Cricket Equipment for the Win

Cricket, one of the most popular sports of the current age has a rich history. Earlier being dependent only on the talent and camaraderie of the players, now demands a great deal of good quality cricket equipment. The bat and ball game has evolved so much that each of the equipment serves the purpose of comfort and safety, along with enhancing the performance of the player.

What is the major cricket equipment every cricketer must possess?

  1. Cricket bat: This flat elongated piece of wood made from willow holds the power to decide the game. Over the years, the design and structure of bats have undergone tremendous changes to cater to various batting styles and pitch conditions. Many top brands from around the world like Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, GM and SS Ton manufacture the best quality cricket bats that are not only loved by amateurs but also by professionals.
  2. Cricket ball: This hard, leather covered ball forms the core of the game. From training balls to professional balls – these come in different colours for varying games like a test match or a limited over match.
  3. Protective gear: Every cricketer is always exposed to the risk of injury, especially the batsmen and wicketkeepers. The essential protective gear they must posess includes:
  4. Helmets: These are used to prevent the player from fast paced balls.
  5. Pads and gloves: To enhance the flexibility and comfort along with providing protection to the legs and hands, leg pads and hand gloves are a crucial gear for the batsmen.
  • Thigh guards: These are used by batsmen to protect themselves from fast paced balls.
  1. Chest guards: These are used to protect the chest and ribs, especially of the batsmen.
  2. Wicketkeeper’s gear: These include specialized gloves and leg guards to protect the wicketkeepers while standing close to the wickets.
  3. Footwear: In order to increase the grip (bowlers) and improve stability and comfort (batsmen), cricket footwear is specially designed with different types of spikes for various roles and players.

Cricket equipment is a blend of comfort and safety. From the carefully crafted wooden bats to light weight helmets, every equipment has a role to play, and understanding the need of this competitive game, VKS, based in London brings forth the most exclusive collection of cricket gear in stores as well as online.

Let us reflect the ongoing pursuit of excellence of the gentlemen’s game with the superior gear from VKS!


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