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Masuri Cricket Helmets
Only a few brands can claim excellence in manufacturing cricket helmets. Masuri is one of the select names that were able to build an unrivalled reputation in the global market. This proudly-British brand is the most widely-used in international cricket. Through the years, even with the emergence of new and promising names, the company was able to retain its position at the top.

Designed for cricketers, designed by cricketers – this is one thing that you can expect from Masuri cricket helmets. From extensive research to thoughtful design, there are endless reasons why the manufacturer is the most trusted name in the marketplace.

Masuri was born in 1988 in Cape Town, South Africa. Initially, the company was involved in the production of stainless steel grills, which are amongst the most important part of a cricket helmet. From its early years, it did not take long before they started crafting their own success story. They quickly became the preferred material for grills, replacing the traditional polycarbonate. Since then, Masuri has invested in research and development. Eventually, they came up with their first lightweight helmet, which also marked their entry in the international field. From then, it has been the choice of top cricketers, including Brian Lara, Mike Atherton, and Robin Smith, among others.

Comfort and safety – these are two of the features of Masuri cricket helmets. These are also the reasons why they are better than all others. Each design is tested several times to ensure its ability to deliver optimal comfort without the need to compromise safety. Several tests are conducted to prove that the end-product does not only meet, but even exceed international standards.

Along with the tougher safety regulations that are imposed by cricket organizations, Masuri has been quick enough to quickly adapt, unlike most of their competitors that are often left behind. The ICC Safety Standard, among others, is one of the guiding principles in the production of Masuri batting helmets. A rigorous process is in place to be sure that their helmets are checked at every production stage. High-velocity impact testing is also conducted to prove that their products will provide the protection that is needed by your head and face.

Amongst the many safety features that can be found in their helmets, one of the most notable is the Stemguard. It is a clip-on attachment that will make the neck less prone to injuries. The attachment is thoroughly designed to make sure that the metal will stay in its place, even through an intense game, and in such a way that it will not restrict your movements.

The Eye Line grill is another technology that gives Masuri cricket helmets a distinct advantage above many others. This is a patented innovation that is designed to keep the eye, nose, and other parts of the face away from risks. They are available in two different materials – aluminum and titanium steel, with the latter being the preferred choice for many who like to keep the weight at a minimum.

The company has classified their products into different groups. Among others, one of the most popular is the Vision Series, which has been developed specifically to satisfy the latest safety rules from ICC. Design, comfort, and safety are the guiding principles of the helmets under the Vision Series.

The Original Series helmets are also popular amongst buyers with discerning preferences. The helmets under this line are equipped with a single layer of shell protection. This is as against to the Vision series, which comes with a dual shell. With this, the Original Series Helmets are cheaper and lighter.

The Top Helmets In this Category are :

Original Series Test Steel Cricket Helmet

Original Series Test Steel Cricket Helmet Junior

Legacy Series Cricket Helmet

Indeed, Masuri has gone a long way from its humble beginnings. From manufacturing a single part of a cricket helmet, the business has gone full-blown to offer one of the best helmets in the sport today. From the materials used to the design philosophy, the company has invested in developing nothing but the best. Whether you are a novice or seasoned cricketer, their helmets will offer the highest level of protection in the playing field while also making sure that you will remain comfortable.

Get your own Masuri cricket helmet today! For sure, it won’t take long before you finally understand why the brand is better than all others.