A Cricket Player’s Paradise: Best Cricket Store in the UK

Cricket is a highly professional game requiring a great deal of gear to play with. While some may suffice with a bat and ball along with wickets, a professional game requires everything from the bats to gloves to pads. However, knowing the cricket equipment does not help you in finding the best for you. Here, all you need is a professional touch. VKS, based in London is not only the best cricket store in the UK but is also the best guide to help you find what is suitable for you.

We help you choose from a range of:

  1. Professional cricket bats: From Gunn & Moore to Kookaburra, from Infinity to New Balance, we stock all the top brands to help you score your next winning innings. Also, the price range is flexible to suit your budgets.
  2. Cricket balls: From training balls to professional hard leather balls, we have something for each of your bowling styles.
  3. Cricket footwear: From Adidas to Gray Nicolls, we have the sturdy spikes to help you run between the wickets or grab that winning catch.
  4. Cricket protection: Since protection of the player is of utmost importance, we offer a wide range of cricket protection gear that includes gloves, helmets, leg pads, thigh guards, abdomen guards, arm guards, chest guards, wicketkeeping gloves and pads.
  5. Cricket clothing: From professional shirts to trousers to caps, we have everything that you might need.
  6. Cricket bags: From protecting your cricket gear to carrying them around places, these cricket bags serve you in the best possible way. We stock the trendiest and strongest bags from top brands around the world such as Kookabura and Infinity.

Serving the cricket community for more than five decades, VKS has become a reliable name in the field of cricket gear. All the while stocking the preeminent brands from across the seas, we make sure that you end up with the gear that actually belongs to you and your gaming style. Our professional staff is always open to notable guidance through this expedition of yours.

So, embark on your journey of success with the best cricket store in the UK.


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