorful graphics makes it a very stylish bat and makes it easily recognizable on the pitch. A well-balanced bat along with snake grip which gives the player greater comfort.

The Kookaburra Kahuna Pro keeps being updated to match the performance of the modern player and the playing style.

Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat

2018 witnesses the redesign of a recent icon, a bat that is considered one of the best in the world. The Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat is back and it is better in every aspect.

Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat is made with the new season in mind and is updated each year. The Ghost Pro is made from the best quality English Willow which is known for its flexibility and maneuverability.

The Kookaburra Ghost Pro is made for heavy hitters as it has huge edges and a super spine which maximizes the power and performance of the bat. An extended sweet spot makes it possible for the player to hit off-center shots.

The Ghost Pro has a great design which compliments the bat. The white and grey colors stand out in the field and dominate the opposition.

SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat – Junior

The SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat – Junior is a bat made for the front foot dominating player who hits explosive shots. A junior bat which is the best in its class. A choice of explosive players such as Rohit Sharma, Kumar Sangakkara, and Ravindra Jadeja.

SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat is made from the best grade English willow and is thus very strong and maneuverable. Each SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat is handcrafted to perfection.

The Bat has a low to mid-range profile with a huge sweet spot that helps the player hit dominating shots. It is designed to have a lot of power and is also maneuverable for different types of shots.

The square toe is maximized to generate more swing on the shot and distributes more power to the bat. The 12 piece handle is fitted to provide more feel, flex, and control. SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat has a very impressive design that looks absolutely stunning when on the field.

Choosing a new cricket bat is an exciting experience

If I cast my mind way back, I can clearly remember when my father first opened VKS and I as an eight-year-old, walking around the range of cricket bats we had in stock. In those days it was all about brands like Duncan Fearnley, Stuart Surridge, St Peter as well as those that are still going strong today such as Gray-Nicolls and GM. 

Where we now see lots of new graphics and designs introduced year-on-year, back then it was simple branding, a discrete model name and the same model lasting for a few seasons at least. 

One of the best sellers of that era was the Duncan Fearnley Magnum. It was a big and butch cricket bat, with a simple look to it, but it sold like crazy. We would have new stocks arriving weekly such was the demand. As for our start-up days, initially we struggled to open up an account with Gray Nicolls. 

At that time, there was a local sports store not too far from us who objected to our having an account with Grays. We therefore began trading without one of the biggest names on our shelves. After a while though, Grays as a company could see what we were doing and the enigmatic owner of the company, John Gray came down to see us. I remember him having a rather stylish car, which from memory I think was a Jaguar. What I clearly remember though is his number plate “GN100”. John Gray was a true gentleman and as our business grew so did the friendship between my father and John Gray. Like John Gray, my father also had a strong friendship with Tiger Surridge who owned Stuart Surridge and I’m glad to say that friendship is still there today. 

The cricket industry was certainly very different back then. There was no talk about edges and spines. It was all about balance and ping. However, times change and so must we. 

Whilst we understand the interest in specs, it at times also baffles me when a bat is discarded via email when we say it has 39mm edges and not the 40mm edges the customer wants. At risk of sounding arrogant and old fashioned, which is certainly not intended, there are too many ill-informed individuals offering their so-called expertise via YouTube and when I see the videos I really do shudder. 

Although I stopped playing many years ago due to an illness, my passion for cricket bats is still as strong. As crazy as it may sound, I still pick out a new bat for myself every once in a while and oil and knock it in with the same passion I had many years ago. The bat stays behind my desk and every few days it gets picked up, the batting stance is set and I imagine going back to my school and club playing days. 

SF Stanford Black Edition Cricket BatMy current bat thats been prepared but not used is an SF Black Edition. It’ll be time for a change soon and I think my next selection process may well bring out a Kookaburra Ghost Pro. 

So coming back to the fact that I still pick out a bat for myself, I just wanted to highlight that I never bother with measuring the edge sizes, spine height or even the weight of the bat. All those factors are irrelevant and mean nothing to me when choosing a bat. That’s not to say I don’t respect the judgment of customers that find those factors important as I most definitely do, it’s just that I don’t think it makes a difference. After all which of these bats would you rather have: 1. 2.8 with 12 clean and even grains and 38mm edges. 2. 2.9 with 11 straight grains and 39mm edges 3. 2.8 with 9 straight grains and 40mm edges …even typing the above confused me! 

However, it surprises me the number of customers that say no to a bat because it has 45mm edges and they want 46mm edges. The over importance placed on written down specs very means amazing bats are rejected and the not so great ones chosen. 

