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Selecting a pair of Batting Gloves is one of the most important parts of your cricket kit bag selection processes. Protecting your hand and fingers should be of paramount importance against both spin, medium paced and fast bowlers.

In our store we very often hear customers comment on how they don’t need to spend too much time or money or think about what batting gloves to get as they aren’t that great a batsmen anyways….well its actually the opposite, as you’re more likely to get hit on the gloves if you are not too hot at the batting crease.

So, we at VKS ensure we stock all the big brand batting gloves that have been chosen because they offer not only good value for money but also great protection. So whilst each brand carries many different batting gloves within their range, we meticulously wear, check and analyse each pair and then decide on what we should stock.

There are a few differing styles of batting gloves such as the sausage style glove and the split finger glove. The most popular and biggest selling batting glove style is the split  finger and this is because not only does the split finger offer great protection, but thanks to the cuts along the finger, they are also very comfortable and offer very flexible and easy finger movement. The alternate sausage style glove is preferred amongst most pro test and one day international players. This style of glove offers the most protection, but tends to be a little stiffer and it takes longer to break in and offer the greatest flexibility. A split finger glove will feel more flexible and comfortable from the start.

All the batting gloves in the New Balance range are examples of the split finger style glove. The VKS Player, Prolite, Superlite, Ultra Series and Club Series are all split finger gloves.

The Kookaburra Kahuna batting gloves are again split finger, whereas the Kookaburra Ghost models are what we call sausage style gloves. Now a sausage style glove, like the same suggests has fingers that are rounded and look like sausages. This style of glove offers very good protection. Initially they can be a little stiffer than a split finger glove, but after a little time the glove flexes well.

Batting glove prices can vary from less than £20 to nearing £100. The VKS range in this respect offers great value as we source all our gloves from one of the best factories in the world and we ensure the very best materials are used.

The Gray-Nicolls batting glove range is spearheaded by the Legend model, which is a split style glove. Other models in the range are the Prestige which adopts the sausage style, so for variety the Grays range is certainly one to look at.

GM include the Original LE and 808 models which offer great protection and comfort too and so do Adidas.