Everything About Cricket – What To Look For In A Cricket Store

A great cricket store is one that caters to all things cricket all year round. Whether its bats, helmets, pads or bags everything should be there and in stock. There are a lot of sports stores that sell a variety of sports equipment but most lack the depth and selection when it comes to cricketing equipment and accessories. It is good to choose a store which has a widedisplay for cricket enthusiasts.

What To Look For In A Cricket Store

Cricket Clothing – Cricket clothing is an important item in a Cricket Store. They should have  Shirts, Trousers, Inner wear, Socks, Sweaters and Caps/Hats and baselayers.

Cricket Bats – A range of English Willow and Kashmir Willow bats in sizes 0 toH with small mens, short handle and long blade options. The Cricket Store should be able to offer repair services and have the facility to offer a knocking in service also known as seasoning. This is good because the bat is then ready to use and saves time on preparing the bat at home. A good collection of bats will include best known brands such as CA, Gunn & Moore, Infinity, MRF, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, SF Stanford, SS Ton, New Balance, Adidas, Keeley. These are professional play cricket bats.

Cricket Ball – Quality cricket balls for playing as well as training for eg., VKS Cricket Balls, Dukes and Training Incrediball, etc.

Cricket Protection Kits – The Cricket Store should have all the cricket protection kits like batting and wicket keeping pads, batting and  keeping gloves with inners, cricket helmets, strippers, thigh guards, chest guards, abdomen guards and arm guards. Major brands of protective kits are Gray Nichols, Kookaburra, VKS, Aero, Omtex, GM, Infinity, Gunn & Moore, etc. These brands are made of high quality materials and preferred choice of coaches and players.

Cricket Footwear – The Cricket Store should have cricket footwear of major brands and colours to match the cricket clothing. Cricket footwear also varies for bats man and bowlers with spikes at the bottom for better running. Gray Nichols, Payntr, Adidas, Kookaburra, New Balance are popular brands for Cricket Store to keep.

Cricket Bags – A reasonable variety of cricket bags with storage compartments for different items is a must have item. The cricket bag makes sure the player does not miss out on any of their favourite items while going for the practice or a game. Junior bags, duffle bags and wheelie duffle bags are whats in demand these days.

Cricket Accessories – The Cricket Store must have other cricket accessories like stumps, bails, bat cover, wrist and head bands, score books, cricket nets, bowling machines, which makes the store complete.

VKS is the one of the most popular and well known Cricket Stores in the UK for buying all the branded cricket equipment under a single roof. The staff at VKS Cricket Store are cricket enthusiasts and have in depth understanding of the game of cricket and can guide aspiring cricketers on the selection of cricket gear best suited for their style of play.



Buy Affordable Cricket Footwear Under £60

Sports footwear plays a significant role while playing cricket or tennis or other related sports. It is because donning appropriate shoes for particular sports activities helps in better performance, exudes comfort, and majorly, combat injuries. Also, sports place significant pressure on the feet, legs, and ankles. Thus, it becomes quite crucial to pick the right cricket footwear. Here’s the list of top choices for pocket-friendly cricket footwear available for under £60. Read on!

Kookaburra KC 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoe: All-new edition of spike cricket shoes from the house of Kookaburra. It provides the utmost comfort and grip to your feet while playing out in the field. These shoes are suited for all around cricketers. Furthermore, the durability and airflow mesh design make it effectively breathable and light in weight. Priced at  £49.99, they offer padded heels and ankles for increased support.

Adidas Howzat Spike Cricket Shoe: Another spike cricket shoe by Adidas that offers essential support to all-rounders at an affordable price. The midsole cushioning offers effective grip and comfort for playing those long innings. adiPRENE provides shock absorption that protects feet from injuries. Priced at £59.99, this cricket shoe serves as the best buy for your daily cricket grind.

Payntr V Rubber Cricket Shoes (All White): The latest collection by Payntr offers flexibility, durability, and extended comfort to your feet. Priced at £69.99, the shoe renders high performance and stylish looks. In addition, it has responsive padding around the ankle that ensures support and safety. For better traction, it has a rubber sole too.

GM Original Spike Cricket Shoe (Navy/Yellow): Priced at only £49.99, the Gunn & Moore Shoe are perfectly designed to help you run faster between the wickets or while fielding. It further goes well with both even and uneven surfaces.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your favourite pair of shoes at VKS. Besides cricket footwear, the portal rolls out an extensive range of products comprising clothing, accessories, bags, security gear, tennis, bats, balls, etc. Buy top-quality products that offer durability and comfort at competitive prices. The brand offers both offline and online platform to cater the ever-rising demands for sports products.

5 Reasons Why VKS is the Best Cricket Shop in London

It’s been just over 49 years since VKS began selling cricket equipment in London. From its beginnings, VKS has now become a household name when it comes to cricket equipment in the UK and overseas. We cater to all the needs from amateur to professional players, clubs, and corporates. Henceforth, we successfully gained recognition and goodwill for our expert advice and service. In the frenzied space of cricket, we continue to sustain the level of commitment to quality in whatever we offer.

So, here are 6 reasons why VKS is the best cricket shop in London.

All the top gear under one roof

At VKS, we offer every essential piece of equipment to build or upgrade your cricket kit. We have a wide range of cricket bats, cricket balls, batting pads, batting gloves, thigh guards, abdo guards, helmets, cricket bags, cricket footwear, and much more. Besides it, we have accessories stumps, bat grips, wickets, nets, etc. So, you just name it and we have it.

Top-notch Brands

We believe in rendering our customers the best of all worlds. Therefore we roll out products from the top brands including Gray Nicolls, Adidas, MRF, Aero, Infinity, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, CA, SS Ton, and much more.

New & Upgraded Inventory

We take pride to place our company amongst the first ones to list new and upgraded products hailing from top brands. Also, we ensure our customers are able to place a pre-order for upcoming equipment such as a limited-edition bat, etc. Yes, you can be the first one to swank them!

Both Online & Offline Store Available

VKS caters to both kinds of shoppers – those who prefer online as well as those who like to step out and purchase from a typical brick-and-mortar store. Also, our experts are available to guide or suggest to you in every way you want to purchase.

Discounts & Offers

At VKS, we’re pleased to offer the best deals and great discounts across almost every range of products. We pull out sales every year in which you can avail whopping discounts as low as 60% of the basic price.

So, here are the reasons why you should turn up to VKS and purchase your cricketing gears. We, at VKS, seek immense pleasure while serving our customers with the best quality products at competitive prices.