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Gunn and Moore Batting Legguards
Among others, Gunn and Moore batting legguards are some of the best that you can find in the market. The company is backed with many years of experience in the business and they have established a global reputation, which can provide you with good reasons to choose their batting pads above others.

While there are many revolutionary features that you can find in the products from the company, one that deserves to be highlighted is the PORON XRD, which is an innovative material that provides the legguards an edge above many others within the competitive landscape. This is also the same material that is incorporated in the company’s cricket gloves. It results into better shock dissipation by as much as 90%.

In terms of comfort, you can also expect nothing but the best. Even the heaviest from their product line is still lighter compared to what you can find from their competitors. You will barely feel that you are wearing a legguard, yet you can be confident that it will not fail to provide the protection that you need.

The comfort straps that are incorporated in the pads are also exceptional. They will make sure that your Gunn and Moore batting legguards will remain in their proper place. This is unlike others that will easily fall off. While the straps will secure the pads, the good thing it that they do so in a manner that is comfortable. They will never limit your movements.

You will also not be disappointed when it comes to durability. Many of the batting pads from Gunn and Moore are made from a combination of mesh and polyurethane. The ribbing is reinforced with these materials, which are known for their durability. Even through the years, regardless if it is often used, you can expect that the legguards will remain in their tip-top condition.

Gunn and Moore also offers variety. You will have plenty of options and regardless of which one you pick, you can enjoy the high-quality that the company is known for. Some of the most popular within their product range include GM Original Limited Edition Batting Legguard, GM 808 Batting Legguards, and GM 606 Batting Legguards.

We have a huge selection of Gunn and Moore batting legguards. Regardless of your size and budget, we have the right product for you. We offer a diverse selection of batting pads that are personally handpicked by our team. Our store carries only the best products available in the global market and at the best prices!