Which cricket ball should you buy this cricket season?

If you are a bowler, a cricket
ball can go a long way in making or breaking your game. While playing, always
make sure that your ball is of high-quality and unspoilt. 

On VKS.com, we have cricket balls
from some of the most prestigious brands available at bargain prices. Let us
show you a glimpse of some of our best-selling cricket balls in this blog –

  1. Dukes Crown Prince Cricket Ball (5 1/2oz) – This ball, aptly titles, is the crown prince of cricket balls because of its unparalleled quality and finishing. The ball, made using the finest quality English Alum tanned leather, is fully hand sewn. It weighs 156 grams and is the best suited for top-level league cricket matches lasting 50 overs or more. The Dukes Crown Prince retains its shape and sheen even after repeated use because of its tough core made with a Cortex Centre. 
  2. VKS Test International Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball – One from our own brand, this ball has been created meticulously for delivering a power-packed performance. It is made using top-quality English Alum tanned leather and comes with 6 to 7 layers of best quality wool compressed cork for shape retention and even bounce. The ball has 80 stitches and it is waxed painstakingly to ensure that the shine of the ball lasts a long time. The ball is also tallow dipped for waterproofing. 
  3. VKS League Special Grade ‘A’ cricket ball – An excellent ball for intense matches – it has been made using premium quality alum tanned leather. The fully hand-sewn ball, with its 80 stitches, is durable and used during many leagues in the UK. It has 6 to 7 layers of wool and a cork centre. The wax polish ensures that the ball retains its sheen during its lifetime and the tallow-dipping makes the ball waterproof. 
  4. County Special Grade ‘A’ 5oz Ladies Cricket Ball (Red or Pink) – Ladies cricket has become a mainstream sport and it is only fair that they have special balls for their matches. The County Special Grade ‘A’ Cricket Ball comes in both red and pink for day and night matches. The ball is made with select alum tanned leather pieces and is meticulously hand-sewn. The ball is waxed for shine and tallow-dipped for water-proofing. 

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