Budget Cricket Footwear From Gray Nicolls That You Will Love

Gray Nicolls is Gray Nicolls because it has delivered only top-notch cricket products and never compromised with quality. In fact, over the course of years, it has improved its materials and perfected its designs to make products that are tough and give consistent performance over prolonged use. Also, Gray Nicolls’ shoes are a testimony of the fact that high-quality cricket equipment doesn’t always have to be expensive. 

Check out Gray Nicolls’ budget-friendly cricket shoes here –

  1. Gray Nicolls Velocity 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoe – An excellent budget spike shoe, it has a lightweight but robust PU upper and honeycomb design. The key areas of the shoe are well-ventilated, a feature which makes the shoe more comfortable. The power band design of the shoe gives additional support and flexibility to the wearer. The shock-absorbing rubber base and the strategically placed spikes make the shoe comfortable to wear even in long games. The cricket shoe offers excellent midfoot support and forefoot flexibility. The shoe is also available in junior sizes. Check out Gray NicollsVelocity 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoe-Junior.
  2. Gray Nicolls Velocity 2.0 Rubber Shoes – A superb cricket shoe that is inexpensive and great for practice. The rubber sole of the shoe provides excellent traction both indoors and outdoors. The torsion technology in the shoe offers a high level of stability to the player. This shoe is also available in junior sizes. Check it out here – Gray Nicolls Velocity 2.0 Rubber Shoe – junior
  3. Gray Nicolls Atomic Spike Cricket Shoe (junior) – Another excellent spike shoe for juniors, this model is well-known for its torsion technology that gives the wearers unparalleled balance on the pitch. The strategically placed spikes on the shoe offer excellent traction. The best part of this shoe is that it can be used as a half spike, full spike or full rubber shoe. 

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Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 is the 6thedition of the infamous Powerbow range. As its name suggests, the Powerbow is known for its massive bow which gives it the speed to hit accurate shots. The bat has huge edges which enhances its sweet spot.

An ideal bat for the player who likes to hit huge boundaries. The bat provides better accuracy with the longbow and helps the batsman hit a variety of shots. The Design of the Powerbow 6 600 is very impressive as well. The blue and grey compliment each other and makes the bat look beautiful on the field.

The combination of the amazing design and power makes it a feared bat in the cricket world. Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 600 is made from the best quality English Willow which provides durability and flexibility.

The Powerbow is truly a monster of a bat and in the right hands, it can dominate the field.

Gray Nicolls Scoop XVII 1000 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Scoop XVII 1000 Cricket Bat is an iconic model from Gray Nicolls ranges gone by, that has been totally redesigned for the 2018 season. A legendary bat with an iconic design which makes it a bat with totally unique looks. M Endorsed by the legendary Clive Lloyd and Ian Chappell during the 70’s the new model is certain to create legends of its own.

The Scoop XVII provides unmatched performance with its full blade sweet spot and lets the player hit accurate shots. The well-known scoop provides unmatched power, balance, and performance to the player.

The Design is a classic Gray Nicolls which is an iconic design and is famous all over the world. The world-renowned graphics can be easily recognized on the field. The best bat in the Scoop range which is made from the best grade English Willow. Adding the Scoop makes the bat lighter and easily maneuverable.

Gray Nicolls Scoop XVII is easily the best bat in its classic range and is back to dominate the field for the 2018 season.


Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 is named after the King of Titans, Kronus. The bat is freshly designed for the 2018 season. Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 sports a double profile that gives amazing power to the bat with a really light feel to it.

The Kronus 1000 is made to dominate the opposition bowlers. It has a beautiful design to match its amazing power, the black design gives it the great look which makes the bat look great in the hands of the player.

Gray Nicolls Kronus 1000 has a mid-blade sweet spot which is suited for the all-round player who likes to hit a variety of shots, The Kronus 1000 is highly maneuverable and feels extremely light.

Zone Pro grip makes the bat comfortable in the hands of the player and provides extra grip in the hands of the player throughout the shot. A semi-oval handle makes the bat very comfortable in the hands of the player.