Cricket Bat Maintenance and Repair Services Which You Can Avail at VKS

VKS not only offers cricket equipment from the top brands in the world of cricket, it also helps you maintain and repair that equipment. A bat is one of the most valuable investments of any cricketer and it demands regular care and maintenance. We, at VKS, have the necessary tools and expertise to offer top-of-the-class bat maintenance and repair services at reasonable costs. Here is the list of services we offer –

  1. Re-handle service – Broken your bat handle? Before you think of spending a bomb on buying a new bat, you can simply get your bat re-handled at a fraction of the price of a new bat. We have top quality bat handles which will be fitted by specialised experts. When we are done, you will hardly feel the difference in the handle you had and the handle you have now. The turnaround time for our bat re-handling service is three weeks.
  2. Weight Reduction Service –  Feeling that your bat is too big and heavy and doesn’t have a smooth pickup. We can expertly reduce the weight of your bat by sanding and buffing it without spoiling its balance. Your bat will feel lighter, and the only thing you might have to lose is the stickers on the back of your bat.
  3. Bat knocking-in preparation service – The bats you buy at VKS are already knocked in, but if you have bought your bat from another source, then it might need to be knocked in before you can use it. We first use a lightweight mallet for the first knocking in session and then apply Owzat oil to the bat and leave it to dry overnight. The following knocking in sessions are done with a medium weight lignum vitae mallet. After each session, the willow is allowed time to breathe and expand. The final knocking in session is done with a heavier lignum vitae mallet and after that, Owzat oil is applied to the blade, edges and back of the bat and allowed to dry. The entire process takes about 10 days in the high season and 5 days in the low season. 
  4. Toe-guard fitting – Toe guards are important for bats as they prevent the willow from absorbing moisture and getting damaged. VKS’s experts provide toe-guard fitting service for both new and old bats. 
  5. Anti-Scuff Sheet Fitting – Anti-scuff sheet fittings done by VKS experts protect the bat from damage and add to its lifespan. If the bat is old and has started to get cracks, then the sheet will hold the cracks in place and prevent them from deepening. 
  6. Bat Re-Gripping – Bat regrips can become loose and get damaged over continuous use of the bat. We provide bat-gripping service, which is a while-you-wait service. 

Additionally, you can also buy the following things at VKS for bat repairing your bat and conducting maintenance yourself

  1. Fiberglass tape 50 metre & 10 metre – This is a very strong and durable tape that protects new bats from damage and prevents old cracks in the bat from deepening.
  2. Bat mallet – Bat mallets are used for knocking in new bats and preparing them for use.
  3. Anti-scuff Sheet (Hammer Edge & Clear) – Anti-scuff sheets act as a protective layer for bats. The Hammer Edge sheet protects the face of the bat and its edges while the Clear sheet protects only the face. This sheet can be applied to both new and old bats and stays fixed for a long time once fitted. If a bat has started getting cracks, this sheet will hold the cracks in place. 
  4. Bat toe-guard kit – The bat toe-guard kit includes 2 rubber toe guard strips, sandpaper and a specially formulated adhesive. The toe guards are made from rubberized material and provide protection to the toe of the bat from getting damaged from repeated contact with the ground and prevent the willow from absorbing moisture. 
  5. Owzat Bat Oil – Owzat Oil bat is a special oil made for bats. It is a mix of linseed oil and poly material. It penetrates deep into the bat and prevents it from drying out and cracking. It offers a greater level of protection than traditional linseed oil.
  6. Linseed oil – This oil is used at the time of knocking and for bat maintenance. It gives nourishment to the willow and prevents it from dying and cracking. 

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