CA Bats You Need to Check Out Now!

The game of the cricket depends largely on the skills of the players involved, but give a skilled player the right equipment, and they will turn a good game into a great game! CA is a Pakistani cricket brand that first made news in the 1970s with its curvy-shaped bats, and these bats are used commonly today by cricket players all across the world. The brand sponsors cricket kits for the Afghanistan cricket team and notable players from other nationalities too have made memorable shots with CA bats.

The top CA bats that you need to check out are –

  1. CA Morgs 20k Limited Edition Cricket Bat – This bat is endorsed by England’s World Cup winning captain Eoin Morgan. The premium quality bat cricket bat is made from Grade 1 English willow with very narrow grains. The bat has a full profile, stout edges and extra meat in the middle of the blade for those power-packed shots. The bat’s smooth pickup and excellent performance on the pitch have it a favorite of many players.
  2. CA Plus 15000 Players Edition Cricket Bat – Another brilliant bat, this one uses top quality Grade 1 English willow and has been crafted expertly for a light feel and maximum power. The has a full profile, thick edges and is weighty in the middle of the blade for more power. The bat is suitable for all types of players and provides a great balance of power and precision of shots.
  3. CA Plus 15000 Cricket Bat – This bat is popular among both amateur and professional cricket players. It is a 6+ grains cricket bat and is available in both long and short handles. The bat has thick edges and extra push in the middle for greater power. The weight of the bat ranges between 2lb -12oz to 2lb 7oz. It offers a smooth pickup, great balance and comfortable grip.
  4. CA Plus 10000 “Special” Cricket Bat – A budget bat but with excellent features, it is made of English willow with 6+ grains. The bat has a light feel and provides smooth pickup. It has an extended sweet spot for long power shots. The bat is also suitable for those who prefer precision over power in their shots. It is available only in short handle and it’s weight ranges between 2lb -12oz to 2lb 7oz.
  5. CA Plus 5000 Cricket Bat – A budget-friendly bat with great features, it promises a bang for your buck. The bat has a thick profile with minimal concaving which gives it some serious power. The extra large sweet spot is great for long power shots. Despite its build, the bat feels light in weight and provides excellent pickup. Its size ranges from 2lb -12oz to 2lb 7oz. 

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