Choose the Best Cricket Bags

Planning on hoarding all your cricket equipment? Have you considered finding a safe space to keep it all together? Yes, you do need something to keep them intact whether during storage or while taking them around places since you would not want to risk harming your priced cricket possessions. You would want something that is durable and multipurpose, something that is stylish and affordable. But what is that ‘something’? It is undoubtedly a specialized ‘Cricket Bag’!

It is a bag big enough to hold all your cricket equipment in one place. It can be a duffle bag or a wheelie or even a backpack. Some of the top brands offering premium cricket bags are:

  1. Infinity: With a wide range of duffel bags and wheelies the Infinity range has something in every style and price range for both juniors and seniors. Infinity also has a range differentiated based on junior and senior bags. Also, separate shoe bags are a staple of this brand.
  2. Gunn & Moore: Their high-quality wheelie and/or duffle bags range between £40-£120 available for juniors as well as seniors.
  3. Gray Nicolls: Being one of the favourites amongst cricket enthusiasts, they have everything from backpacks to duffel bags. The prices for these bags start from as low as £
  4. Kookaburra: Priced between £100-£150, these bags offer premium quality and designing along with durability. From duffel bags to wheelies to bat covers, everything they offer is of topmost quality.
  5. New Balance: Their exclusive duffle/wheelie and junior bags start from £40 making them a convenient buy.

Where to find original and high-quality cricket bags?

We at VKS have a great range of bags from all the above brands available online and instore all year round. If you are in London, then why not pop into our store and see all of these cricket bags on display.

Why choose VKS?

  1. VKS has all the brands you would love.
  2. VKS helps you choose the best with its decades of expertise.
  3. VKS offers you the most reasonable prices.
  4. VKS lets you buy all the cricket equipment ONLINE!

So, get going, shop your favourites now!


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