My son for example plays for Ealing CC and Merchant Taylors School. As a growing young man, he invariably needs a new bat every year. With an endless choice of bats, I can honestly say that he is never stuck on just one brand and likewise I have never used weighing scales or any rulers when choosing a bat for him. It’s all based upon a good looking blade, how it pings with a mallet and most importantly how it picks up

Each year he comments on how happy he is with his bat and the next year his choice is based on what feels and looks good to him. 

The 2018 season is another exciting one for cricket bats. The New Balance Range with its red and white colour scheme for the TC series looks fantastic. Endorsed by Joe Root, the New Balance Range for 2018 looks great on the shelves and what stocks we’ve seen so far, the quality matches the looks. At the top of the tree in our New Balance range are the TC1260 and DC1080 models. Made from Grade 1 English willows these models offer top performance levels. 

Having a top quality bat at top quality prices may not be for everyone though, so New Balance have a variety of different grades available with price points to suit everyone.

The graphics are the same apart from the model number so everyone could potentially look like Joe Root walking out to the crease. Gray Nicolls this year have produced their biggest range ever. The bold and yes very beautiful Kronos range with its toned down gold graphics looks amazing. A part of the Kronos Range this year is the Halestorm as used by Alex Hales. To call this a big bat is an understatement. The edges are huge, the middle is big but most importantly the ping is amazing. In terms of scale weights, don’t expect to see anything less than 2.12 or 2.13. In terms of pick up and balance though the bats have been designed and made to perfection and really do feel so much lighter. 

There are so many other brands and ranges that we could talk about and we will in future blogs. For now, it was great to reminisce about old times and talk about how bats used to be. 

From the new stocks we have seen coming in for the 2018 season, I feel a change is upon us again. It’s a good change with bat profiles being adapted to what the modern cricketer needs. As bowlers become faster and more aggressive, batsmen need to be quicker with their bat speed and movement around the crease. This means lighter bats that make batsmen more agile and responsive. 

The new bat laws on edge thickness have certainly helped things. If you’re not allowed to use a bat that’s above a certain thickness, then makers won’t have to go through the hassle of making one that’s light and honestly speaking almost impossible to make. 

Enjoy the season and please remember to pick a bat based on more that what it weighs on the scales or measures with a ruler. 

All the best…. 

MRF Legend Virat Kohli Cricket Bat

MRF Legend Virat Kohli Cricket Bat is a limited edition bat which is endorsed by India’s explosive captain Virat Kohli. As the name suggests, the bat is made according to the playing style of Virat Kohli. MRF Legend Virat Kohli Cricket Bat is superior in all aspects.

MRF Legend Virat Kohli Cricket Bat is made from the best grade English Willow. Thus, it makes the bat easily maneuverable and lightweight. The bat sits perfectly in the hands of the player and gives great comfort when hitting shots.

MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat

With a highly impressive design and great colors, MRF has made a truly impressive bat which looks great from the boundary.. The classic red color has been distinctive of MRF bats since they were used by Sachin Tendulkar during his heydays as India’s No.1 batsmen.

The bats keep getting updated every season to match the player’s performance and give an extra edge over the competition.

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 is the 6thedition of the infamous Powerbow range. As its name suggests, the Powerbow is known for its massive bow which gives it the speed to hit accurate shots. The bat has huge edges which enhances its sweet spot.

An ideal bat for the player who likes to hit huge boundaries. The bat provides better accuracy with the longbow and helps the batsman hit a variety of shots. The Design of the Powerbow 6 600 is very impressive as well. The blue and grey compliment each other and makes the bat look beautiful on the field.

The combination of the amazing design and power makes it a feared bat in the cricket world. Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 is made from the best quality English Willow which provides durability and flexibility.

The Powerbow is truly a monster of a bat and in the right hands, it can dominate the field.

Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Kookaburra Cricket bats  have for many years now been the preferred choice for some of the world’s top international batsmen including legends like Ricky Pointing and current stars like Joss Buttler and Glenn Maxwell.

As one of the world’s leading cricket equipment brands, Kookaburra are able to offer both the international players as well as today’s amateurs unrivalled expertise in both the product and graphic design and when you combine this with their outstanding history in the manufacturing process, the end product means a cricket bat that will be amongst the very best available.

At the forefront of the Kookaburra cricket bat range for many many years has been the Kahuna model.

While many Kookaburra range colours have come and gone, the Kahuna has always been in it’s infamous green. The iconic Kahuna has been the spearhead of the Kookaburra cricket equipment range for the last 12 years. With it’s powerful profile and shape, the thick edge and spine shape, make it an ideal cricket bat for the strokeplayer who takes control on the field and likes to lead by example.

A more recent addition to the range, but extremely successful has been the Ghost range. The huge profile of the Ghost with it’s surprisingly light pick up has been a major reason for this bat range being so successful. From the top of the range Pro model to the entry level 200, there is a Ghost bat for everyone.


