Cricket Equipment for the Win

Cricket, one of the most popular sports of the current age has a rich history. Earlier being dependent only on the talent and camaraderie of the players, now demands a great deal of good quality cricket equipment. The bat and ball game has evolved so much that each of the equipment serves the purpose of comfort and safety, along with enhancing the performance of the player.

What is the major cricket equipment every cricketer must possess?

  1. Cricket bat: This flat elongated piece of wood made from willow holds the power to decide the game. Over the years, the design and structure of bats have undergone tremendous changes to cater to various batting styles and pitch conditions. Many top brands from around the world like Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, GM and SS Ton manufacture the best quality cricket bats that are not only loved by amateurs but also by professionals.
  2. Cricket ball: This hard, leather covered ball forms the core of the game. From training balls to professional balls – these come in different colours for varying games like a test match or a limited over match.
  3. Protective gear: Every cricketer is always exposed to the risk of injury, especially the batsmen and wicketkeepers. The essential protective gear they must posess includes:
  4. Helmets: These are used to prevent the player from fast paced balls.
  5. Pads and gloves: To enhance the flexibility and comfort along with providing protection to the legs and hands, leg pads and hand gloves are a crucial gear for the batsmen.
  • Thigh guards: These are used by batsmen to protect themselves from fast paced balls.
  1. Chest guards: These are used to protect the chest and ribs, especially of the batsmen.
  2. Wicketkeeper’s gear: These include specialized gloves and leg guards to protect the wicketkeepers while standing close to the wickets.
  3. Footwear: In order to increase the grip (bowlers) and improve stability and comfort (batsmen), cricket footwear is specially designed with different types of spikes for various roles and players.

Cricket equipment is a blend of comfort and safety. From the carefully crafted wooden bats to light weight helmets, every equipment has a role to play, and understanding the need of this competitive game, VKS, based in London brings forth the most exclusive collection of cricket gear in stores as well as online.

Let us reflect the ongoing pursuit of excellence of the gentlemen’s game with the superior gear from VKS!

The Equipment for the Win: Play Cricket like a Pro

Like any other game, Cricket demands a certain set of equipment that is necessary to play the game. This equipment ensure that the game is well played and that too safely. From cricket bats to cricket gloves, there is a comprehensive list of equipment that a player must possess.

Essential Cricket equipment

  1. Cricket bat: This makes for the basic and most important cricket equipment. In fact, the whole game relies on batting. VKS, based in London, has the most alluring collection of cricket bats sourced from all over the world. These bats range from junior to senior, cheap to expensive, and amateur to professional.
  2. Cricket balls: The game of bat and ball essentially requires a good quality ball. VKS has a great collection of training as well as professional balls to ace your bowling game in no time.
  3. Cricket stumps: These three upright wooden poles hold the power to decide the game. VKS holds the training as well as professional stock of high-quality stumps at great prices.
  4. Cricket helmets: These helmets are crucial in ensuring safety of the batsman against the fast-paced balls. VKS’ collection of helmets is exclusive and consists of the finest helmets from top brands.
  5. Batting gloves: These gloves are adorned to protect the hands of the batsman and wicket keeper from fast paced balls. VKS stocks both sausage and split finger gloves in its exclusive range.
  6. Cricket footwear: The right kind of footwear ensures grip, agility, and speed of the player. With VKS, you get to choose your pair of spikes from some of the top brands around the world.
  7. Cricket bags: The cricket kit or bag is an essential equipment that ensures that all your other cricket equipment is kept safe and at one place. Also, these bags are extremely helpful in moving your cricket gear around places. VKS, has the strongest and stylish branded cricket bags that are available at the most reasonable prices.

To play the game efficiently and safely, the player must possess all this equipment, and VKS is here to help you through the buying process. From guiding you about the right choice to providing you with the biggest deals, VKS has everything in store. Moreover, you can buy all this equipment online from the website or visit our store.

The Essentials of Cricket

We all love to head out for a good game, don’t we? We may be playing a sport or a game for socializing, for fun or even professionally, but any of this requires the right equipment. Cricket is undoubtedly the most famous sport of the modern era. However, there are a certain equipment which are necessary for the game. Whether you are playing in your local parks or in the cricket stadiums, you cannot simply do without these equipment.

So, what are the equipment necessary to play cricket?

