Cricket Protective Gear – Thigh Guards You Can Buy at VKS!

Thigh injuries from a fast flying ball are not uncommon on the pitch, and that is why you will seldom find professional players going without thigh guards on the pitch. Thigh guards should be lightweight, comfortable, and good at protecting the thigh agree from hard leather balls. Here are some of the top thigh-guards we have at VKS –

  1. Aero P1 Stripper – The Aero P1 Stripper is known for offering complete protection to the thigh area because of its full padding around the thighs, inner thighs, hips and buttocks. The thigh guard fits snugly and is super comfortable. The strong velcro straps make sure that it stays in place while playing.
  2. Aero P2 Stripper – The Aero P2 Stripper is another excellent thigh guard. The lightweight thigh guard is easy to put on and it stays in place while walking, running, jumping and other movements. The area around the thighs, inner thighs, buttocks and hips is well-padded for complete protection. 
  3. VKS Pro Lite Thigh and Inner Guard – One from the home brand, it is priced inexpensively but it offers a high level of protection. The top quality super soft PU facing gives a luxurious feel. The inner part of the thigh guard is lined with a thick towel for extra comfort. The thigh guard has test match quality plastazote inserts in the front of both the pads which protect from the fastest of bowlers. 
  4. VKS Combi Thigh and Inner Guard – This thigh guard from VKS, with its pre-moulded high density sections, is extremely light and very comfortable to wear. The mesh on the inner and outer facing of the thigh guards can be removed and washed easily. The full elastic waistband of the thigh guard gives an excellent fit. The test match quality plastazote inserts to the front of both pads ensure that players are protected from the fastest of balls. 
  5. VKS Thigh Guard – Players Edition – Looking for top of the range test grade protection but have a low budget? Then this is the thigh guard to go for. The high density protection absorbs shock from the fastest deliveries. The inner of the thigh guard is lined with a thick towel for additional comfort. The double velcro design and contours make sure that the thigh guard fits snugly. 

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