All Kookaburra cricket bats are available in a variety of great quality and price ranges that suit all types of player and budgets. From the heavyweight models to those that are lighter, you can always be sure of a Kookaburra bat performing to the max and being made to the highest standards using the very best English willow.

Whether you choose the Kookaburra Ghost, Kahuna, the new Kookaburra Surge or any of the others, Kookaburra cricket bats are not just about the looks. The light pick up, the large thick edges and the great power from the middle is why they have always been a firm favourite with our customers.

The consistently high quality and performance levels that we have come to expect from Kookaburra continue year after year.

Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats

Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats

Gunn and Moore make cricket bats, but unlike almost all other major brands, GM produce all their cricket bats in house at their state of the art factory in Nottingham.

Keeping the production process in Nottingham means they have complete control over how the bats are produced from the second the felled trees arrive at the factory, to the moment the bat grip is attached and the final stickers placed on the blade.

GM bats are well and truly made in England for batsmen all around the world. In fact, GM make more cricket bats in the UK than all the other bat brands (that manufacture in the UK) put together.

So when you as a customer have so much choice, why should you choose a GM cricket bat? Well, GM are the only company to combine DXM technology with over 130 years of bat crafting experience.

Over five years of research into cricket bat materials and manufacturing technology processes, along with substantial investment in research, led to some significant findings and the subsequent implementation of the DXM machinery at the factory in Nottingham.

So with GM its not just about bringing out new models year after year with new colours. There is a precise science being each design process and that’s why GM bat sales are consistently strong amongst all types of senior players as well as our budding juniors.

GM produce some of the best junior cricket bats and when it’s time to make the transition to a full size bat, GM once again are at the forefront, with the Academy size that takes into account the need for a lighter weight bat, but with the power needed by the taller youth player, that helps in that transition phase between a junior and adult bat.

The 2017 GM cricket bat range caters to all types of players with a new innovation, in that blade lengths are now optimised with three different lengths, namely L555, L540 and L525.  

As the blade length decreases, the handle length increases, so that the overall length of the bat remains constant so each model is suited to every type of player, regardless of height.

Shorter blades allow the batsmen fast hands through the ball, with a larger sweetspot and swell for supreme balance and explosive power that is demanded by today’s modern cricketing batsmen.

Check out the latest GM cricket bats from…

  • Kaha
  • Neon
  • Chrome

Whatever you choose in whatever grade, one thing you can be sure of, is the fact that your GM bat will perform to the max and will bring you success on the field, runs on the board and many hours of satisfaction.

A Review of GM Chrome DXM 808 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Predator 3 Cricket Bats

Gray Nicolls are one of the most recognised cricket bat brands in the world. Aspiring cricketers as well as leading test players trust Gray Nicolls and their bat making pedigree.

For the new season we have  seen the launch of the new Gray Nicolls Predator 3 cricket bat range. Whilst most of the brands have opted to design cricket bats with very big edges huge profiles and a powerful look, Gray Nicolls have gone against the grain and opted for the opposite.

With the Gray Nicolls Predator 3 cricket bat range, we can see moderately the cages, quite a bit of concaving and extremely steep spine. To design a bag with that much concave in with quite bold and brave, but initial customer feedback and sales have been most promising anything obviously what people want to see. Whilst many are obsessed with measuring tapes and statistics, I firmly believe rulers and measuring tapes are instruments used by those with little actual bat knowledge. if you’re looking to buy a cricket bat you can read my best cricket bats review for 2017 here. Finally enough, just this evening I watched the movie Sally which is based on the true story of the American airlines flight that was landed on the Hudson River. During one of the scenes in the movie Tom Hanks who plays the lead role is questioned as to why he took the decision to land the plane on the river as opposed to heading back to LaGuardia airport, that is to say what calculations he made in order to take that all important decision with regards to the lives of the 155 on board. His reply was that he didn’t make any calculations it was just based upon his judgement, likewise those of us know simply know about cricket bats we don’t base our thoughts on rulers.

Best Cricket Bats In The World for 2017 – A Review and Guide (April)

Introduction to the Top Cricket Bats In the World for 2017

Cricket bats have come along way over the last few years, thanks to new manufacturing techniques as well as the cricket bat companies pushing new ideas through.

The big guns like Gray Nicolls and Kookaburra have all introduced some innovative models like the Neon, Chrome and Kaha from Gunn & Moore, the Velocity from Gray Nicolls and the stylish Ghost range from Kookaburra.

Bigger than anyone, is the SS Ton brand. SS Ton produce more bats than any of the big three just mentioned and are one of the most widely used bats amongst test and one day players all over the world.

