Cricket Clothing Essentials 101

The right clothing on the cricket pitch can have a positive influence on your game, while wrong clothing can ruin it. When your clothes are comfortable and allow flexibility, you will be able to have better control over your game, as opposed to wearing clothes which do not fit well or restrict movement. Thus, investing in good cricket clothing will augment your game on the pitch. Here’s all that you need to complete your cricketer look –

1. Cricket Shirts – Cricket shirts are collared t-shirts, or what we more commonly call polo shirts. The shirts are usually made of a soft fabric such as cotton. A good cricket shirt should wick away the sweat and keep the player dry.

2. Cricket trousers – Cricket trousers should fit well at the waist and allow vigorous leg movement. In addition, they should be robust enough to handle bodily movement without ripping. Trousers in woven polyester are durable as well as comfortable.

3. Sweaters – Do not forget to put on a good sweater when the days get parky. A quintessential cricket sweater is V-necked, cricket cream in colour, and it may or may not have a coloured trim at the neck. Fleece style sweaters are now becoming increasingly popular.

4. Baselayers – Baselayers are a layer of clothing which are worn next to the skin or close to the skin. The idea is that they should fit the body snugly. These include shirts, leggings, shorts, vests, etc.

5. Cricket Shoes – Your choice of cricket shoes will depend on what role are you playing on the pitch. If you are a batsman, half spike shoes will help you move effortlessly. If you are bowler, you should opt for full spike shoes because they will help you maintain a firm grip on the ground. Shoes with rubber studs on the soles work best for playing on hard grounds as they offer greater mobility to the player, while shoes with spikes are more suited for soft grounds as they prevent players from slipping on the ground by providing a firm grip.

6. Socks – When choosing cricket socks, make sure that they are made of a soft and breathable fabric and have good cushioning to ensure comfort to the feet. A good cricket quality sock is essential. Avoid playing in ordinary sports socks.

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