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Hunts County Cricket bats

Hunts County Cricket Bats

Choosing the right cricket bat is an overwhelming process, especially for someone who is uninformed on what makes the best pick. Many would look at the price as a way to narrow down the possibilities. Deciding on the basis of which is the cheapest, however, can lead to compromising performance. More often than not, to come up with a top-notch product, the manufacturers have to use premium materials, which will also command a premium price.

In your search for the best, you will often find many people mentioning Hunts County cricket bats. With their experience in the industry, the manufacturer was able to find the perfect recipe in coming up with the best bat for every cricketer. With the right choice of materials, extensive research, efficient design, and durable construction, you can be confident that their products will be hard to match.

The story of Hunts County began in 1904 when the Trimmins family came up with a bat that was considered to be ahead of its time. Bats Made For Centuries – this is the slogan of the company. True enough, even with the introduction of new technologies, the company relies on its rich tradition to differentiate their bats from all others. This, however, does not mean that they fail to adapt with the changing times. While their skilled craftsmen still rely on old-age design principles, they also take advantage of the newest technologies to achieve perfection in their bats.

The traditional shape of Hunts County cricket bats is compared to a honey stick. Through the years, it evolved until it became the familiar shape that it has today. This only goes to show that while they are rooted in tradition, they recognize the fact that they have to go with the flow and satisfy the changing demands of the most discerning cricketers.

All of their bats are made using premium English willow. The tree that is used in the production of the bat produces high-quality wood that is also used by most of the manufacturers in the global market. It is cultivated specifically for the production of cricket bats.

Tradition and innovation won’t be enough for the production of the best bats. This should be complemented with a skilled workforce, which is exactly what Hunts County has. They have some of the best people in the industry. They have a skilled workforce in every step of production. From sourcing raw materials to completing the packaging, they have craftsmen who have extensive experience in the industry, providing an assurance that the output will be nothing short of exceptional. From the researchers to the shapers of the bat, they have invested heavily in attracting the best people.

From their product line, one of the most popular is the Hunts County Caerulex Super Selected Cricket Bat. The first thing that you will notice about this bat is perhaps its expensive price. But, do not be easily discouraged after knowing that this is not a budget-friendly alternative. It is expensive for a reason. This is because it has premium quality. The traditional shape of the blade is perhaps one of its best features, which will allow users to enjoy an extended sweet spot. It also has exceptional balance, which will make sure that handling it will be a breeze. In turn, this will result to better control. The scale grip is also excellent, providing the assurance that you will be able to have a powerful hold of the bat.

The Hunts County Caerulex Cricket Bat, on the other hand, is a cheaper version. Nonetheless, cheap only refers to its price, but not to its quality. It uses the same high-quality material that makes it a top pick even amongst discerning batsmen. It also comes with a toe guard and a scale grip.

We offer an extensive collection of Hunts County cricket bats. We have a team of industry experts who handpick from the brands that are available, and we believe that Hunts County is one name that is unrivalled. Best of all, our bats are sold at the best prices you can find online. We offer insane discounts, but supply can be limited! Hurry and get your bat now before stock runs out!