How To Buy The Right Cricket Bat in 5 Easy Steps

Buying your first cricket bat and overwhelmed with all the brands and models out there? Here are 5 easy steps which will help you choose the right cricket bat which adds to your game –

1. Budget – Bats come with all kinds of price tags – from less than a 100 GBP to as much as 1000 GBP and more. Once you define the price range for your bat, it will automatically eliminate a lot of options which do not suit your budget. Then, you can add more filters to your search for the right cricket bat.

2. Game Requirements – Whats the requirement of your game? If you are going to play with tennis balls, rubber balls, or cork balls, a bat made out of cheaper willow will serve the purpose. However, if you play with leather cricket balls, then you need a bat which has a thick body made out of good quality English willow.

3. Weight & Pick Up of the bat – The weight & pick up of the bat have serious implications on your game. A heavier bat will give your shots more power, however, a lighter bat will be easier to control and give you more speed in your shots. Your physique and strength will play an important role in helping you choose the cricket bat with the right weight. As for pick up, it helps you determine how the bat will feel in the play. You have to try different bats which might look and weigh the same. So, just pick up the bat, swing it around to see how it feels.

4. Size – The size of the bat depends majorly on the height of the player. Bats come in various sizes – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Harrow, SM Mens, Short handle, Long handle/Long blade. Choose the size according to your height.

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