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One of the finest brands in the world of cricket, Kookaburra is from Australia and has been named after the Australian Kingfisher. Even the logo of the brand is an icon of the famous bird

Kookaburra, like all leading cricket brands, knows that the strength of a bat comes not only from its design but from the quality of materials used as well. Therefore, it sources only the top-grade materials for its top models across different ranges like Concept Pro, Pace, Shadow, Kahuna and Ghost. Kookaburra’s English willow and Kashmir willow bats are hand-made and are known to undergo several quality checks before they are launched. Come 2020, and Kookaburra is ready with some brand new, powerful bats after months and months of research & development.

Ardent cricket fans, both new and old, love Kookaburra bats especially the ones from its Kahuna and Ghost series. The brand has been endorsed by many players including former Australia captain Ricky Ponting and Martin Guptill of New Zealand.

Kookaburra emphasizes inclusivity as it ensures that there is a bat especially made for each and every batting style – for batsmen who like to play aggressively and pack a lot of power in their shots and those who focus more on accuracy and balance of power in their shots. So, no matter what kind of a batsman you are – Defensive, Balanced, Radical or Brute – there is a Kookaburra bat in 2020 for you.