At VKS we like to stock quality cricket bats that serve our customers well. Cheap cricket bats just don’t fascinate us, good value for money bats certainly do. Whilst we have good quality English willow bats from under £100, we ensure they look as good as possible for the money and perform well too.

  • Junior cricket bats are now more popular than ever thanks to the growing number of children playing the game.
  • We have bats from Size 0, for less than £30 up to top of the range English willow models selling for £250.
  • Our knowledge and expertise will help you choose the right size and model, after all getting the wrong bat could mean hating the game. When it comes to junior bats GM are pretty special.

They cater to all price points and really know how to make light cricket bats that youngsters enjoy playing with. Its great to see our 8 year olds that come in for a size 3 and then as they go up a size, they seem to keep to the GM brand and just keep going up a size.

The sections below give an insight into some of our favourites for the new season. We hope it helps you in that all so important decision.


Gray Nicolls Classic Collection

gray Nicolls classic collection cricket bats
Some of the models from Gray-Nicolls Classic Collection

Gray Nicolls Classic Collection Cricket Bats are designed for the cricketer who like to bat at the crease or on the nets with a clean, retro style bat with a somewhat ”more serious” look.

  • The stylish classic collection of cricket bats from Gray Nicolls include models that are suitable for all standards and type of player.
  • The newly introduced Gray Nicolls Performance cricket bat model has been designed with a slightly shorter blade, which then allows for super thick edges and an imposing profile that offers serious power.
  • Bat weights tend to start from around the 2.10 mark and really do offer the batsmen something new.

Other models in the Gray Nicolls Classic cricket bats range include…

  • Prestige
  • Players
  • Select
  • Ultimate

Of these, Ultimate is the new budget model the Ultimate which comes as standard with a clear anti scuff sheet and fibreglass tapes edges for added protection.

A Review of Gray Nicolls Classic Collection

Lets talk a bit about each of these models.

Now which of these cricket bat models you decide to choose from, the Gray Nicolls brand ensures a great looking bat with clean lines and great value for money.


Gray Nicolls Kaboom Cricket Bats

gray Nicolas kaboom cricket bats
As used by David Warner, the Gray Nicolls Kaboom

The Gray Nicolls Kaboom cricket bats have been endorsed by Australia’s explosive batsmen David Warner for many years now. David Warner’s batting style has graced many a cricket field and tormented numerous bowlers around the world. The loud graphics can be seen from the boundary and it’s this same powerful style of branding that passes through to the batsmen.

  • The Kaboom cricket bats are light, pick up beautifully and offer great value to the all round player.
  • The Kaboom cricket bats are made from good quality English willow that has been carefully grown, kiln dried, cut and then made by Gray Nicolls skilled craftsmen.

The history and heritage of the Gray Nicolls brand although always known through its traditional heritage, still reflects itself beautifully through this modern day cricket bat.

You can order your Kaboom today and trust our in-store experts to pick out a great bat for you. Feel free to contact us for further information or why not visit our cricket equipment store in London and pick one out for yourself.


Gray Nicolls Predator Cricket Bats Range

gray Nicolas predator 3 cricket bat
Its back, but now as the all new Predator 3

The Gray Nicolls Predator was an iconic cricket bat and the choice of many batsmen. For 2017 the Gray Nicolls icon from yesteryear makes a return as the Gray Nicolls Predator 3.

  • The Gray Nicolls Predator 3 has been designed with a fuller shaped profile and very steep spine so as to give the bat a very light feel.
  • The mid swell sweet spot is ideally suited to both front and back foot players and along with the semi oval handle this model give the batsmen complete control at the crease.
  • The Predator 3 is available in a variety of models for both junior and senior players.

For those looking for a heavyweight and powerful cricket bat, the Halestorm Predator 3 provides some awesome power, albeit in a rather heavy weight design.

Other models include…

The Predator models can be bought online by visiting our store in London, where you will find a multitude of weights available through the whole Predator 3 range.

If you’re not able to visit us feel free to drop us a line or call us and we will be glad to pick out a bat for you.


Gray Nicolls Velocity Cricket Bats Range

gray nicolls velocity xp1 cricket bats
The Gray Nicolls Velocity Cricket Bat Range

The Gray Nicolls Velocity cricket bat range provides power in abundance. This well crafted cricket bat is balanced and provides the batsmen with the perfect balance and pick up.

  • The steep spine adds to the batsman’s confidence when at the crease.
  • The striking design scheme is visually intimidating and adds to the batsmen’s confidence.

The mid blade strike zone area and the sculpted profile gives this bat a great feel. The stylish graphics can be seen from all corners of the ground.


Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bats Range

kookaburra kahuna cricket bats
Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bats

The Kookaburra Kahuna cricket bat range has been at the forefront of the cricketing world for over a decade. The powerful profile, the thick edges and the infamous styling have made this cricket bat the perfect weapon of the strokemaker who likes to dominate the bowler and lead from the front.

We have a variety of models within the Kookaburra Kahuna cricket bat range, at the helm of which is the Kahuna Pro model which is made from the top quality players specially selected grade 1 English Willow.

  • This bat is supplied with a free of charge padded bat cover.
  • The Kookaburra Kahuna 2000 is made from premium grade 1 Willow that will have well defined grains along with superb ping and performance.
  • The Kookaburra Kahuna bats have a mid range sweetspot, the square edge profile along with the flat power plus face.
  • For those looking for maximum willow behind the middle of the bat you can expect to see super spine height and a slight bow to help with the balance and pick up.

Other bats are also available in the range including the heavyweight Obscene and Extreme models as well as the Lite.

The round handle and grip make this a great choice for all types of batsmen and with models from the Kahuna Pro all the way down to the Kahuna 500 there is something to suit everybody.


Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bats Range

kookaburra ghost cricket bats
The Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat Range

The Kookaburra Ghost cricket bat range simply comprised of a single model last year, but such was the success of this model that we now have a Kookaburra Ghost to suit every price point and playing style.

For the 2017 season the Kookaburra Ghost has been completely redesigned and with its genuine monster of a profile you get a bat that looks huge and menacing but with exceptionally light pick up.

A minimal amount of concaving really does give this bat an awesome and powerful look. The Kookaburra Ghost cricket bat range is spearheaded by the top quality Pro model which has been handmade using players quality specially selected English willow and this model is also supplied with a free of charge bat cover.

  • The Kookaburra Ghost bats have a mid range sweet spot, the big square edge profile along with the flat power plus face.
  • The super spine height coupled with the minimal concave styling really make this a big bat and with the gently bowed blade and oval shaped handle the pick up on all the Kookaburra Ghost models is exceptional.

For those looking for an even lighter feel today Ghost bat why not look at the late model with weights starting from around 2.7


Kookaburra Surge Cricket Bats Range

kookaburra surge cricket bats
Kookaburra Surge Cricket Bats

The new Kookaburra Surge cricket bats offered a fresh look for the 2017 season. An all new profile with a low middle along with distinctive shaping to the toe area of the bat offering enhanced pick up and balance. The stylish looks of the new Surge should make this bat a hit for the new season.

So what can you expect from this new model?

  • A low position sweet spot along with big square edges and a dynamic face profile with a slightly rounded face for all round control.
  • The super spine height and minimal concave into the back along with a bowed blade and oval shaped handle make this a great cricket bat for the all-round player.

The Kookaburra Surge is available at price points suited for all types of player. We have a good selection of bats in stock available for next day delivery.


New Balance TC Cricket Bats Range

new balance tc cricket bats
New Balance TC Cricket Bats as used by Joe Root

As used by England’s test batsmen Joe Root, the New Balance TC cricket bat has seen some serious coverage on the TV recently thanks to his many long and glorious innings since he started using the New Balance range.

The striking red and yellow colour scheme along with the infamous NB branding has taken the cricketing world by storm and in turn New Balance into one of the hottest cricket equipment brands around.

  • New Balance has a well balanced and light cricket bat range with a mid sweet spot position.
  • These bats suit the all round player and that can be clearly seen from the all round play from Joe Root.

Whether it’s his patient test innings or his explosive play during the one dayers, the New Balance bat ​has catered to Joe Root’s every cricketing need.

The range is available for both junior and senior players with prices starting from £40 for juniors. For the senior players prices range from around £100 and go up to over £400 for the top of the range models.


New Balance DC Cricket Bats Range

The New Balance DC range stands for Dynamic Cricket. Many of the world’s leading batsmen of the last few years have endorsed New Balance range including Australian opener Steve Smith and England’s Ben Stokes.

  • DC bats are designed with a low swell hitting area along with thick edges and a powerful profile.
  • The excellent quality willow used throughout the range gives these bats a large sweet spot hitting area, a fuller profile and steep spine.

The eye-catching blue background to the logo stands out from the boundary and exudes class. The DC is certainly a dynamic cricket bat suitable for the all-round power player with its thick edges and powerful profile.


GM Chrome Cricket Bats Range

GM Chrome Range known for their great Power

Gunn and Moore have always made top quality cricket bats. The state of the art factory in Nottingham is renowned for its manufacturing processes and for the 2017 season the GM Chrome DXM cricket bat range will see GM produce yet another winner.

