Cricket and the Coronavirus.

What we are experiencing right now is a really bad Hollywood movie, one that we would laugh at and simply not believe. One that we would walk out of the cinema saying, “which looney producer ever thought of a crappy story like that!”

The world right now is at a standstill, countries that once upon a time looked at each other with distrust and disdain, now stand shoulder to shoulder in the hope that the other has a solution to this problem.

Our Easter window created just before the lockdown.

For us as a business it’s come like a bolt of lightning and at a time when we should be buzzing with customers and have orders flying out of the door from online sales. It’s at this time of the year that everything really happens for us and other retailers, as well as all the manufacturers. It is however now all about safety first. Money comes and goes, but the health and welfare of our staff, family and customers is simply of the paramount importance and what I could see in the days leading up to the official lockdown scared me a little.

Whilst the vast majority of customers walked in with care and courtesy, a minor few took no notice of the government’s guidance on social distancing and from mixing with friends. It’s at this point that we as a business had to close our doors temporarily. Our decision actually came a day before the government’s official notice. Whilst we knew this decision was going to hurt us financially, from a safety perspective it’s just seemed like the right thing to do.

We are currently working from home which is a little too relaxing 😊 and attending to customers enquiries via email and having diverted all calls we are answering all phone calls too. We are doing our best and we feel that means us staying at home too. It’s all about “Safety First”

Needless to say, we are simply itching to get back to work, to showcase so many of the fantastic products we have it stock, to see the great smiles on the kids faces when they come in to get thier new cricket bats. It’s what makes it all worthwhile, but until then we shall wait patiently until we are told it’s safe to do so. When we get to play cricket again this season is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure…when that time does come, it will be just like the good old days again!!

StaySafe…wishing you and your families all the very best.

Vinay Bedi

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