Check Out The All-New Gray Nicolls’ Oblivion Stealth Bats!

Gray Nicolls is a brand you can trust with your eyes closed. Masters in crafting bats, they have been contributed in the making of many legendary players, including Lauren Winfield and Alastair Cook now. So, it is natural for us to get excited every time the batmaker launches a new range of bats. This time, we are thrilled about Gray Nicolls’ oblivion stealth series which brings the batmaker’s excellent craftsmanship to top quality English willow. Here is a glimpse of the range which is poised to be launched in 2020 –

  1. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Performance Cricket Bat – The name says it all – a top quality bat which made a smashing re-entry in the world of cricket. The graphics of the bat symbolize its power. The bat has been made with the finest grade-1 English willow especially selected for it by Gray Nicolls’ bat experts. The bat has been shaped and contoured for quick hand speed. The minimal concaving along with a mid to lowe swell area helps the player’s accuracy of shots.
  2. Gray Nicolls Oblivious Stealth Pro Players Cricket Bat – A sibling of the Oblivion Stealth Pro Performance, this one also offers top performance because of its excellent features. It is perfectly suited for all types of players, from those who like to like to display nothing but explosive power on the field, to those that like to dissect the field with grace and precision. It has been shaped and contoured for quick hand speed, and has minimal concaving and a mid to low swell area.
  3. Gray Nicolls Stealth Oblivion 5 Star Lite Cricket Bat – This lightweight bat has been deemed the perfect bat for stroke play. It has a clean blade with well-defined grains that you would expect from a quality English willow bat. The high middle, minimal concaving and mid to low swell area, all work to help the batsman deliver perfect shots. The thick edges and the full profile give greater power to the batsman. 
  4. Gray Nicolls Stealth Oblivion 5 Star Cricket Bat – The difference between this bat and 5-star Lite is that is slightly heavier than the 5-Star Lite. Nevertheless, it had all the great features of the aforementioned bats which make it suitable for all kinds of players. Its shape and contouring are meant for giving quick hand speed. The pronounced high middle, thick edges and full profile help in packing more power into the shots. It comes with an anti-scuff sheet for added protection to the blade area. 
  5. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth 200 Cricket Bat – A budget bat from the series, but don’t underestimate its power. This 4-star model uses high-quality English willow and has all the great features of the previously mentioned bats. It has a pronounced high middle, thick edges with a full profile, and mid to low swell area to help the batsman steer the ball the way he/she wants to. The bat looks as stylish as any other in the series because of the chrome decal graphics encase theblade’s swell area. 

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