  1. Cricket bat: The first and the foremost important equipment is the cricket bat. There is a vast variety of cricket bats available for you to choose from, well according to your age and likings.
  2. Cricket balls: Since it is a bat and a ball game, the next essential equipment is the cricket ball. You can buy anything from training balls to Kookabura balls to suit your requirement.
  3. Cricket stumps: These are the three upright wooden poles that, together with the bails forming the wicket.
  4. Cricket helmets: These are used by the batsmen to ensure safety from the fast-paced balls.
  5. Batting leg guards: Even if you are a novice or a professional player, your knees, shins and thighs need protection. Leg guards or batting pads are essentially used by batsmen for safety.
  6. Batting gloves: To provide safety and grip batting gloves are a must for the batsmen.
  7. Cricket clothing: The gentleman’s game definitely has a defined set of clothes for every player, be it the batsmen, the wicket keeper or the fielder.
  8. Cricket bags: For someone choosing cricket for competitive purposes, a cricket bag stands as an important investment.
  9. Cricket footwear: The organized game requires the right pair of shoes to achieve excellence. Many different brands offer the right kind of sport shoes needed to help in accelerating performance.

No game is complete without the right equipment and it stands true in case of cricket. The right cricket equipment, which ticks all your requirements, is hard to find. VKS, based in London, has got all your needs covered and that too within your budgets. They offer a great variety in best brands for you to choose from that too online. So, start scrolling your phone for a great online shopping experience with VKS.

With The Right Equipment, Practice Makes A Player Perfect!

For any sports, dedicated practice is the key to being a master of it. But practice needs proper equipmentwhich support the activity to perfect it. For a game like cricket there are innovative pieces of cricket equipment which help players practice their chosen skill whether it is batting or bowling, wicket keeping and fielding. There are some categories defining their role which is detailed below.

Playing Equipment

Cricketing equipments are designed to enhance the players need for improvement in special areas. There are a host of cricketing equipment productswhich are a must for any aspiring cricketer. Basic cricketing playing equipments are the bat, ball, stumps, batting grips, cricket shoes, socks, wrist and head bands to arrest and absorb sweat.

A game of cricket can be played only with these equipment items too.

Protective Equipment

Professional cricket, however, needs special protective pieces of equipment because the ball is made of hard leather and when bowled by a fast bowler it can reach up to 150 kmph which is a real force to deal with. Safety equipments viz., cricket glove, pad, helmet, shin guard, thigh guard and abdomen guards, etc. are specially made to help prevent injuries for the batsman and wicket keeper. These protective equipments differ according to the players role i.e., the pads are different for batting and wicket keeping, similarly the glove and helmets also differ. These equipments or gears as it is also called are used and tested during practice so as to find ones comfort with the type of equipment they are confident with for the real game.

Ground Equipment

These are practice equipments categorized as ground equipments such as cricketing nets, bowling machine, playing mat, batting tee, etc. These ground equipments plays an important role for eg., a lot of cricket nets can be arranged in part of the ground so that ball, when hit, is stopped from traveling far so there is no need for a field to run around. The cricket net can be set up even at home for batsmen to practice whenever they wish. Likewise the bowling machine which comes with adjustable speed and spin is a very useful equipment for batting practice.

Physical Training Equipments

Apart from the playing equipments there are the physical exercise equipments like dumb bells, weights, stretchers, twisters, etc. These equipments are specialized and designed for cricket players which emphasize on strengthening muscles, wrists, knees, arms, legs and fitness for specific skills like batting, bowling, increase stamina, faster reflex, running, stretching, etc. Cricket is an outdoor physical game which requires the body in perfect shape and strength.

Best Place to Buy All Your Cricketing Equipments

For any cricketer in UK, a visit to is a must, to get their favourite brand of all the cricket equipment under a single roof. VKS Sports is an excellent store known for their quality sports equipments with exclusive collection of cricket wear, cricket gears and accessories.

Buy Cricket Equipment in the UK for Under £100

It is an undeniable fact that skill or talent contributes the most to building a good cricketer. However, the function of essential equipment in one’s performance can never be ignored. The correct cricket bat equips batsmen with all that’s needed to reach his full potential at the crease. Furthermore, decent cricket spike shoes can assist a bowler to keep control of his or her footwork when coming into to bowl. Besides it, a sturdy and spacious cricket bag ensures that a player’s cricket equipment is stored safely and transported conveniently. Therefore a decent set cricket gear definitely compliment a cricketer’s performance.

Moreover, when we talk about good and branded products we at VKS certainly stock the very beat at all price points. We fers top-quality products at competitive prices. Also, we well cater to the cricketing requirements of amateur to professional players while offering a myriad of choices.

Here is the list of popular cricket equipment that you can buy at VKS for under £100.

Dukes Crown Prince Cricket Ball: Priced at a mere £28.99, Dukes is the leading brand dealing in cricket balls. This ball is completely hand sewn and is made of the finest-quality English Alum tanned leather, rendering a traditional finish. It is absolutely suitable for high-level league cricket series lasting 50 overs and above.

