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Newbery Cricket Bats

Cricket is a sport which requires a lot of skill and dedication. Every cricketer for their best performance needs the best equipment. A Bat is one thing which a batsman needs to extensively decide upon and that is where Newbery Bats come in.

Out of all the Popular Cricket brands Newbery is one of the best brands in the world. Newbery originated in East Sussex, England, from the early 1900’s and was established as a brand in 1981. Newbery established itself as one of the finest batmakers in the world. Every Newbery bat is handmade and is made from the finest willow, which is selected by its weight, grain and performance.

There are lots of Categories for different players and from these categories, one of the best is the Quantum range as used by Sussex’s Matt Machan. The best bat in this range is the Newbery Quantum Players Cricket bat, the bat is from the best grade 1 willow which is handmade to suit all kinds of batting styles and which also offers the ultimate power. The Newbery Quantum Players Cricket bat is a very stylish bat and it has a great look.

Other Top bat in this category

Another Range which is highly popular is the Newbery Merlin Range which is the all new model for the new season. The most popular bat in this range is the Newbery Merlin SPS Cricket Bat which is suited for players who play swing and pull shots; it is a lighter bat and thus provides more power and force. The bat is handmade from the finest grade 1 willow for the best looks and performance. Don’t worry about its high price as this bat is worth every pound and you will eventually know how great this bat is.

Other top bats in this category

The Triumph Range is also another range that you should consider as it is a good performance bat which doesn’t make a hole in your pockets. The most popular bat in this range is the Newbery Triumph Cricket bat is one of the best bats for junior players. It has a flex fit handle which improves the players grip on the bat and provides comfort to the batsman. This bat is also available in a short handle for small players.

For the players who are looking for the best bats and are not worried about spending a lot of money on a bat then you should consider buying Newbery Cricket Bats.

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