How to buy the right cricket helmet & gloves

As we have iterated before, your cricket kit will make a crucial difference in how you play your game. Just like the bat is important to how well you flick the ball on the pitch, your helmet and gloves are also important components of the game. The helmet, which will protect you from any head and facial injuries, has to be light and sturdy. The gloves, which will influence how well you bat, have to be the right size and of a comfortable material.

Here are a few tips on how you can choose the right helmet and gloves for yourself –

Helmet- The helmet is important for protecting you from injuries, but at the same time, it should be such that it feels right on your head and allows you to play your game comfortably. A good helmet is the one which fits you well when you try it, and is made of heavy duty but lightweight materials.
Go for a helmet which is made by one of the big brand names such as Masuri, Shrey, GM, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls and Ayrtek. These are reputable brands that will supply helmets that conform to all the latest safety standards. Please note that grills are no longer adjustable, so whilst the field of vision may initially feel small, its something that your eyes will quickly adjust to. For added protection you can also add a stem guard to your helmet. Each brand will make a stem guard that specifically fits their helmet. Do not mix stem guards and helmets from different brands as you will not get the right fit.

Gloves- Broken fingers are a common injury on the cricket pitch and a good pair of gloves can help you avoid it. The gloves should have a high-density foam padding which can absorb the shock of the ball upon impact and keep your fingers safe. Gloves with sidebar padding provide the best protection as they keep the back and side bones of the hands safe too. Make sure that your gloves are neither tight nor loose. Tight gloves will restrict movement, whereas loose gloves might come off unexpectedly during batting.

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