Are You Choosing the Right Batting Gloves?

You might be a great batsman, but you still need protection, protection from those fast-approaching balls. Here comes the role of BATTING GLOVES. Batting gloves form an essential part your cricket kit. Whilst providing the much-needed protection to hands and fingers, batting gloves provide comfort and grip to facilitate the batsmen. Not only this, batting gloves aid in shock absorption while hitting the ball. They also prevent hands from blisters ensuring a safe sessions play, be that in the cricket nets or on the field.

But do you know there are different types of batting gloves available in the market? They are typically divided into two categories – split finger and sausage.

Split finger gloves are basically used by batsmen who want the greatest flexibility whilst ensusring top protection levels. They offer more flexibility and range of motion while batting, which means there is a certain ease of motion while wearing the split finger gloves.

Sausage gloves are mostly used on bouncy pitches. They offer an extra layer of protection for the fingers. With even padding throughout the finger, they ensure uniform protection across the back of the hand. They tend to be a little stiffer than split fingers gloves so whilst they may be the preferred choice of test batsmen, our customers tend to prefer splits.

How to choose the right batting gloves?

  1. Choose the glove according to your preferred hand. You need to keep in mind if you are right-handed or left-handed before buying a pair of gloves.
  2. Select the one that fits you well. The gloves shouldn’t be too long or too short. ALWAYS be sure of what will give you the best fit and protection before making a purchase.
  3. Choose the right type of gloves that fit your purpose.
  4. Don’t be obsessed by weight, protecting your fingers is of paramount importance.

VKS, based in London, offers a wide variety of gloves to choose from. From beginners playing in their leisure time to professionals, VKS has a suitable pair for everyone. It has varied variety of split finger gloves viz. the VKS player, Prolite, Superlite, Ultra Series, Club Series and many more. In addition to this, New Balance Range consists of split finger gloves as well. There are certain choices in the sausage gloves like the Kookaburra Ghost. The prices for these gloves range between £20 and £100. VKS offers great value since these batting gloves are carefully chosen from the best brands to ensure utmost safety of the batsmen. Plus, you can buy these gloves and other cricket equipment from their store as well as online from the website.


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