Cricket Uniform 101

If you want to be taken seriously as a cricketer, then you have to look like one apart from being good at the game. At the next big match, go dressed in the complete cricket uniform and make heads turn with your passion and professionalism. Here are the cricket clothing essentials you will need to get the look right –

1. A collared shirt with full sleeves or half sleeves, depending on the weather, is what you should wear on the top. Make sure that your shirt is in a material which absorbs sweat easily. Shirts can be whites or coloured depending on your teams kit.
2. Long white trousers should be paired with the white shirt. Make sure that your trouser is loose enough so that the abdoguard and thigh guard can fit in easily.
3. Over the shirt, you can also wear a white v-necked jumper or pullover if you are playing on a cold day. There are the traditional cable knit style or the new fleece versions.
4. The jockstrap and the abdo guard are to protect your groin against impact from the ball when batting, so do not go to the pitch or any net session without them.
5. Shoes with spikes are a must for good traction. The configuration of spikes varies for bowlers and batsmen, so attach your spikes according to your role.
6. Head injuries are not uncommon on the cricket. Batsmen and close in fielders should always play with a helmet on the head.
7. If you are a batsman, you might want to put on a thigh guard, arm guards, chest guard, and elbow guards as well for enhanced protection of the body. But, it is advisable to practise playing with all these components first, as they come in the way of easy movements.
8. Legguards are for batsmen, wicket-keepers and to protect their shin bones and knee against impact from the ball.
9. Thickly-padded gloves for batsmen to protect their palms and fingers against impact from the ball. Wicketkeepers also require gloves, but their gloves are webbed between the thumb and index fingers.

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