  • The GM Chrome cricket bat range offers batsmen a low to mid swell area with a traditional length blade.
  • The GM Chrome is made using the latest manufacturing processes thanks to the DXM machinery at the GM factory.
  • The Chrome cricket bats are fitted with top quality treble spring handles that give outstanding feel with flex and control to the batsmen.
  • The huge edges and contours of the GM Chrome give this bat great power for all types of batsmen.

The Chrome range is available in a variety of models from the 606 all the way up to the Original Limited Edition which is made from the finest premium grade 1 English Willow. The GM Chrome is available in a variety of weights and balances.


GM Neon Cricket Bats Range

For short blade length professionals prefer GM Neon Cricket Bats Range

The GM Neon cricket bat range offers the batsmen a mid to high swell position with the shorter length blade. The Neon model is manufactured in Gunn and Moore’s state-of-the-art factory in Nottingham.

  • This bat has been designed and built with a shorter 540mm blade coupled with a 310mm handle so as to give the same overall length as a standard cricket bat.
  • The advantage of doing that is by having a slightly shorter blade, more weight can be distributed to the hitting area, thus giving the batsmen a huge profile with power that is suited for all-round play.


GM Kaha Cricket Bats Range

GM Kaha Cricket Bats are made from best quality english willow

Gunn and Moore Kaha cricket bats are made at the GM factory in Nottingham using some of the most technologically advanced techniques in the world. GM make cricket bats like nobody else and they are proud of it.

A family owned company, GM always invested great amounts of time and money into research and new ideas, hence the GM Kaha was born.

  • The GM Kaha is designed with a shorter than normal blade. This means more wood in the shorter length blade can then be left in the sweetspot area of the bat, to give the batsmen even more power and leave the bowler at a serious disadvantage.
  • The overall length of the bat remains the same though as the handle, length is extenuated.

GM Kaha cricket bats offer great value for money to the power player, looking for something different.

Manufactured in England using good quality English willow, GM Kaha bats offer the batsmen a real advantage on the field. Why not order yours today.


GM Mana Cricket Bats Range

GM Mana comes with a longer handle

The GM Mana cricket bat range was one of our best selling bats in the first season it was introduced, so when we first heard of GM restyling revamping it we thought why? Then came the annual new product presentation held at the GM headquarters in September. That’s when we saw how something so good can be made even better.

  • The new styling is understated yet striking.
  • An imposing bat profile that suits all styles of play.
  • The shorter length blade has been a huge success and makes the bat feel so much lighter, with great power distribution.
  • The overall length if the blade is made up thanks to the longer handle.


Hunts County Cricket Bats

Hunts County Cricket Bats boosts some affordable range

Hunts County are of one of the most understated English cricket bat brands around. They have produced some of the best and most innovative cricket bat designs over the last few decades such as the Insignia and Reflex models.

We at VKS have always had a close friendship with the owner at Hunts County and when we recently approached him about a custom-made profile for us, he immediately agreed.

So we have taken the very good looking Hunts County Caerelux model with its old style retro look, but then have given it a seriously modern twist with its thick edges, fuller profile and duck bill toe.

We’ve ended up with is a seriously good looking cricket bat at a great price that performs to perfection. We’ve made the bat an affordable one that’s accessible to all with two great price points, coupled with the quality and bat making expertise that one expect from a true British bat maker like Hunts County.


The Best Cricket Bats Are:

