Where can you Buy the Best Cricket Bats?

A cricket bat is infamously the wand of a batsman. In layman’s terms, a batsman creates magic with his bat. He stands at a dominant position which decides the fate of the game. So, can fate be left on random bats? Definitely not! To match the skill, strength, power and technique of the batsman; there is a variety of bats to choose from. The prices can be as low as £79.99 and as high as  £799.99. VKS, are one of the oldest cricket bat specialists in England and based in London offers a wide variety of cricket bats to choose from. These are from various high-end brands offering high quality products.

Which brands are offering the right-kind of high-quality bats?

  1. CA: Known for its curve-shaped bats, CA is a Pakistani brand offering a great range of cricket bats. The prices vary from £100 to £400.
  2. Gunn and Moore: Known for its quality, Gunn and Moore has many different type of cricket bats. Famous for their superior craftsmanship, Gunn and Moore bats have been endorsed by some of the best batsmen of the world. They range from £85 to £550.
  3. Infinity: The Reserve, Platinum, Silver and Extreme models provided by the brand makes them an exciting buy. They are handmade bats from England especially for the all-round batsmen. The prices range from £120 to £449.
  4. MRF: Based in India, MRF is known for its bats along with tyres. The durability, quality and precision of the bats make them the right fit for international matches. They are prices at around £180.
  5. Gray Nicollis: The style and power of their bats have made them a popular choice for decades. Their bats are suited for batsmen with diverse batting styles. This means they have ‘one for everyone’. The prices vary from £74 to £800.
  6. Kookaburra: Ensuring there is a bat for each and every batting style, Kookaburra has become one the leading Australian brands for cricket bats. Their junior range starts from as low as £40 and the pro range goes to the maximum of £480.

In addition to stocking the best brands in the world, VKS has a great variety of junior cricket bats as well. The variety is very well displayed at their London shop, wherein you can choose your right fit.



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