CA Plus 3000 Cricket Bat: Priced at £99.99, a classic CA cricket bat is all you need to knock those long-power shots. Offering great value for money, the bat is just perfect to serve as an entry-level model. Also, it has a thick profile with minimum concaving. The bat gives a good pick-up that makes the bat lighter and easier to lift.
GM Diamond Original Batting Gloves: Priced at £84.99, these batting gloves are made with XRD for ultimate protection. Besides it, these pair of gloves give better grip while holding a bat, thus they’re significant to hit those power-pack boundaries.

Infinity IXN 700 Duffle Bag: Priced at £59.99, this duffle bag carries all your cricketing equipment properly, credits to its amazing design and enormous storage space. With full-padded adjustable shoulder straps, it offers ultimate convenience with zipped compartments, pockets, and protection panels.

Masuri C Line Cricket Helmet: Priced at £54.99, Masuri cricket helmet subjects to the latest safety standards. Offering the best quality, these are highly comfortable and lightweight. Also, it provides excellent protection for both junior and senior players.

These are some of the many products available online as well as offline at VKS stores. Also, our trained and expert sales staff are always there to help you with sufficient details while buying cricket equipment. So, what’re you waiting for? Shop your cricketing needs now!


10 Reasons Why VKS is the Best Cricket Equipment Store in London

It’s almost 50 years since VKS started as a cricket equipment provider. From starting out as a small family business in London, VKS has now become one of the top cricket and tennis equipment providers in the UK and even abroad, supplying to amateur and professional individual players, clubs and corporates. VKS has earned an excellent reputation and goodwill for its quality product and service offerings in the world of cricket, and we continue to uphold this level of commitment to quality in whatever we do. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose VKS for buying cricket equipment –

  1. All cricket equipment in one place – At VKS, we have everything that you need to build, complete or upgrade your cricket kit. We have cricket bats for senior and juniors players, all pieces of cricket protection equipment – helmets, batting pads, batting gloves, abdo guards, thigh guards and much more. Along with this we stock other items such as cricket balls, cricket shoes, cricket bags, and cricket clothing – shirts, trousers, socks, sweaters, baselayers, underwear, hats and caps. We also have accessories such as bat grips, stumps, wickets, scorebooks, sidearms, nets and training equipment, match accessories, neoprene supports, paceman bowling machines, sweatbands, club kits and more. In addition, we offer bat knocking-in, repair and maintenance services as well.
  2. Equipment from the top brands in the world of cricket – We cricket equipment from the most reputed brands in the world of cricket including but not limited to: Gray Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, CA, SS Ton, Adidas, MRF, Aero, Infinity and more
  3. Constantly Updated Inventory – VKS is one of the first stores to list new products from top brands. At VKS, you can pre-book upcoming equipment such as limited edition bats and be the first ones to flaunt them.
  4. Great discounts – At VKS, you can avail great discounts across all our products. We have several sales across the year in which you can get products for as low as 60% of their original price.
  5. Online as well as offline store – We have a brick-and-mortar store – 31 Bond Street Ealing London W5 5AS which has its own parking and is a 5-min walk away from the Ealing Broadway station. At our store, you can consult with our experts face-to-face and then choose from the wide variety of equipment we have. Alternatively, you can check our online store and browse through thousands of choices in cricket equipment, and call our store for suggestions and answers to your questions. In both cases, our experts will be happy to help you with all your queries.
  6. Next-day delivery for Customers in the UK – For our customers in the UK, we offer next-day deliveries for products ordered online before 2 pm.
  7. Products pre-checked for quality – We do several factory visits for brands like Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, SS Ton, CA and Infinity to choose top-quality products, especially premium bats personally. For other products, our team does a thorough quality check to ensure that they are free from defects and work properly. Therefore, our customers get only the best of the best products when they shop at VKS.
  8. Easy exchanges and returns – If, by any chance, a product turns out to be defective, or you have changed your mind and want to return it or exchange it for another product, you can do so easily within 7 days of ordering the product. Our return/exchange is very smooth and we ensure that you receive the new products/credit note as soon as possible.
  9. Bespoke Club Clothing – Not only do we offer a wide range of pre-made products, we also supply bespoke club clothing. So, if you are planning to start your own cricket club, we will be happy to tailor high quality, customised cricket uniforms for your entire team at reasonable prices.
  10. Compliance with Covid-19 protocols – Very importantly, we follow all the prescribed Covid-19 safety protocols. Our staff members are vaccinated and they sanitise their hands regularly as well as all of the products and surfaces. All the products that we ship out to our customers are also sanitised before packing. Therefore, you can shop at VKS with peace of mind.