Cricket Bat Series Description Price
Kookaburra Kahuna 1000 A classic model with a fresh new look and profile for 2017. This top cricket bat has thick edges with some shaping to the back that gives this bat a light weight feel even though it’s so big and powerful. 259.99
Hunts County Caerelux Super Selected Specially designed and made for VKS cricket shop in London. We took the retro look and added our desire for a fuller profile and thick edges. Firmer feel thanks to County’s bat pressing expertise. 239.99
GM Neon 808 5 Star A slightly shorter bat means a thicker blade and lighter bat weight. Made at GM’s factory in Nottingham using the latest DXM design and manufacturing processes. A firm favourite with us. 189.99
Gray- Nicolls Legend The ultimate cricket bat. Engraved styling upon what is without doubt some of the finest quality willow available to anyone. Limited in supply with unlimited grains and ping on every piece of willow. 599.99
Kookaburra Ghost 1000 Stunning white and silver graphics grace the full profile shape, with its thick edges and abundance of power. A medium weight bat that picks up a lot lighter than its deadweight thanks to its design style. 279.99
SS Ton Reserve Edition One of the finest quality cricket bats we stocks. Premium grade one Willow that’s specially selected for us by Jatin Sareen. We visit the SS factory at least twice a year to select our bats. 389.99
SF Black Edition Black Edition bats ping like no other. Fuller shapes and very thick profiles gives this. Awesome power with bat weights lighter than most other makers are able to produce. 359.99
Gray Nicolls Classic Collection Select Retro styling coupled with the latest big profile trend and some sculpting to help with the pick up makes this bat a great choice for the new season. 159.99
New Balance TC1260 As used by England captain Joe Root. Top quality English willow with very thick edges and a steep spine. Lightweight feel and suited to the all round player. 359.99
SS Ton Butterfly Willow Limited in supply from one of the worlds biggest cricket bat factories. Not at all pretty, but great performance at a low price. Not too big a profile and some concaving is what makes them so light and useable by all. 99.99
Newbery Infinity An affordable bat with some unusual stickers and an imposing profile. Thick edges with a sharp spine and great ping. Medium weights are to be expected with some good performance levels. 164.99
Gray Nicolls Velocity XP1 5 Star A bat that has been designed be be light, easy to play with and suit the all round player. There’s no obsession with edges and full profiles. This bat is there to serve young as well as older established players. 239.99
GM Kaha 606 A bat with a difference. Shorter blade length but in the well priced 606 model. Suitable for all types of player, but especially those that like to play with aggression. GM branding means it looks good too. 114.99
MRF Genius Limited Edition Used by Virat Kohli the master batsmen, the MRF bats offer lightweight pick up, good profiles with minimal shaping to the back. Very popular with our instore customers. 329.99
Kookaburra Kahuna Extreme Seriously big Bats with huge profiles along with the dynamic Kahuna styling. Weights will be around 3lbs so definitely not a bat for the faint hearted. 159.99

best cricket bats review 2017




I hope you enjoyed my post on the top cricket bats for 2017, and I’m positive this will help you to decide which bat to opt for this cricketing season! Its always a good idea to walk into our cricket equipment shop in London to get a physical feel of things and pick out your new bat!

Hand Picked Cricket Bats…some truths!

Cricket bats have been manufactured for many years now in factories all over the world. What was originally a very British manufacturing heritage has over the years ventured out to various units in India, Pakistan, Australia and other such reasons to name but a few. No matter where the bat is made though, there is only one type of Willow that’s good enough for the very best of cricket bats and that is grown in England.

We have proudly sold cricket bats since 1973. We initially began by selling Kashmir Willow bats that we imported and sold only by mail order thanks to monthly adverts in The Cricketer magazine and this then expanded into selling English willow bats from the likes of Stuart Surridge and Duncan Fearnley via our store in London.


Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bats

The Gray Nicolls Legend cricket bat range is know to the amongst the finest bats available. Some would say that down to the price, as they are the most expensive, amongst all the brands. Whilst they are most certainly at the pinnacle of the pricing scale, the quality is there to match to you both junior and senior models.

The clean laser in graved look at was introduced to the models last year really sets the tone for the overall look, feel and ultimate appeal of the bat. Then it’s the finishing, workmanship and grain structure that shows you only the finest willow clefts are used for the manufacture of the Gray Nicolls Legend cricket bats.

The quality of the blades found in the full size model passes through to the Harrow, 6 and size 5 models too. Junior batsmen can now experience the very best.

Here are the full details on the Gray Nicolls Legend cricket bat range.

Red Cards, Cricket Bat Edges and Revamps 

As the famous cliché goes “it’s a batsmen’s game” more so in the limited over’s format, however with the new MCC proposal discussed at the recently concluded MCC meeting in Mumbai, there could be more of a balance between bat and ball that’s being struck.

Although, at this stage the changes are mere suggestions and if implemented post requisite approvals would come into effect late 2017.One of the primary change being mooted is the Send-off law, yes like in most other sports around the world this law would enable the umpire to send-off (not sure if a red card would be used) a player for disciplinary reasons while on field.

This would probably help the umpires gain full control in proceeding on the field of play, instances where such a law could come into play would be when players threaten an umpire or physically assault another player or umpire.

Another area of concern more so amongst the bowling fraternity has been the edges on cricket bats and depth which is being looked at in terms of restricting dimensions of the cricket bat to make it a more skill based even contest between bat and ball.

This is a subject that is rather close to our heart as we see so many bats come in and out of the store every year. Whilst undoubtably bats have become bigger, the authorities need to understand that in order to use a bigger but you have to be stronger too, so undoubtably batsmen fitness levels have also improved dramatically over the years and this is also what is helping them to hit the ball further. Whilst we are in favour of some sort of a limit on how thick  bats should be, to bring it down to what is being suggested at the 35mm level we think is somewhat too restrictive to the bat makers and will affect the designs in a big way.

The nature of the game has also changed considerably and to have been a bad would ultimately lead to more breakages as those players who need a heavier think about due to their physique simply won’t have them available.

