Cricket Shirts to Buy This Season!

We believe that if you are a true blue cricket player, then you should look like one too. All professional cricket teams have a uniform – The English cricket team usually wears a light blue uniform for one-day cricket, the Australian team wears yellow and green, and the Indian cricket team wears ice blue. So, when you go out to play on the field, you should be decked up in the right uniform too. Not only will the right cricket uniform help you play comfortably, but it will also boost your confidence. Here are a few cricket shirts you can choose from at VKS –

  1. Adidas Elite Cricket Shirt Long Sleeve – Adidas is a known name in the cricket space, and it is particularly well-known for its clothing. This cricket shirt is made from Climacool fabric that absorbs sweat quickly and helps the player stay dry during the game. The fabric is not just soft, but durable as well and capable of sustaining many washes. The shirt has pop-style buttons traditional collars, and long sleeves. 
  2. Kookaburra Cricket Shirt – Kookaburra is synonymous with style and durability in the world of cricket. If you’re playing in summers, then this a shirt you should get. The super-soft shirt is excellent at absorbing sweat and keeping the player dry and cool. It has a minimal design – Kookaburra logo on the chest on the right and sleek navy trim. The shirt has half sleeves and the extended tail adds to the fit of the shirt. 
  3. GM Teknik Club Cricket Shirt – This cricket shirt from GM spells comfort and great style. The fabric is soft and light-weight – it weighs just 210 grams. The collared shirt has a raglan sleeve design. It has a colour-coordinated trim and logo. The logo is in bold on the left sleeve. The shirt is available in navy, green and maroon piping and trim in sizes Small to XXL.
  4. Gray Nicolls Matrix Shirt – Gray Nicolls is known for the way it pays careful attention to detail in everything it designs. In this cricket shirt too, Gray Nicolls’ craftsmanship is visible. The easy-breathe polyester fabric allows for maximum air-flow and ventilation and helps in keeping the player sweat-free. The shirt is lightweight for the optimum level of comfort for the player. 
  5. VKS Cricket Shirt – One from the home brand – this shirt has all the features a player would need in a cricket shirt and it yet quite affordable. The soft-feel mesh fabric is good at absorbing sweat to keep the player cool and dry at all times. The shirt has half sleeves and a navy piping and trim. It is available in sizes ranging from Large to XXX Large. 

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