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In the game of cricket, skill is of great importance, but having the right equipment can greatly augment the player’s performance in the game, and in the same way, insufficient equipment can undermine their performance. So, it is important that a dedicated cricket player choose their equipment carefully.

There is no going wrong with an SF cricket bat. The master bat makers at SF have done thorough research to understand different playing styles and then designed their bats. So whether you choose their top model, the SF Black Edition Cricket bat or a model from their famous Summit series, you will not be disappointed.

SF carefully selects the finest pieces of Grade 1 English willow for VKS depending on their grains, moisture content and weight, and then the bat makers get on to designing the bat meticulously. The bold graphics on the bat lend character to it.

All the bats we stock from SF are made specially for us, taking into account our specifics requirements in respect to looks and performance.

The SF Black Edition Cricket Bat is the most premium bat from the range and is preferred by top-level international cricket players. The SF Summit Players Cricket Bat is a mid-range cricket bat while the SF Summit Impact Cricket bat is well-suited for budget-conscious cricket players. At VKS, we provide excellent discounts on all SF cricket bat prices, so you can choose your favourite bat and buy it at the best price.