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Keeley fuses the best of British cricket bat craftsmanship with top quality English willow. Tim and Nick Keeley, who have years of experience in bat-making, develop these bats in the heart of East Sussex. Though the company is relatively new, it has already earned a name for itself with its superior quality bats that have been lauded by professional players.

A look at the reviews of Keeley cricket bats will tell you that their bats possess all the qualities that a player would look for in a good cricket bat – light weight, durability, full profile for maximum power and sophisticated styling. Keeley bats are priced within the range of £550 and £250, but VKS offers excellent discounts on Keeley bat models.

The top Keeley cricket bat to go for is the Keeley Superior premium cricket bat which is made with top-quality English willow and has all these excellent features – full profile for high power, semi round bat face to reduce twists, 12-piece oval cane handle with rubber grip for secure hold on the bat.

Keeley Superior 2 and Keeley Worx 074 are other Keeley cricket bats with excellent reviews and competitive pricing. All Keeley cricket bats have simple but attractive stickers which add to the appeal of the bats.