We, at VKS, look forward to serving you. For any queries, write to us at or call us on 020 8579 3389, 020 8567 2786


Have You Checked Out the Top Store for Cricket Equipment in London?

Without a doubt, skills are the most important factor that make a good cricketer. However, the role of good cricket equipment in one’s performance cannot be ignored. A bat which suits the playing style of the batsman can help them make more powerful and accurate shots. Good cricket spike shoes can help a bowler have more control over the movements. A good cricket bag can ensure that a player’s cricket gear is in one place and safe, thus, allowing them to have more peace of mind. Thus, good cricket equipment compliments a cricketer’s performance. 

VKS is the top store for cricket equipment in London. We have genuine products from the top brands in the world of cricket that have been tested for quality and performance. So, whether you are a professional player looking for the top-of-the-range products or just getting the hang of playing the game and looking for entry-level products, VKS is your one-stop shop for any kind of cricket gear. Here is a glimpse of our product range –

  1. Cricket Bats – VKS has cricket bats from the top brands in the world of cricket including Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Infinity, Kookaburra, CA, Adidas, MRF, SF Stanford, SS Ton, SG, New Balance and Keeley. VKS has the top-of-the-range bats that are used by professional international players as well as entry level cricket bats. We also offer knocking in and bat preparation services with quick turnaround times. 
  2. Cricket Balls – VKS has cricket balls from the top brand – Dukes. It also offers excellent quality cricket balls from its home brand – VKS. If you are looking for soft training balls, then those are available at VKS too.
  3. Cricket Protection – Cricket protection equipment is crucial to the game as injuries on the pitch due to flying balls are not uncommon. Batsmen are at a risk from flying balls. Fielders need gloves to protect their fingers from impact from the balls when they catch them. VKS has all types of cricket protective gear – Batting Gloves from Gray Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Infinity, Kookaburra, Adidas, New Balance, SS Ton and VKS, Fielding Gloves from Aero, Omtex and Gray Nicolls, 2 in 1 Strippers from Aero, Kookaburra and VKS, Abdo Guards, Arm Guards from Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, Aero and VKS, Batting Pads from Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Infinity, SS Ton, Adidas, New Balance, Salix and VKS, Chest Guards from Aero, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra and VKS, Cricket Helmets from Masuri, Shrey, Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore and Gray Nicolls, Jock Protective Briefs, Thigh Guards from Aero, VKS and Kookaburra, Wicket-Keeping Inners from Aero and VKS, Wicket Keeping Pads from Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls and SS Ton and Wicket Keeping Gloves from SS Ton, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Infinity and Puma.
  4. Cricket Footwear – Walking, running, sprinting, chasing, jumping – cricket is a game in which one is always on their feet. Therefore, it is very important to invest in a good pair of cricket shoes that fit well and keep the foot comfortable and stable without restricting movement. VKS has specialised cricket shoes from brands like Adidas, Payntr, Asics, Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra and New Balance that suit the requirements of bowlers, batsmen and fielders. 
  5. Cricket Bags – You can focus on the game better if you have peace of mind, and a good cricket bag can go a long way in ensuring that keeping your valuable cricket equipment in one place and safely. You choose between cricket bags from top brands like Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Adidas, New Balance and Infinity. VKS has wheelie bags, duffle bags and bags that combine the best of both worlds. Each of the bags has separate compartments for different things, so all of your cricket gear is organized properly and different pieces are not knocking into each other. 
  6. Cricket Clothing – Like all other sports, professional cricket also has a uniform. This uniform not only keeps the players comfortable on the pitch but it also reinforces their identity as a team. VKS has cricket shirts from  Adidas, Infinity, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore and VKS, cricket trousers from Adidas, Infinity, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore and VKS, cricket socks from Horizon, Gunn & Moore and Kookaburra, cricket sweaters from Adidas and Gunn & Moore, cricket baselayers from Gunn & Moore and Kookaburra, cricket underwear from Omtex and cricket caps from Gray Nicolls and Gunn & Moore. VKS also has cricket club clothing from Brentham CC, Teddington Town CC, Richmond CC, Acton CC, Fulham CC and Harrow CC. 

Shopping with us is a piece of cake as we have both a brick-and-mortar store and an online shop. In the shop, our trained and experienced sales staff are there to help you choose the right bat, and on our website, we provide sufficient details about products for you to make well-informed decisions. We also follow all safety protocols, so shopping with us is a safe experience. Shop online or at our cricket store in London for all your cricket needs!