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Gunn and Moore Haze Lite Range
Cricket is a highly competitive sport and to be a great cricketer, you need the best equipment that will make you perform better on the field. Finding a cricket bat is a daunting process for a player. Cricket Bats can highly influence the performance of a player so finding a Cricket bat that suits your playing style is essential for your best performance.

Gunn and Moore is a world-renowned company who have over 130 years of experience in manufacturing cricket products. They have a diverse range of products which are very popular among players all over the world. Cricket bats are what Gunn and Moore specialize in and are extremely popular in England as well as other countries Gunn and Moore have a state of the art factory which is considered the most technologically advanced factory in the world.

For the 2018 season, Gunn and Moore have introduced the Haze lite range which is made from the expertise and technology which is being used for 130 years. With an impressive design, the GM Haze lite looks stunning. The pink and purple color looks great onto the bat and looks stunning in the hands of the batsman. Every bat has been made by the best grade English willow to provide the best in durability and flexibility.

GM bats have been endorsed by cricketing greats such as Graeme Swann, Graeme Smith, Steve Waugh and many more.
DXM Technology
With the latest innovations in Technology, GM has implemented their DXM Technology in all their bats which are the findings of a 5-year research programme in the bat materials. Excellent wood conditioning makes the wood quite durable and flexible.
GM Haze Lite Signature LE Cricket Bat
Gunn and Moore Haze Lite Signature LE is the best bat in this range, The bat is exceptional for players who have a tall build but are not as strong as average adults. The bat is made to be extremely durable and lightweight. Made of the traditional L555 Blade length it helps the player with great balance and power. A lightweight bat which offers exceptional pickup and is great in the hands. The Mid to high swell position is perfect for controlled shots.

Made from the best grade English Willow, the GM Haze Lite is easily maneuverable and durable. The back profile is concaved and thus makes it lightweight and gives it a lot of power.
GM Haze Lite Signature Cricket Bat
GM Haze Lite Signature Cricket bat is an all-new bat for the 2018 season. The F4.5 blade design makes it a big bat with huge edges and gives better spin and control on the bat. Treated with Dri-Guard, it makes the bat’s toe repellent to water which helps it from absorbing moisture. As it is very lightweight, it is made for players who like to hit accurate shots which is ideal for an all-round player.

The bat is fitted with a top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex, and control.

Made from premium grade English Willow, GM Haze Lite Signature is very flexible, easy to maneuver and provides excellent power.
GM Haze Lite DXM 606
if you want a bat which performs extremely well and isn’t heavy on the pocket, go for the GM Haze Lite DXM 606. It is a lightweight bat which packs great power in it and offers great pickup. The bat has an F4.5 face design to make the bat look intimidating and provide excellent power. This face profile gives the player better feel and control over spin.

A perfect bat for junior players who like to dominate their opposition with a variety of shots. GM Haze Lite DXM 606 is a lightweight bat that helps the player hit a number of shots with ease.

It is a huge bat which has maximized edges for the best contact with the ball. Bigger sweet spot than a regular bat to hit accurate shots with a lot of power in them. A monster in the hands of a skillful player who is a heavy hitter. The Haze Lite 606 has a terrain grip which provides great comfort along with very good grip on the bat.
GM Haze Lite DXM 404
GM Haze Lite DXM 404 is another addition to the Haze Lite series. This is a great bat for the budget conscious players. The bat has a pronounced spine profile for better maneuverability. GM Haze Lite 404 has been made by implementing DXM Tech into it and it makes the bat more strong and flexible.

The bat gives faster speed as it is lighter than the others in the range. It also has massive edges to give additional power on the swing.

All Gunn and Moore bats come pre knocked by Gunn and Moore’s expert batmakers. The bat is made durable by applying raw linseed oil and also reduce cracking and retaining the moisture level of the bat. An antiscuff cover is applied to make the face and edges more durable to wear and tear. The bat is also protected with a toe guard fitted onto the bat in wet conditions.

All GM bats are made in Nottingham, England to provide the best craftsmanship from their factory. Any kind of player whether a ‘touch’ batsman who likes to play it slowly by guiding the ball and hitting it at the right angles or the power hitter who likes to hit huge boundaries. Gunn and Moore can help you choose the perfect bat for your playing style. No matter what kind of bat you need, Gunn and Moore will have it.