Cricket Bats can highly influence a players’ performance on the pitch and, finding a cricket bat that suits your playing style is essential for your best performance. GM Neon L540 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat is made for the balanced player who likes to take it slow and also hit big shots when needed.

GM Neon L540 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat

The GM Neon is perfectly suited for the balanced player. The bat has an L540 blade design with a concave back profile that gives a dynamic sweet spot and makes it extremely maneuverable. The bat is made with the best English willow which makes the bat strong and durable.

Perfect for an all-round play as it has a mid to high swell position. The bat has a great design that stands out. The Neon Blue color stands up to its name and looks absolutely amazing in the hands of the player.The bat can dominate the opposition if it’s in the hands of the suitable player.