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We love cricket bats…its as simple as that. When we sell a cricket bat, we sell it with pride and safe in the knowledge that its been tested to ensure you get the very best.

We only sell bats from recognised brands that offer a full guarantee. We source only direct from the brand and not from any reseller or third party.

When it comes to SS Ton, Stanford and CA we buy direct from the factory and not any UK distributor. This ensures all the bats are made to our exact weight and specs.

Also we don’t stock any bats from any brand on a sale or return basis….if

Want to ace on the cricket pitch with your batting skills in 2023? Then choose a bat that compliments your style of play. There are different kinds of batsmen – those who want to pack a massive amount of power in all their shots, those who want to play calculated, accurate shots, and those who try to achieve a balance between accuracy and aggression in their shots. A good cricket bat is the one which will make achieving your favourite shots a piece of cake.

At VKS, we have a wide variety of cricket bats that are suitable for all kinds of players. We have a store in Bond Street, Ealing, London and we also sell cricket bats online. At the store, our team will assist you in choosing the best bat, whereas, at our online shop, you can go through the features of each cricket bat and our blogs, and choose the one that fits your requirements and appeals to you.

We have bats from all the top brands – Gunn & Moore, Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, Keeley, SS Ton, MRF, Adidas, CA, Infinity, Chase, SF Stanford and New Balance. We make sure that we are among the first stores in London to stock up on the latest bats launched by these brands. You can even pre-order your favourite cricket bat with us. We offer great discounts too across our range of cricket bats, both in-store and online.

So, what should you look while buying a cricket bat?

1. Weight and Pick-up of the bat – The weight plays a critical role in influencing your game. A heavier bat will give you more power but a light to medium weight bat may well be easier for you to control. As for pick-up, it is lightness you feel in your bottom hand when you swing the bat. The smoother the pick-up, the more comfortable you will be in the game. To understand pick-up, just swing the bat and see how smooth and easy does the swing feel.
2. Size – Size is another important consideration while choosing a cricket bat. The major factor involved in deciding the size is the height of the player. We have a variety of sizes stocked up for all top models – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Harrow, SM Men’s, Short handle, Long handle/Long blade.
3. Budget – The budget can’t be ignored while choosing a cricket bat. We have bats in the range of £40 to £800. So, whatever be your budget, we have something for you.

An important factor to remember is that all bats must be knocked in. We offer a knocking in and bat preparation service with quick turnaround times.

Come in and check out our cricket bat display at our store in Ealing order online.