The is also a consideration being given to validating catches where the ball has come in contact with the helmet or stuck in the grille of the fielders helmet. While the current ruling deems this as not out, the new ruling would make it consistent with instances where ball stuck between keeper’s pads or fielders clothing is deemed out.

The laws of the game do need to lend itself a bit more to the bowlers in today’s day and age of cricket with shorter boundaries, flatter pitches, fielding restrictions and one does hope consideration like above as well as increasing the numbers of bouncers permitted would help even up the contest and make is an exciting and balance spectacle.

Do share your thoughts.



S TON Cricket Bats by Sareen Sports


An idea that came about a few years ago but alas never went beyond being an idea, until this summer the conversation went deeper and we began talking about logos and colours. 

Now 5 months on from the conversation, the bats are finally with our shipping agents are due in store very soon. 

As the only cricket store in the UK to physically visit the SS factory India at least twice a year to select cricket bats, we have an unrivalled range of top quality TON bats in stock. 

The range is available in a multitude of price points starting at under £80 and going up to nearing £400. Light to heavy, in short and long blade options. 

The range is extensive and the quality amongst the best. 

How to choose a cricket bat – a buyers guide 

Selecting new cricket bats, whether you are 8 or 48 always has that special buzz and kid in a candy shop feeling.

It’s always great to see our younger customers coming in with thier elders, all ready to try out a selection of bats and with a wealth of knowledge, from all the reading up they have done on all the latest models.

To give a quick insight into bats, they basically start from a size 0 and go up to a H which stands for Harrow. So the full size range of junior bats is as follows: 1,2,3,4,5,6 and Harrow. In addition to these sizes, some companies such as GM also carry the academy size and others carry what they call the small men’s size. These bats are basically for the elder junior player that has outgrown a Harrow but is not quite big enough and strong enough to use a full sized bat short handle bat. The academy and small men’s bats may also be used by ladies.

For senior bats we nowadays tend to see Short Handle, Long Handle and Long Blade Bats. Over 90% of the senior bats we sell are Short Handle models. These tend to suit players up to 6ft in height and for those that are taller there are the Long Handle and Long Blade options to choose from. Long Handle bats have the same length of blade as Short Handle bats, but the handle length is around an inch longer.

With Long Blade bats the handle is the same as a short handle, it’s just the blade that’s a little longer. Having the slightly longer blade means taller players don’t have to bend down as much and can be a little more upright in thier stance.

For juniors, getting the right size bat is very important and key to really enjoying the game and being good at it. There can sometimes be a tendency to buy a slightly bigger bat in the hope and expectation that the young player will grow into it. However this can be a false economy as the bat can be too big, rather heavy and instead of playing with enjoyment, they actually get put off the game and the bat remains in almost unused condition for many years to come. A bigger bat will weigh more so may prove to be a little too heavy for the young player and then the added length of the bat may well mean that the handle jabs into the wrist area and cramps the batsmens play.

I would much rather a bat be the right size and be completely worn because of the sheer number of runs scored with it, rather than it be too big and it be used over the next 2 seasons and still look like new. Runs mean success.

Although this can vary, to give you an idea, a size 4 bat would typically be used by a 9 year old.

So once you have the size worked out, be this in terms of the junior or senior sizes, your next decision should be as to whether you opt for a Kashmir or English willow bat. For senior players, we would say keep away from Kashmir willow bats as they are a waste of money. They tend to be heavy, don’t perform well and don’t last either. Invest in an English willow bat and the extra money you spend will be well worthwhile, as not only will the bat play a lot better, but it will last a lot longer to. As for junior Kashmir willow bats, these are fine for players using a soft ball or those using a hardball that are just getting into the game and want to make sure they enjoy it, before investing more money into an English willow bat. For those who want better performance in buying in English willow bat will certainly reap its rewards as the whole play and feel will be considerably better.

Now we come to the price ranges. For a junior Kashmir willow bat the prices tend to be around the £30 mark. Now this will be for a good quality Kashmir willow that will feel light. For an English willow bat the prices tend to start from around £60 and can go up to £250 for the very best quality ones.

We carry senior bats starting from under £100 to those nearing £600. All of those bands will come in a variety of weights and pick up, so there is ultimately a bat for every type of individual. The most important thing when getting a new bat is how it feels when you lock it up. So that’s why we always tells customers to consider a few different model bats within thier price range and then go for the one that’s the right weight and type for them. If you’re buying online then that’s what we’re here for as our many years of experience is on hand for you, helping you to select the right bat.  If you coming to our store you’re able to choose at your leisure and of course one of our specs expert is always there to give thier quidance.